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This one is very exciting. It is the first game that we get to preview where thomas tucker will have had a couple of days with his chelsea players and with his chelsea team. In order to build the kind of team in his vision for the future, before we get into anything, though there are a lot of new people here on gbfc who aren’t yet subscribed to the channel people that have been watching the news flood in this week. Regarding thomas two call watching the videos regarding chelsea, if you’re not yet subscribed, then make sure you do so so that you never miss a video tonight’s game is, i say, tonight’s game, it’s. 8 p.m. For me, which is a wonderful time for a kickoff midday kickoff for chelsea at home to a burnley side who have actually been in pretty good form in recent weeks, they’ve managed wins against liverpool who well everyone was being liverpool a couple of weeks ago, but still Pretty incredible feat: to go to anfield and ruin that very good home run that they were on not quite as good as the chelsea of old who paved the way for top quality home forms. But still it was a great result for bernie. They also beat aston villa they’re in some very good form, and it is the kind of fixture where you look at what happened for wolves on wednesday night and burnley and sean dyche who’s. A manager will have seen that he will know that if his team are gon na get something from the bridge today, they’re gon na have to go with a very similar game plan which pretty much sets us up for a frustrating early lunchtime, kickoff against burnley, because Well, burnley are kind of the masters of playing this style and they’ve been in the premier league.

For a long time, sean dyche has been their manager for a long time. They know exactly how to go away from home against top clubs who like to dominate possession of the ball, frustrate them and somehow come away with a result. That being said, there were enough positives in the way that we set out in the game against wolves, and particularly the first 25 minutes or so chelsea actually looked very good. We were passing with a lot more tempo. There was a lot more i’d say. The one thing i did see in the first 25 minutes were the movements that we made off. The ball was so much better than anything we’ve seen, probably for the past month or so so. With that being said, i think chelsea will be able to have enough to go out there and try and nick the result today, at home at stamford bridge. I say nick the result, because you know 24 hours was a bit of a joke in terms of the amount of time that tukul had three or four days, it’s a lot better than one day, but it’s still not a long time for too cool to really Imprint his mantra mentality, whatever you want to call it into this chelsea team, but i do feel as though it is it’s a winnable game for chelsea for sure burnley at home. You know, i think we’ve beaten them three nil. The last couple times we’ve played.

We went there last season away from home. Christian pulisic got a hat trick and i think today they’re going to be way more tentative than they were in any of those other games and chelsea. You could argue that our best performance of the season was that three nil away win at turf moor earlier on this season. Now the team that i’ve gone with today it is a 4 2 4 formation, which is something we’ve seen tukul use before and again. I think it’s a way, particularly with the striker situation it’s a way for us to be able to use and inform tammy abraham, as well as trying to bring team overnight back into the starting eleven in a striker’s role in order to boost his confidence. You know two calls come in and i’m pretty sure the part of his remit is to get the best out of new boys team of werner and kai habits. I didn’t actually give habits a green box in the game against wolves. People were saying how brilliant he was i’m, not gon na jump the gun and say he was brilliant. He was certainly a lot better than what we’ve seen from him. Recently his movement was good. There were a couple of nice. Ghosty runs into the box and good touches as well with brilliant with habits. We know how brilliant he can be so using the word brilliant wasn’t, something that i was willing to do based off of a nil, nil performance where he didn’t manage to carve an opening into the wolves, defense or really force.

Many saves out of rory patricio. So first play that we’re going to start with is, of course, the goalkeeper eduard mendy, pretty much a given these days i’m, not even going to go through the whole comparison, spiel that i normally do in match, previews as to why mendy is being picked over kepper Ariza velaga the goalkeeper position when you get midway through the season. Normally, if there’s some stability at your club, you know who your first choice: team goalkeeper is if there is no injuries, so mendy is the first one and we move into a back four and i’m. Not gon na waste any time, but i will explain my omissions and also the reasons why i’ve gone with this back four reese james thiago silva, kurt zuma and ben chilwell. The first one is reese james. Over azpilicueta, we saw in the game against wolves. The two sure went with a three at the back system, something that he likes to do. Do i think playing three at the back against burnley is going to benefit chelsea considering we know that wolves set up that way, but we didn’t manage to break through wolves. So will two shall go with the same thing for this game against burnley? I wouldn’t be surprised if he did go with three centre backs again, seeing as p on the right center back position, silver in the middle and either rudiger or zoomer on the left, but i think we will change it today.

I think the one thing i saw with the three at the back last time and chelsea have been linked with they upper apparently we’re already trying to talk to sign him for the summer. I think too sure will have looked at that and seen that as piliquette is very confident competent, going forward on the right hand, side of that centre back position, but rudiger playing on the left, wasn’t, necessarily as fluid going forwards with overlaps, as he would have liked. A three center back formation to be so if it is going to be that it will probably be as p silver zuma but i’ve gone with four at the back today, i’ve gone with a very attacking chelsea side to try and break down this low block that Burnley are inevitably going to bring and i’ve gone with james because well, i just think we need his creativity going forward. He does bring us such more of a dominant attacking outlet than cesaros pilaquetta does aspie. I thought was decent in that game against wolves, but that being said, rhys james comes back in silver and zuma. You know the whole rudiger thing i don’t want to sit here. Trash talking him. You know, we’ve all had our opinions this week on tony rudiger. Some of the players came out and defended him there’s conspiracy theories about that. One as well don’t want to talk about that too much more, but i just think zoom is a better centre back and i think the silver zoomer pairing was so successful.

