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He was a manager being considered to have done a very good job um. You know i think there’s a bit of weight, put on you when they spend a lot of money um, but but what i know about my knowledge of teams – it’s still difficult. You know, even when you spend money, you know we i’ve talked to him many times about stretching the finances, but it’s still difficult. Even when you spend money, you’ve got to form a unit and a team, and i think that can take time and it looked to me like there was been some good work done there over frank’s time in charge. Um and, like i say a very short time ago, it seemed very positive about the work that was done there as well. So the other side of that, of course, is you know. My demands at burnley are about staying in the division, their their demands at chelsea and clubs like chelsea are about winning things and being at the top of divisions. So i suppose part of it is is that’s the nature of um them them type of jobs. But i must reiterate, i thought he was doing a good job and i think a lot of managers would think the same and i think um. You know it was a very short time ago that the media with him and including that you know and thinking he was doing a good job and the other thing is a young young, english manager.

You know we want to see obviously across the board managers doing well, but particularly english managers, for because i think it’s good for the game here, um, not for any other reason just because i think it is good for the game here. I appreciate your situation is different sean because of the time that you’ve spent at burnley, but with your contract running to the summer of 2022, and you see something like that happening to frank. Do you want more of a a commitment that by extending your deal? No, no, no, i think every every uh manager’s situation is different. Um i’ve never had too many uh contract situations here, other than other than agreeing them. Of course, um. No, no i’ve got no problem with that situation. I think managers contracts can be varied on different formats anyway. You know they’re, not always that strong in the sense that you know a run of bad results and it changes. So you know there’s a it is a contract. It is a bit of paper with details on it and signed by everyone, but equally them contracts can get ripped up very quickly if you’re not doing your job or deemed to be not doing your job, which is getting enough results or whatever the results are. You know considered to make it a success here, slightly different. You know i’ve been here a long time, they’ve judged the successes here differently, of course um because of the size of the club and trying to be in the premier league and then staying in the premier league so but no back to the contract.

I’Ve got no problem with, with my current situation, also a slight difference, though, as well in so much as you’ve got new owners. Are you kind of having to build up new levels of of trust with them or does what has gone before with the previous owners? Also count for you as well um, i presume it counts in the sense that you know most people around here felt we’ve done a good job collectively over the years i’ve been here. So it counts in the sense that i think, as a new ownership group, i’m sure they’re aware of that, and that the job has been done not just by me by the way, by lots of people. I’M sure they’ll be aware of that relationships build over time. Quite obviously, it’s been probably tougher here because of the coveted situation and all the rules and um. You know trying to have meetings as in face to face meetings about zoom meetings. Of course, zoom calls and the like um but yeah. I think i think relationships are formed over time. They’Re not formed over an immediate moment in time, it’s it’s many different moments that occur many different conversations about many areas of the club and that that often is the thing that leads to a relationship building. Have you been able to have any face to face meetings over the last few days and has such any progress in terms of adding to the squad as well before that deadline? No so no face to face meetings.

I still haven’t met the ownership group and the chairman properly, if you like, um or formally but yeah through through calls and stuff yeah that’s been going on um. What was the second part of your question? Sorry, um that’s a good question as well in terms of progress as well just thinking that is any progress being made in terms of adding to the squad. Oh that was it the famous question about players, that’s, probably why it went out of my mind. No, i don’t think i don’t think there’ll be a lot of news um at the moment. Um, you know varying situations, we’ve kept an eye on um, but it’s there’s, nothing imminent, the other side of it. Of course, as we all know, sometimes things come out. You know the blue and we have to be ready and and wary of that and uh ready and flexible to that thinking rather about. If something does change and it suits us, then of course we’ll. We’Ll, look at that and i’ll go to the powers that be and say look. This is something that’s come available. We’Ll be able to do it at nathan. Collins at stoke is a name that keeps cropping up. So is that one of those things that could possibly be see you turning to the board and saying we would like to make this happen? I think the truth is, i think, over my eight years, i should just make a list of every single player.

