Chelsea F.C., Burnley F.C., Thomas Tuchel, Premier League, Sean Dyche Reactions – UNITED DONE BY BASEMENT BOYS – week 20

Hello team is your favorite comedian, quiet boy, presenter, actor, awful impressionist, lloyd, griffith. Here now please subscribe! Please click! The notifications bell let’s get into it. I bloody love! You thanks for watching don’t leave like enough. Is enough like time for you to go roy and like time to announce rafa? Thank you palace. Thank you menu. Thank you, lester we’re, up to fourth we’re coming for you. I quit another year. Another relegation battle, some things, never change your mind, rodriguez and rafinha. I bloody love you free to foster backing the sticks on saturday, then yeah nice, one ozil out odegaard in how lovely well that was bloody, embarrassing, again, hey lads you might want to bring in big sam to fix that leaky. Defense. Oh wait, nice one! Three wins in three: i don’t wan na bloody marry bend me well. That was a game of two elves booger. Well, what a week that was. Where do? I start goodbye frank thanks for everything. Alo thomas welcome one thing, though you’re doing not bench: mason man where’s your coach. Well, i think lewis dunk has just kept us in the pram yeah, no yeah. No, if it wasn’t for ariel it’d, been bloody. Three love to brighton, three, nil, to brighton, lovely, all right, olson, you’re back in on saturday, mate crikey, thanks to jordan, we’re. Still. Third, thanks mate. How was that goal given, but ours wasn’t, the ref is clearly a city fan or liverpool or ladies or arsenal? Oh get in there we will the dean anderson, darby and darby we’re coming for you, four more points: brentford marine fulham, chef, united wickham liverpool.

These fixtures just keep getting easier and easier i’m really looking forward to tonight’s game. I think it’s going to be great. I think we’re going to boss if we’re going to do very well john, i mean so looking forward to it. I’Ve got a fever right. Yes, she can get a few good and gently all right hello. It is lloyd, griffith, here, comedian, impressionist plus size model, thanks very much for watching these videos they’re just a little bit of fun if you’ve enjoyed them good on you. If you haven’t, i don’t care, but please do like subscribe comment. Let’S get as many people as watching these videos as possible. I love you. Okay, i love you.

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