Chelsea F.C., Burnley F.C., Premier League, Thomas Tuchel, Sean Dyche Man Utd 3-2 Liverpool – Jurgen Klopp – 'We Made First Steps To Get Back On Track' – Press Conference

You have to be an absolute top and uh we burned on an absolute top, but we made a lot of steps in the right direction. Can you hear me mistakes so around the first glory united star, we obviously had too many options offensively and no protection and lost the ball and has counterattack that was on the first counter taking the game. So we have to improve that, but you could see that the boys really wanted to change the fortune. Let me say like this one: they wanted to score goals that’s good, so we did that we scored twice, which is good as well and so that’s all okay. But in the end they scored three beasts for two: they are thrilling you’re, not so that’s that’s, a fact as well. So we have, we can take positives out of this game. Of course, i saw a lot of steps in the right direction. That’S all good. It was good preparation for the podman game um with their combo typing thread, so we know exactly what we have to work on, but it’s how it is, if you don’t, if you have a situation, you don’t like you, want to get out of it and we Want to get out of it, and for that we have to make steps, and tonight we made these steps, not the final ones, but we made steps and that’s for the moment. Okay, after the the problems that you’ve had scoring goals is, is the fact then that you’ve scored twice is.

Is that the most positive thing that that you can take from this yeah? Of course match? Course we take that we’ve got two goals. We have other situations very good of sports value in other situations where we um created really well against that uh defending block. So that is good. All these kind of things are a lot of good things, but in the end we know it’s a result, and we, if you would score true that doesn’t mean we should then concede free in this moment. So there were all um of the obvious mistakes around the goals. Obviously, first protect the seat of the ball. The third you colleagues told me now it was not a foul. I didn’t see it so i cannot change that that the free kick they got that the i don’t know the journey said it might not be a fault. I didn’t see it back so, but that’s how it is. So you have to stay uh stubborn in certain points like this. You have to do the right stuff again and again, and you would have if you want to change something you have to work hard. Thank you, simon start. Your team. Your players have done so much and, and so many plaudits over the last couple of years, is it just now, for you a case of trusting them to get their form back and deliver the results that you know they’re capable of oh there’s. No doubt about my trust, but it don’t trust us mean that we don’t that we are not critical in ourselves, so it’s, not that i say that you did everything right in the last few years.

So now i don’t care. If you made some mistakes, that’s not like this, we are. We are really in this situation. 100, but you don’t have to worry about us. We we are as group, we really together and we know it. I mean if i have a problem, we have a problem with one layer problem. We have a problem so that’s our problem at the moment, so we have to solve it together, that’s what we will do, so nobody thinks about the very good things happen in the last few years. Nobody, so we are just in this moment and yeah and try to win football games again, that’s all about even when brilliant players is confident an issue i don’t want to make that all every week now i think tonight it was. I didn’t see any confidence problems, but what we said is when you know when you and when you don’t score for a while it’s, not good for the confidence. Obviously, and the best strikes in the world can tell you that they all had moments when they went at all when they don’t um score with each chance, but it’s all about dealing with uh. How you deal with it and be. We are on it with me and we will solve that any more questions guys do not know any more hands on great. Thank you.

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Chelsea F.C., Burnley F.C., Premier League, Thomas Tuchel, Sean Dyche 3-1 Luton – Nathan Jones – Post-Match Press Conference

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