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Second, we haven’t had much chance here. What tukel has had to say for himself so let’s bring you the thoughts of the new chelsea boss? Now the club makes this very clear in the end at chelsea. It is about results. It is about results for us, as managers, we we always try to to to bring in performance, to bring in uh like develop players to to improve players to increase their value, like also as a as as seen as strong performances and uh. But in the end, like i said, i’m i’m very realistic, i’m uh, i’m, i’m i’m in a club who, whose dna it is to to to win and to win, go for trophies and uh i’m here to challenge every trophy. Where we are, we we play for in the competitions, and that means that yeah, realistically this year, it’s the champions league and uh it’s, the fa cup to speak now about the premier league title is where there are too many teams in between us. This is not realistic, and this will just we will just lose the focus if we start here first question and did you think chelsea were right to get rid of frank it’s sad? But yes, i do because i think he’s a victim of circumstance, rather than it just being his own work, because the job that he was hired to do ended up completely different from what the second season job was because you’re looking at him um on the back Of a lot of good will not a great deal of experience, but on the back of a lot of goodwill, um getting the opportunity as a club legend to shepherd some young players which no chelsea coach has ever really been charged to do.

He did a good job in that he did a good job in getting them through the period post, ed and azad, which wasn’t easy at all, but it’s a completely different job. When the club goes out and spends that much money on players now, you can’t say that’s down to him because it’s the club’s choice, not his, but the reality is when you’re six months into a season and you’re struggling not just to get the best out of The likes of havertz and werner, who i think with verna, was overall players kind of been okay, but havertz is the one i think once you’ve spent that amount of money on players and it’s, not just that they’re not doing their best, because we’ve seen so many Players and we’ve talked about it before we’ve struggled to adapt to the premier league. Initially, you look at robert perez in his first six months in england, for example, that’s not so much a big deal but where’s the plan where’s the plan to integrate them where’s. The plan to find havoc’s best position – and i think, once you’ve, invested that much money in players. If the coach isn’t getting the most out of them, you have to move on because the investment in the players and then retaining their worth and then having the ability to go and win trophies for the club is the most important thing. People who back frank lampard were keen to point out that this is his first bad run, really as the chelsea manager, and for that reason, do you feel like it was harsh.

Was the timing slightly strange yeah? I do think it was harsh because i do think you know with regards to abramovich. We know he’s pretty ruthless and i’m sure that tuchel is going to come under a lot of different confrontations there, and he probably knows that taking the job. But i do think the job came a little bit too soon for frank lampard after doing well at derby. I think it came too soon, but at the same time i do think it was harsh. I think it was really harsh and you have to ask yourself the question 15 managers in 17 years. What is the philosophy of chelsea? What are they trying to do? Yes, they want to win games, but you have to be patient. I’Ve said many times before i didn’t want early gon na associate to continuing the job, then we’re top of the league. What do i know? Do you know what i mean? You have to be a little bit patient in modern day, modern day football. They don’t have that anymore. You see managers getting sacked, left right and center that isn’t. The answer, in my opinion – and i think frank – should have been given more time. Thomas tuchel, then you know we see him take psg to the chapman’s league final. But when you know when he left his job, they were third in the french league. Yeah third and you’ve got neymar and ambappe in the side.

So is he that good? Well, i supported rio ferdinand who did a show with him said. You know he was unbelievable. The way he thought about the game, yeah um, look at his. You should be winning titles with psg. You should be doing well with borussia dortmund um. He should be so. He should be he’s almost he’s, almost the perfect coach for chelsea, because i don’t think there’s any massive, long term commitment on either side. I think there’s, an understanding that you know the chelsea job is is not for four or five years it’s for one or two years or 18 months, or or whatever and he’s a manager who or a coach who finds it difficult to get on with people over A sustained period you look at the way it’s ended at mainz at dortmund and at paris saint germain, without falling out with members of the board it’s about falling out with people in the dressing room in the short term that’s. What it’s about it’s about stimulus? You talked about him being a great thinker in the game. He really is, and i think those fresh ideas are really going to help chelsea at the moment, because what i’d say there wasn’t many that many fresh ideas against wolves. They passed the ball’s highways 833 times he’s been there a day. I i don’t really know how much you can do. You know you’re going to get a job. My point was mason.

