Ocean City, New Jersey 8 E Winifred- For Sale

So, to put it in perspective as to where you are, there are three houses: approximately so here’s your neighbor and there’s some houses right there there’s your boulevard. Okay, this direction got one block and you’re at the beach go ahead inside sorry, i’m, trying to shield the camera a little. Oh sorry, here’s your outside deck come on into the house here. This is your entrance space. Some really nice vaulted ceilings looks like there’s. Some storage up there, okay, i’m gon na, come on into here beautiful little kitchen i’ll go through this a little bit more in a moment, i’m going to show you have a pocket door here and that comes into this bedroom. We do a ceiling fan in here. Back out of this room in this kitchen, space upper cabinets, blowers again, there’s your bedroom front door, dining and we’re in here to the kitchen scan the uppers at the end of the kitchen, we have a full bath and then to the left. We have one of the other bedrooms here for an area i should say that’s being utilized. It’S, a bedroom, nice closet, okay, we’re gon na come down here, walk through this little laundry alleyway laundry there and this side is a nice big closet, then into the last bedroom. A nice little half bath there’s a little mirror here near there. Okay, now from here, we’ll venture out into the backyard put my hood up: it’s a little misty, so here’s your first upper balcony, basically just a little like plateau.

If you will and that’s gon na lead down to this little level and then down the stairs there’s your lower level, deck we’re gon na go explore this more and then here’s an overview of the yard space. Okay, we’ll go down. This. Is this lower level deck there’s the outside shower, go ahead and take a peek in that a little changing room come out to here down step down. That’S beautiful rose bush two beautiful rose bushes, nice. So this right here would be different view. The back of the house over here i’m gon na try and get into the garage there’s your gate, whoops. I’M. Sorry for that: okay, okay, wow, that wasn’t as hard as the front door; that’s funny so here’s the garage space. Okay, we’ll head back into this little area. All right, that’d be eight east winifred.

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