That’S ever been put into us and then the ones that actually come to us. So i think there’ll be an interesting uh list to read over the eight years. So um i’ve been linked with many players, and so is this football club. Just before we we look a bill, i mean just looking at the fixture schedule that you have as well and what happened at chelsea. Obviously, doesn’t give you much time to work out what thomas tucker, who appears to be going in there is going to do against you guys at the weekend. Does it when they’ve got wolves on wednesday, so you don’t really get too much of a look at them. Uh, well, i don’t know what’ll happen because it will. I don’t know with the quarantine rules and stuff. Would it be? I have to come in and wait. I don’t know um, you know they have to lock down. I don’t know what the rules are for that sort of thing, so, whether it be in allegedly or in place actually working. I don’t know um unless i’ve missed the news down i’m, not sure there is an actual appointment, as i i don’t know, yeah. So so, therefore, in theory um, if he is appointed um suggestions, are that that’s looking like it, then i don’t know the rules for him coming in and then of course, the rules for um. Sorry, then the next step is to work with the team.

So i think we just got to be. You know flexible minded for what could occur with that situation, but, as i said, i don’t know anything more than than what you’ve told us about the possible appointment of the next manager. Are you able to focus one game at a time, though sure when you got villa chelsea and city and brighton so close together, midweek weekend midweek weekend, yeah we’ve got we’ve had a busy period, um lately and we’ve still got a busy period coming um. You know that’s worked better for us in the fact that we’re getting bodies fit again um. I thought the team were excellent yesterday and the players showed their hunger and desire the ones who are coming back to get that true fitness um. I think we just stayed focused on the next game. It’S just been something i’ve spoken about many times. I think the players do, i think, they’re the way that staff operate. We we like to do that. We have to be aware of the games coming quite obviously, but we don’t really overthink them. You know we’ve always thought the next one’s the most important one, and i think our focus has always been on that and and that served us well so we’re not going to go away from that. Just because it’s a busy period, you know that’s i’ve had busy periods at numerous times since i’ve been at the club, so we just focus on the next game.

Obviously you face filler not so long ago as well. So a goalless draw on that occasion. What are you expecting this time around? Well, they’re a side that’s, you know. Well, they invested a lot over the year last couple of years, but it’s sort of beginning to. I think the management team they’ve got a look about the way they want it to operate, and the players look like they’ve got that as well. You know different connections on the pitch that are formed um, so i think that they’re turning into a good outfit, i don’t, you know, i think i think the the fact they stayed up last season gave him a big lift and probably you know, uh effective things As well – and you know twist of fate – actually i think with the vr goal, that wasn’t or was whichever way you look at it, um that kept them up and then they’ve sort of built on that so fair play to them, they’re a good outfit. Without a doubt, um – and i think you know, the thing is we’re coming back to a strength in our group as well, and i think you know we’re we’re, beginning to look like um what we feel that this group is and that’s a very um committed, hard Working group of players and also with some quality – and we like our group as well so as much we’re aware that aston villa have had a really strong start to the season and continue to deliver good performances.

Then i think we’re getting that strength in depth again. So you know we’re in a good place ourselves. We see that strength as well with the number of clean sheets and just further to that, and looking at nick pope’s form at the moment wondering what more he needs to do to be classed as england’s number one. I make it seven clean sheets out of 11 and a half games, including that 45 minutes he played for england against ireland and just five goals conceded in that time. One thing he has to do is get the manager to pick him that’s what he has to do. I can’t pick his team. You know that’s his job it’s, nothing to do with me, so uh. You know i can only vouch for thinking that pope is a top keeper, but i see him every day. I’Ve worked with him for a long time and you know: he’s been uh, he’s a he’s, a joy to work with um for billy mercer and for us as well um. But i certainly can’t pick the international team, and nor would i it’s up to the the manager, but what do you feel i mean managers always look for room for improvement. What more do you see him being able to improve within this game? I think it’s um a package that the manager looks for any manager. You know he’ll have the reasons for what his thoughts are on, picking or not picking gareth.

