Chelsea F.C., Burnley F.C., Thomas Tuchel, Premier League, Sean Dyche 'WE WILL FIGHT' | Jurgen Klopp on Liverpool form – and transfer window plans

You’Ve had a robert passed the moment there we go there. We are beautiful, all right, um, obviously you’re, looking at one game ahead and whatever, but people will look at this, this sequence of fixtures and think by the 20th of february. When you played everton that this is the defining period, do you think that will be the defining period for your season or because the season has been so cannot be straight? I i thought i answered this question already. I think about tottenham. How can i know just because you haven’t prepared a question before well? What is that the defining situation? The game is a game against tottenham that’s. What that’s the game we play. Nothing else the impetus that a good performed tomorrow night. They can set you up going into this period of fixtures. How huge would that be for you well yeah if we want to get something tomorrow night. Obviously we try absolutely everything has had meanwhile multiple times and yes, good performances influence the next game, of course, so that’s the plan, absolutely okay, but i cannot, i cannot think, of what about games. I didn’t even know when is that, when is the everton game? What did you say, 20th of february yeah yeah man good a lot of games to play our belizean until then yeah a lot of chances that’s it that’s it because the season is the season is so strange and um people will look at this but there’s.

You know there’s still much football to be played anyway. Listen i’ve, i’m out today, okay, we’ll, go to we’ll. Go go, go to paul next uh. Just a quick question, then a long one yeah again do you think anything will change on transfers over the next week. Incoming transfers not really no, not really, i would not say absolutely 100 no, but i don’t expect anything to happen to be honest, okay and secondly, one of the things that you’ve said in in previous seasons is not to allow things to become bigger than they are. So in this situation at the moment, how do you ensure internally that isn’t the case that the players don’t lose perspective? Is it something, do you have meetings, or can you give a bit of an insight into nope? Oh yeah, we have meetings and i can give no insight, sorry, that’s uh. That should be clear, i think um, but we talk about things it’s clear. We don’t ignore the things we had. We had meetings, of course and spoke about things and um, just to make sure that we um yeah, that we understand the situation in the right way as a challenge and a challenge is absolutely fine, always a challenge it’s, all about how you approach it and that’s Um we are, we are in it and i how i said um. We are not happy about the situation, but we think we can. We can um um sort it whatever.

However, we would say it and um that’s what we do. We have we, we will fight. We will fight the servants. We will find the situation. We will fight tomorrow night, these kind of things that’s what we will do and then we will see what we get for it: okay, good, chris mckenna and just kind of kind of following on from that. But on the front three, when they’re going through a spell like this, do you notice any changes in them around the training ground? Do you have to speak to them? Do you have to tell them not to be trying too hard and training? What how do they deal with moments like this in in their kind of season? Of course, we speak um. Of course we speak, but we spoke in good in good days as well, um yeah again. What i want to tell the voice is well boys, that’s clear, but of course we we adjust things it’s, not that we think we cannot do. We cannot do better individually and as a group it’s, not the thing, like god it’s just unlucky. So some of the things what happened to the squad were unlucky with injuries early. That was unlucky. But since then, it’s not unlucky since then it’s it’s us, and how we, how we deal in different situations with with different things, so that’s that’s, the truth, um and how i said we we around the first goal. I think we conceded against um united.

We tried it too hard, so that’s, not i. I prefer rather trying it too hard and not trying it so because we had no protection really. It was like um. Everybody was involved in the finishing i wanted to be involved in the finishing, which is it’s good, but of course you have to do it slightly different, but not completely different and that’s that’s, the the thing we have to do so, yes, we need offers. We need options, we need um um target players, all these kind of things, passing players as well, how many protections went that was in the first around first of all, especially not the case and that’s, of course, before a game against tottenham. You should make sure that you are that you are well protected, the way they play 100 so and and these these other things so it’s all about it’s all a process and we are in it. Unfortunately, i cannot guarantee now constantly um or immediately the the turnaround, but we work on it and we will stay and we will really be there to show that we are ready. Fantastic final question: dave, madden, let’s, finish: jurgen hi um. You said that people are too quick to to sort of lose trust and faith. I don’t know i didn’t say that it’s normal it happens. Our people are people in general, so everything is a massive news or it’s not uh. Every day. Every few seconds, they’re news outside anything, wow really and then a minute later, you’ll get a few more information about it, that’s how it is no it’s, a general how how much that that factors into the the balance of the work that you have to do with The squad because, on the one hand, obviously you you’re addressing problems and you’ve got to point out faults, but the other you know that they they ask a successful team and also put it in into perspective, because people are suffering all around the world.

In you know much worse things, and – and there are terrible situations going on at the moment, so how much of that do you have to sort of show that the squad and use in in dealing with the current sort of problems? I don’t know much better than you can imagine how much our, how many bad things happen out there, what we try to do and what we what we do and we do that in positive times as well. We cut out the outside world when we come here together, so we try to be only focused on that. So we talk only about football. We talk about other things, but in specific moments we we we think about football and that that’s the that’s the thing so um. Yes, of course, uh they’re much more serious problems out there. I know that, but in the moment when we are on the pitch, the only problem we can start – and we have to we have to focus on – is the football problem we have so and a chance to solve the football problem and that’s what we. What we do, okay guys.

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