Chelsea F.C., Burnley F.C., Thomas Tuchel, Premier League It's Tuchel Time! – Chelsea FC vs Burnley – Premier League Match Preview

So, of course, today’s video is going to be the preview for our next game against burnley kicks off 12 uh lunchtime in the uk and, of course, there’s a big one, we’re back at home um, and we need to start getting dubs. Okay, we give to seal the first match for sure um. Just to sort of you know he was in for a couple days, it’s a hard one to to say that he deserved well, we should have, you know, got a win out of that. We should have, but you know you can excuse a draw um this one. However, he’s had a bit more time. He’S had time to train with the boys, still not a long time at all so it’s going to be. You know difficult to judge him. However, he was brought in to get immediate results. Um we saw the sort of intensity and the import uh performance looked a little bit improved under two shells. There was definitely a lot more desire, i would say, within the team, so this game. I want to see more of that, but we have to be more creative. We didn’t create enough chances in that previous game and we certainly didn’t score enough. So we need to be able to go through burnley, two or three nil, quite comfortably and start a win streak, because you know he’s brought in to get us into that top proposition. There’S reports coming out today that um tushula said he doesn’t want any reinforcements in january january, he’s happy to stay with the squad that we’ve got.

However, he is expected to get top four and if he does, then abramovic will look to go for erling harland in the summer. So if we come take a look at our fixtures here, we can see our last game of january is against burnley um and the movement february. We’Ve got spurs away, which absolutely has to be a win um too. So reportedly, as a spurs fan, um, which i’m not too keen on but um he’ll be expected to get a win. There then of course, we’ve got sheffield. Then we go to the fa cup barnsley newcastle southampton. Then we’ve got the dreaded game against atletico madrid here. So, looking at this runner games, you know i want to win at burnley 100 spurs yes sheffield. We should be beating them easily barnsley, newcastle southampton that’s. Six wins that i sort of expect on the bounce um if we’re gon na get to top four we’re gon na need to put a string of wins together, and i know there’s gon na be the whole thing if we have to give them time. You know especially to people like me that wanted lampard to be given time. However, this is a different situation. Lampard, you know the reason we were so willing to give him. Time was because we thought we were building an arsene, wenger or alex ferguson that’s, going to be here to create a dynasty and be there for five plus years, maybe um.

However, this is not the case with two, so he’s been brought in this season to get results this season and get us into top four. If we don’t get the top four, i think he’ll stay on we’ll still keep him on board. However, it will be a case of you know. The next season end is like get us up there, because if you don’t you’re gone um and i want him to stay, i want him to do good things wanting to get the best out of our players. Like team over, as you can see, pictured here, so burnley has to be a win and we can start a streak here. You know we go barely get the win. Confidence is feeling pretty pretty good. Then, if we go to spurs, go to their ground, get a win there that i think that takes us up a notch and then we can stroll through sheffield barnsley, newcastle southampton and hopefully get a result against atletico madrid, of course, it’s going to be difficult. That game always was going to be um, however, the new manager we hope we have the bounce. We have an excited team, that’s, looking very full of desire – maybe just maybe we can get to atletico madrid, but for this burnley game. Let’S focus on that for now. Um, as i said, three points are a must um. I don’t know what to go for for a predicted lineup, because, quite frankly, what we saw from tucson before uh in his um game.

The other day was, you know it was difficult to judge. He said himself like don’t judge me off of that lineup um don’t judge the players off of it because you know he said i think he know it especially mason mount. He noted, like i don’t, know how good like mason man is i’ve heard he’s done, like you know, good things and such, but i went for experience just because the older players sort of know what they’re doing a little more so maybe he’ll have seen in training A little more over the past few days that you know the mason mounts and the reese james need to get into this team, and we don’t need callum right wing back, maybe even though he had a good game there to be fair um. So this one for a predicted lineup, i would you know, vaguely guess edward mendy, wreath teams, i hope uh right wing back back three. We don’t even know if it’s going to be the back five formation by the way. But if it was a back three i’d expect, maybe rudia um zuma and thiago silva um left wing back would be uh ben chilwell. The midfield definitely needs to change because georgina kovach doesn’t have enough to it that midfield. You know it can pass around a lot like we saw in that game against wolves, but it doesn’t have enough substance going forward. There’S, no creativity, which you sort of think you get with the deep line playmaker like georginio um, the reduced, the role that he plays, but you know he doesn’t output enough, so we can’t really rely on him.

In that regard, um i mean our front player is doing a lot more ziesh if he’s on the pitch. We need a much better performance from him because he hasn’t contributed at all in maybe like seven games or so so. We definitely need more from him. Uh pulisic callum you know callum definitely deserves to start. He showed a lot of design in that first game and almost got a goal. So i think calm deserves a start in terms of striking options. I think he likes uru i’m, not sure what he thinks about. Tammy at the moment, and of course, team maverner he’s been brought in, we know the board are really focused on getting timo, verna and kai. Have it uh firing on all cylinders? So i think you can expect the team of werner and kai habits will probably be implemented in there somewhere. However, as i said, i don’t want to make a predicted lineup for anything, because i just have no clue how this is going to go. As for a score prediction, i will go for a two nil. I think i think we can get two goals in this. One we definitely struggled to create anything in the last game, so it might be a bit ambitious to say that maybe a one nil will be good enough um, but we know burnley how they sort of set up solidly defensively. They’Re gon na expect us to go to them and break them down, and hopefully, with a good.

You know we know he’s fluid with formations. We can change things around, hopefully keep them on their toes. They won’t be they’ll, be second guessing themselves on who they’re men and mark who’s. You know who’s going out which direction who’s zonal, marking whatever and we can hopefully sneak through their defense, grab a goal, and then it forces them to come out a bit more and we can try and get a few more and secure the game. Because one thing we definitely lacked over recent games was you know getting that second goal, that third goal? Maybe in that fourth goal, we just weren’t doing that, whereas earlier on the season than last season, we were capable of doing that. So improvements needed i’m excited for it, because i think this is a good game for us to start a win streak going, especially with this fixture against spurs coming up so a bit of a different um preview to the game today, um, of course, once i start Understanding tucson’s sort of ideas, his formations, his preferred personnel.

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