Chelsea F.C., Burnley F.C., Premier League, Thomas Tuchel, Sean Dyche 3-1 Luton – Nathan Jones – Post-Match Press Conference

Um, did you give chelsea a good run for their money? Do you think, look i thought yeah we did after after we got to grips of the first sort of 15 20 minutes. You know give ourselves a mountain to climb and look. I accept a little bit of responsibility. I wanted us to be bold in our shape in terms of what we we did, so we could get a little bit more uh possession actually in the game, because i didn’t want to just defend um and maybe we’ve got things tactically wrong. It was, you know, tightly not quite there in the first 15 minutes, but once we made the change, i thought look. I thought we were excellent. I thought we, we really did. We were disciplined and we had a goal for it. Uh we scored, we could have scored on the edge of half time, but look we’re playing against a wonderful side here that the overall deserve to win, but it’s a great test for us so i’m, very proud of the group. For that. What can you? What can you take most from this whole experience as you, you know head back into championship football. Do you think well, look it’s a learning curve for all of us learning good for me as a manager it’s, a learning curve for the players, but also it’ll give them. You know great this this week will give us great belief, ironically, because we only won one in the three games, but as a championship team, probably the hardest week, you can have near enough go away to bournemouth away to brentford away to chelsea and in all three Games you know, we’ve been good we’ve been good, excellent bournemouth.

I thought we were excellent for 60 65 minutes against brentford, just couldn’t quite get the goal, and then today, we’ve shown that we have no fear of a top four champions league team. Now look they they had a fantastic side and credit to frank. Congratulations on the win, but they had a wonderful side with you know outstanding players and we can’t compete at that level. At this point, just can you clear something up for us um the match kicked off late to start with, and then there seemed to be a delay at the start of the second half was: was that because of a timing issue somewhere or a clock that was Slow, no look. We, we change it’s, probably a 90. Second, two minute walk! So when the when you know you broke half time, it takes us two minutes to get back. So by the time we have our staff meeting and then go and suddenly it comes the bell comes. But we don’t know that there’s the bell, because this there’s no bell there because we’re changing in the leisure center and then we have another two minutes to walk back to the thing so it’s. You know these are strange times the kobe times we understand it’s. Just you know we’re two minutes instead of coming out and the bell going and being in the tunnel and straight away, we’re two minutes away so it’s it’s it’s, just because of the times.

Thank you, listen well play today. Thank you, cheers yeah hi yeah. I was. I was going to ask the same questions ian actually and um i’m assuming it’s, not a matter of the clock. Being hello: oh yeah, it’s, not it’s, not working. Sorry yeah, you know yeah, you can hear me. Okay, there you go yeah. I it was it was. I was actually going to ask about the clocks and then i missed the answer, because my internet went but it’s nothing to do with the clock right, it’s, just because it’s so far to walk it’s, a part we’re changing the leisure center or a fitness center. Two two minutes away so and there’s no bell there. So we don’t know when the referee wants us out. So we have to go off timings. But you know by the time we walk there it’s two minutes less and then we have to speed and do everything and then we have to get back. Did it affect you slightly, because i noticed the second the warm up. I think there’s two balls on the pitch at one point and i think within the rules the play should be stopped, so i wanted to get a view on that. Well, the rules have changed. Apparently so i don’t know i don’t know when they change, but the rules have changed um. There was two ball. First of all, we asked the first official. Is it multi ball? He said? No, so you have to use the same ball reason.

The ball is on. The sideline is because, if they don’t do go into the top of the stand, then there’s no crowd there to throw it back. So you use another ball, but there’s no multi the referee said i asked the referees at multiball and he just kept quoting the rule book to me. So i have no idea. I i couldn’t get clarification he’s actually gone. I waited 30 minutes and he’s actually got changed and gone so i i’m baffled. I don’t know what’s going on because i don’t i did not know. I’Ve been professional footballer for 29 years, i’ve been a manager and a coach for nine, and in all that time, when the second ball comes on the pitch you play stops, but apparently not today, so i don’t know it just so happened. They scored as well didn’t. It i mean that was kind of frustrating really, but if the rules have changed – and i i don’t know about them, then fine so when we think it shouldn’t have been stood the two if the rules have changed fine but then when i went to speak to The referee he literally couldn’t make eye contact with me. He treated me with the most the biggest amount of disrespect, i’ve ever i’ve ever been treated with and just kept quoting a rule book about something i wasn’t actually asking him. So it presented me so i’m supposed to be wearing a badge today, which says: respect on it’s got to be two ways whom i supposed to have respect for i respect for everyone.

