2021, January 30 Weekend Tarot January 30 & 31, 2021

We made it to the end of january Music, okay, couple of facts from 1144 random, interesting and fun facts that you need to know. Before the 17th century, carrots were purple until a mutation changed the color to what we know now. Yeah that’s, you still get some of those don’t you in posh supermarkets, skittles and jelly beans contain insect cocoons which are used to coat candies to give them the special shine known as shellac wow. If the sun was scaled down to the size of a cell, the milky way would be the size of the united states. Oh my it’s hard to even imagine that isn’t it really. I find it hard to even get my head around that Laughter. Grammatical, pedantry syndrome is a form of ocd, in which sufferers feel the need to correct every grammatical error. They see what a joy it would be to be. Next to that person in the pub there is a flower called the chocolate cosmos that smells like chocolate, but is not edible. There is a house sized shoebox in amsterdam that is an adidas shop. Wow ben and jerry’s have a cemetery where they bury all their discontinued. Flavors and donald duck comics were banned from finland because he’s not wearing any pants whack tara of the 78 doors we haven’t had this for a while. Have we aha we’ve had some really strong readings recently and when we start getting, i one for no. When we one flipped over, though when we start getting strong readings, i start reaching for tara over 78 doors.

Who knows vd granny might make an appearance, ten of ones in reverse. Again. That’S happened a lot recently that one gosh excuse me i’m, very allergic. At the moment, ghosty phases can’t be hay fever season and besides i never go Music. Okay, mercury is retrograde, let’s just say it indeed. This is a very mercury retrograde reading, gosh a lot of reversals, okay justice in the reverse there. It is in the upright the doors of justice in the reverse might not be time to be settling scores. Okay, beginning of mercury retrograde. Never is, i don’t think, because anything you do settle is likely to be undone anyway. Isn’T it up in the middle of the reading. Practically the only card that we have in the upright in this reading is the full okay, a new beginning starts, and yet everything is confusing. It’S, like a male strum of information, misinformation, overburdens stuff, you’ve heard before karmic stuff, yeah it’s a bit of a duve day. Reading um, i mean all the days are duve days at the moment. There is a sense of clarity because at the bottom of the deck we’ve got the sun, which i really like, and the sun is always luck and radiance and warmth, and all that lovely stuff. But at the same time, there is so much that you so much uncertainty and misinformation seeming lack of choice in this reading. We’Ve got here again, the ten of ones in reverse, it’s, come up again and again and again and again drop the burden.

Surrender to the chaos, i think, is what this is saying, because the fool is the zero card, because he doesn’t know anything. He doesn’t know it’s safe to take the leap he doesn’t want to know. He doesn’t know where the door is he’s just got the key. The door will appear it’s, that kind of energy and that’s difficult to come up with that kind of confidence. When you’ve got this level of well, anything could happen going on. Okay up here, we’ve had this before maybe twice the ace of cups in reverse, emotions, spilt and upsets, and you know, offense taken and feelings hurt and all of that lovely good stuff, and then here judgment in the reverse. Now judgment always has the three figures on it past present and future. I think it’s got more past present and future okay. There is a sense of resurrection of dragging something back out, but also when it’s in the reverse, it’s a sense of karma resurrection, karma a karmic situation or person reappearing, and this time there may be no choice but to sort of tolerate what’s going on. Okay, we’ve got the star in reverse, which is aquarius energy, but in the reverse and again, mercury is retrograde in aquarius justice in reverse the inability to like get a fair hearing on this. At the moment it might be better to wait and then what do we have here? People but low hanging, fruit, women and apples the whole bit have we got a snake don’t even need it and it’s in the reverse lovers in the reverse.

Now the lovers of course used to be called the choice. It’S that whole thing of choosing to eat the apple. I probably wouldn’t at the moment not telling you not to eat apples. I wouldn’t take a bite into this situation. That’S just me, you know you can obviously follow your own um captain of your own ship and all that stuff. But i wouldn’t take a bite into this situation at the moment. Be the full, be the zero, be the unprinted one if that makes sense. The unprinted person over here we’ve got the four of pentacles in the reverse again and again, it’s like a teutonic plates shifting everything’s shifting everything when mercury goes into retrograde. You do get this sort of feeling in the beginning that there’s nothing, you can rely on everything’s a bit like spinning around the fool enjoys that energy and doesn’t need to know and carries on anyway. This is like a time release, beginning it’s, a new beginning, but it’s not yet we don’t really get to the do those sorts of beginnings where mercury’s retrograde, but when we look back on it, maybe in the next one you kind of see where something started: okay, It’S, like the benefit of hindsight, almost so many seagulls, oh i’m, looking at a big one when leia sees them, she goes. I don’t know what she’s saying when she does that that’s, my leia and the seagulls impression. Do you hit the like button? If you like that, the things i end up doing on this channel is because it’s not planned that’s what it is: okay, that’s, interesting bottom of the deck, the lady of the forest top of the deck, the lord of the forest masculine and feminine energies.

Okay, so you you may be dealing with masculine and feminine energies within yourself. You may be dealing with it within a relationship with someone else and then this card, which brian and wendy through don’t, give a name or a number to. I call women in the cupboard it’s about secrets, things being hidden. You can see there’s a woman up there there’s one here, there’s all kinds when you start looking and then this unicorn lady, who kind of, is a bit like the fool in that she is separate. All of this intrigue and things crammed in and things all that you didn’t know about you open the cupboard and it all comes out. She transcends that she’s got this third eye. She’S got this unicorn it’s important. I think for you to follow your own star on this one and it won’t be particularly obvious at first. I feel that you know 2021 was a very slow start anyway, and now, with mercury retrograde in aquarius it’s, this kind of airy aquarium backwards forwards. It will settle wow, we get the witness. I have a feeling. This is worth looking up in the little white book. We don’t do this very often, but we’re gon na. Do it for this one. This oracle deck is great again. Thank you to the person who recommended it to me. The witness observes without engaging in any action by cultivating inner stillness. We are able to assess any situation from a higher perspective and make better decisions when we can be present for someone else’s difficulties with stillness, then we’re able to truly hear them and give better advice.

Sometimes we can be so still that we are a mirror for the other, then, through our presence they receive their own answers. The witness that has been by your side, all along, is now ready to become your ally. You thought you were the doer, but now you discover things happen when you get out of the way witness creation unfolding before you change reality by finding stillness and letting your true intent reveal itself, acknowledge your preconceptions, ideas and feelings about the situation, but resist the urge To change any of it, take a few breaths connect with the joy of not having to perform hold space for the world to keep spinning on its own that’s, so uncanny it’s.

What do you think?

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