When chelsea went on that unbeaten run and you know zuma, his form did drop, but i wouldn’t say it dropped to her to a level where i’m confident to put rudiger in ahead of him every single game. I think we’ve seen zuma’s ability going forward. This season has been able to get chelsea a goal from set pieces, which is something we might have to rely on again today and thiago silva, i think, is probably the first defender’s name apart from chilwell on the team sheet at this moment in time. I thought he was brilliant again against wolves and then ben chill. Well, he speaks for himself chelsea’s number one left back and i think under too sure, whether he’s playing as a wing back or as a left back. I think we’re certainly going to get the best out of him in an attacking sense. We then move into a midfield duo. This is not an easy one, because again, i’ve got this little personal thing where i think billy gilmore deserves to start, but don’t think he’s gon na get it in this game. Angolo kante is backfit, but two shall also hint well. He hinted to the fact that he might not actually start him in this game just because he doesn’t want to rush him back we’ve seen what happens when you rush in golo kante back from injury, he doesn’t he’s not able to give 110, which is normally what He does and it’s also a thing where the age is at now he’s getting closer to the latter years of his career, and if you start rushing a player who has the same importance on the field as in golo kante back, then you risk that.

Well, you risk the bloody risk don’t you i don’t know what i’m talking about here, it’s an early start for me today you risk the risk of getting an injury foreign which you do not want to do so. That being said, i’ve gone with a midfield. Two of mason mountain mateo, kovacich you’ve, got that hard tackling side of the toe kovachich in there you’ve got the industry that mason mount has, and this week tucson came out and said that, despite dropping him in that game against wolves, he solely went for experience. It was the most unfair selection he could have had, and he also said how great of a player he believes mason mount is and how he’s a big part of his plans so firmly expect him to get straight back into the team. Today maybe it’s a 4 3 3 and we see one of the players that have played further forward playing in a bit of a deeper role or a change of personnel. But i think mason mountain coverage could definitely do that job with the wingers that i have chosen. Tracking back and helping the two wingers i’ve gone for are callum, hudson, odoi and christian pulisic. I think we saw the versatility of calum hudson and doy in that game. Against wolves, where he’s, given a right wing, backs role for the first time, probably ever in his chelsea career in the first team, and he did very very well.

I thought he was the best player that chelsea had on the pitch and it shows too shall comes in and despite picking a team of experience, the fact he started callum hudson and he played him virtually all the way through was a brilliant sign of confidence in Him and i think that callum is playing with such a confidence at the moment where i actually feel, as though callum is looking more likely to be the magic man in this side, even ahead of christian politics at the moment who doesn’t quite look at his absolute Best that we know he can be but he’s such a good player. I always say this: i think if pulisic is fit, he always needs to be starting in this side. So pulisic is on the left and then i’ve gone with the two strikers, timo verna and tammy abraham. I think the thing i liked about watching tammy play in the game against wolves in the minutes that he had was. He looked as though, all of the little intricate touches and movements off the ball were benefiting tammy’s play. You know if some people say that he’s not the best with his back to goal, but not necessarily in the final third, but when tammy does drop deeper he’s. Very good with the ball at his feet, you see nice little passes nice little layoffs for his teammates and i think whether it will be tammy playing slightly deeper or teemo verna playing slightly further back, or vice versa.

I think with those two on the pitch, at the same time, they’re able to get the best out of one another teemo werner doesn’t have this sole responsibility of being the only striker, maybe sometimes he can afford to have that dodgy. First touch that we sometimes see from teemo, because tammy can pick up the pieces for him. There are two players to do that. Striker’S job and i think considering tuchel – has done that in the past, with paris saint germain, with their abundance and plethora of attacking talents. In paris, i think we could see him go with something similar today, as chelsea tried to break down a resilient and informed burnley side. We know with thomas too sure that there is going to be surprises. We have been so used to seeing the 4 3 3. We were calling upon the 4 2 3 1 and i think, with too short when it comes to making a change. I don’t think he’s going to go back to a 4 2 3 1 that we have used before he’s, either going to use a 3 at the back with wing backs, or we might see him go with a four two, two two or the four two four That i have suggested in today’s video it’s an exciting time to be a chelsea fan. I have been absolutely blown away by the quality of the interviews that are coming out from thomas tuchel. So far he’s been brilliant.

He said all of the right things i like his energy i’m, enjoying his charisma in his pre press conferences and interviews, and i hope today he can get his first win as chelsea boss before we go into a couple of away games. But my prediction for this match, i think it’s going to be tough. I think chelsea will have to defend well when burnley do counter and go on the attack. That can be a dangerous side and it is going to be very difficult to break them down. If we get an early goal, then i think we might score a couple, but if we don’t, which i i’m not fully confident yet that i can say, yeah chelsea going to go and get a goal in the ninth bloody minute, although they might do it now. I’Ve said that wouldn’t be the first time here on gbfc i’m gon na go with a one, nil, home chelsea win three points. Today is absolutely everything i need. I wan na keep seeing that energy that we saw in the open in 25 minutes. But three points is everything you know. Results have been crazy this week in the premier league again, chelsea need to start bouncing back getting in touch with the top four, and i think we will do it today at home to a bernie side in form.

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