We come up against, but today we’ve shown very little from the referee and that’s. That saddens me um at least you’ve enforced your players. After going down after in the first 20 minutes, i mean it could have, they could have scored more obviously, and it could have been a not the best day for you, but to set the character to come back and score and then uh um keep it at The second half must be really pleased with that yeah very much so because look, we know that you’ve got a you’ve got to really be uh, defend well top four champions league team like chelsea at you, know bay. You know that you know that they’re gon na have chances. You need to keep it to do. Well, you need your back forward to do well, you need to depress at the right time. Look, we didn’t give yourself a moment in the climb, and i accept part of the blame for that with in terms of because we wanted to be bold early on, but once we once we changed and got to grips with everything look i i thought it was. It was a real good account of ourselves and look. We had moments you’re not going to dominate, play you’re, not going to dominate chances against chelsea, not asked at this point in time, but when we had those moments we needed to take those moments right. For our time we had a great chance for the header and then on 60 minutes.

We had a wonderful chance as well, but look they could have put a different outcome but let’s not say i’m, not sitting there saying we should have won the game. We should have done this, but we’ve, given ourselves. A real good, accountable, says and we’ve gone toe to toe with the champions league team, and that gives me real, real pleasure and real heart, because i know that whatever asks this group to do, they do, and i said we know where we are um. But this will give us real good belief going into the league campaign and obviously is it good um, well good good move for jordan’s goal and then, when harry goes through on about an hour the hour mark, i mean it’s a great chance isn’t it yeah look. It’S, just a little bit more belief, the slayer in belief, we’re lacking because this first time we did get it down strong eight nine ten passes together and scored a goal. Then, every time we did break the press, we got in at the back four and then it’s just belief, quality. We crossed it so many times into the keepers hands you know or we hit the first man or or we or with harry’s chance. You know a couple of chances we could, it could have been a little bit more clinical but that’s that’s. What you have to do against these sides and look there’ll be premier league sides come here that they’ll concede more than we did they’ll take take a bigger beat than we did so i’m, not happy with it with the result.

But overall i know this will stand us in good stead for what we want to achieve this year and i mean uh, simultaneously i’ll kind of save. At the end i mean four one would have been a little bit harsh wouldn’t it, but it’s a good good stuff. Man wasn’t it you’re, giving me two good, really good saves in the game. I i felt he could have done better um. Obviously, with the first goal, it’s his kick to go straight down the play that gives them that that shouldn’t have happened, but then he makes you know he makes makes amends with two wonderful stays: the penalty save on one. You know with his feet. So so look we’ve all committed we’ve all been tested. This will stand us in good stead for what we want to achieve, because with all this with all respect, a run would really hinder what we need to do, because we have to rearrange games and so on and so forth. Now but we’ve had a wonderful game against chelsea tested ourselves. We will learn from this and it will stand us in good stead for what we what we, what we want to achieve in the league thanks nathan, cheers games your mind back to back in league two, and you came up against the title winners northampton chris wilder And i think he said at the time after that that that was the sort of performance and team you need to emulate to get to the next step.

Now you’ve played chelsea’s premier league team. How can you use this in the same way? It’S exactly it’s? A great question, because that’s what we said you know we always looking at that time. It was a realist. You know it was the next goal that we needed to to put a team out there and without being disrespectful, we probably had a team that that was in the end really more fluent than that northampton team, but you know chris, has done fantastically well and had A great side and showed what he took to get out of that league. We did that um and with a with a wonderful way of playing. So we used that it was just the work rate and the organization and desire to do well and and that’s what what helped us. Then we knew that we had a team that could get out the league one, and we did that because we already knew we were that was in place now we’re at the championship level and to get together aside that competes regularly um. We knew what we had to do and we’ve done that now. If we want to get to the next level, we won’t be competing with chelsea for for a number of years, because realistically they must have 500 million in that in that squad, now we’re not going to get that for a little while, regardless of what happens with The stadium and so on, but for us to get through this level within then look this this day will stand us in good stead of what we need to do in terms of the athleticism, the way they move the ball.

All these are things for us to do, because we want to get better. We want to get better at our level and to start causing teams problem at our level and if we, if we do that – and we take the positives from this and the learning curve from this, then we will become a better side and we will gain more Point even more points than what we have now. How big do you think that that gap is uh? You know between the discovering that sort of clinical edge and the speed and the athletes isn’t bridgeable was that guy looking to a certain extent but let’s let’s not get carried away these. These have been the premier leagues that they’ve won the premier league twice in the last 10 years i think and that’s the top top top top level of player, um and so on. What we have to do is make sure when you know we stabilized last year. This now we want to push boundaries at this level and finish as high as we can, and then we regroup and build again now without that stage. These are all learning curves for us, but this this is not a realistic goal for us in in in the short term, you know multi building that finances certain stuff. They have a level player in the building that we won’t be able to attract for a while, but that’s that’s that ultimately, this is our end goal.

But right now, it’s it’s a learning curve and it’ll be a different standard.

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