That is, you know, that’s not for me to decide. I i know what he can do. I know what he’s about, i think he’s a top keeper. He continues to improve not only with his general game, but obviously his experiences that he’s had as well and the experience he has with us um. So no i’m more focused on on what he does here and then it’s for others to decide how good that thing is and whether he should play for for england is obviously down down in the end it’s to gareth thanks sean thanks. Thanks excuse me hi sean. How are you um it’s, been a good good, exciting hero it’s been a good week last week to you, beating liverpool and obviously eating fulham in the fa cup yesterday? How are the squad feeling yeah? I think i mentioned after the liverpool game. They were talking about belief, we’d, never, really lack belief. You know there’s times when you know it. We’Ve had stretched uh. We were stretched. Sorry, as a group with the uh, the injury situation, and that puts you know it puts a bit more weight on the players that are playing um to deliver now we’re getting stronger again. So i know there’s been a belief thing, so the feeling in the group, my point is there’s always been there’s, always been belief. I think the the sharpening up of performances, i think the detail in the performances is what’s got us.

The last two results. I thought we were um at least decent, if not better than that at anfield and obviously we all know a tough place to go despite them being questioned, they’re still, a top top group of players, um top manager top football club for that matter, and then we Went out fulham – and i was super pleased with that, because players have been out a while i’ve been playing regular. I thought they looked really sharp, really fit and most of all, very motivated, you know to deliver a good performance, so two different um, two different, really important results for different reasons and and pleasing that we had so many players who haven’t always been there fit and Well and active so uh yeah it’s been a it’s been a good week for us um or the good crossover a week from last uh thursday and you can’t play the table now. Do you find your your team talks becoming a little bit more intense to make sure you stay there as we draw further towards the end of the season? Um? No, not really. I think we, you know the players, trust, how we work here and the staff and and it’s likewise with us and the players. So i think my my team talks stay pretty um leveling the truth in the matter of what we try and do and what we try and achieve and the results we want. Um yeah. I tend to be pretty solid and pretty steady with my thoughts and how the team can produce results and and a lot of trust, a lot of trust in them and pride in how they go about it as well.

So no it’s not changed too much. I think you know we’ve we’ve earned the right to get back on a good run of results and the sort of present position a lot of work to be done yet, but i think we’ve you know we’ve deserved to get to where we’ve got to, especially after A very, very tough start um. You know people sometimes get two two points in eight games we had and then you look at the points. Return in the last number of games then actually we’re a very, very strong run of form, and so you want that to continue, but you know i was just alluding to it there. It is one game of uh at a time, mentality that served us well. So the next one’s, the most important one and you take on aston villa wednesday night. What do you think has been the cake and the key change in their form this season compared to last season? Well, i think, sometimes there’s a little bit of you gain experience from last season. The goods, the bads you know of a season in the premier league, so their players will be a little bit wiser, um the money they’ve spent on the players they’ve spent and how they’ve integrated that, because you know we just mentioned earlier, it’s it’s all having money. You can spend it, but it does take time to format a team and i think the experiences of their group last year and then maybe just a sprinkling of new faces, has kind of worked for them.

So far this season, um, you know – i think experience in the premier league – is an important factor. You know players who haven’t played so many times in the premier league. They get a season under their belts, and you know that can that can affect the group as well and and of course you know some good signings as well. You know and amongst their many signings there have been some really good ones, um. So yeah i mean they’re doing a good job. They’Re going about the season in a good manner and we’ve got to make sure that we’re delivering ourselves, but i do think we’re getting stronger. You know we’re our performance levels, our group, the the uh injury list that we had is evaporate and then they’re getting stronger now so back to that sort of true premier league fitness, and that that gives that competitive edge, i believe to our group as well. So you know we’re, aware of other teams and what they’re doing, but we equally focus. In fact we focus more on ourselves and what we can do and you touched on it today. The injury list is getting smaller. Do you have any any fresh injury updates for us? Only charlie taylor still touch and go uh robbie brady, uh, robbie brady sorry had a knock um, so we’ll see how that is. Um they’re the main two um, the josh brown has got a little knock and johann’s okay, which was good.

He come through the government. We made a couple of changes at the end of the game as well to protect a couple yesterday, um, because obviously we got that nice cushion of three goals so um, you know hopefully everyone’s going to be close to or for selection. I should say with the villa game coming up. Thank you sean’s everything from me.

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