Mount has been chelsea’s standout player captain in the fa cup. Abram got a hat trick. I would ask you, because you know thomas tukul – has he watched chelsea before, because how would you leave mount out of your team when he’s been your best player? Well, i think he’s he’s picked a team to try and win the game. No but he’s tried to do that and i think you look at chelsea’s form recently. I don’t think beating luton in the fa cup is necessarily representative of anything in that game. Yeah i think so, and what did kai habits do to justify? Then we nearly scored the winner, okay. Well, he didn’t no, but listen. I nearly signed for everton. So what what then so he’s a great thinker he’s come in mason mounds being the best player. So what justification did he have to ki? Have it start on form? Well, i think he’s trying to get the best out of him and that’s going to be a huge part of his job going forward. It’S about results shortly, not getting the best out of players about results, surely yeah, but getting the best out of players, helps you to get results. That’S that’s, the problem. Frank got the best out of ms amount, but did it did it help him get chelsea up? The table, no, it didn’t go into the chapman’s league that’s why he lost that’s. Why he’s lost his job. Unfortunately, now i think, especially in the champions league lampard, has been helped out by the quality that was in the squad because in a lot of those games in the champions league, where they’ve got good results, they didn’t play particularly well and the individual qualities of the Players, one of those games but to consistently win and to get to a point where they can challenge for the premier league.

There needs to be a plan, a playing identity, that’s, what they didn’t have and that’s, where tucker’s going to so what playing identity? Will thomas tucker give chelsea well they’re going to be attacking? I don’t think there’s any doubt about that. Well, attacking they had the record for the most number of passes yeah. How many attempts on target we’re talking about one game, doesn’t matter, one game, one game’s! One game: i know frank lampard, got judged on a relatively short space of time; i’m, not sure you’ve got judged on one game. Well, i’m. Judging him on one game, i guess andy one of the things that, if we’re, focusing on the positives that thomas tuchel can bring to chelsea it’s that he is used to handling big names, the likes of neymar and bappe and chelsea as a club will have looked At that and said, he’ll be able to come in and be able to work with some of these big money, signings that just haven’t delivered under frank, lampard yeah, and the feeling is that paris, saint germain did a lot better job of relating to those superstars than Unai emery did and um neymar got on with him pretty well, which is not a given it’s, really not a given, because he had no relationship with unai emery, for example. At all. I think the frustration for him at paris, saint germain. We talked about him sort of picking conflicts sometimes was the fact that they’d spent so heavily on neymar and bappe there’s very little of a balance of squad.

I don’t think you can really say that about chelsea. I think it’s, a coach’s dream to work with you’ve got the players they’ve lined up and whether you pick mason mount or not. You know there are so many choices. You know you’ve got an ability to choose a team for a particular game, so i think you’re really ready. Was he getting the best out of the psg players when he left um? They were third yeah, but was he getting the best album? I think he had a really unbalanced squad, so that means no yeah. I think i think it was difficult. I think it was difficult for him. I don’t think he helped himself by at the start of the season. We talked about his ability to find conflict. Saying, oh well, the squad’s not as good as the one he had last season and if he says that at chelsea well, it’s not going to last much longer afterwards. Is it leanne? What can chelsea expect to achieve this season now? It’S never easy for a manager to come in this late into a season. What do you think the expectations will be from the board for what two course should achieve for the rest of this campaign? Well, i think they want top four. I think that’s a no brainer but at the same time, whether they’re gon na get that or not is another story. I think the difference between you know these two managers is that, when frank came in there was that transfer ban.

You know he’s brought in the likes of reese james mason, mount tommy abraham, who have done a great job with these players that have been brought in, though the players from the bundesliga they’re not proven in the premier league, which i think is a massive difference, is Kaihab is a great player, yes, but has he done anything? No timo verna? No and those are the players that they need to step up the other day when they had no penetration down the middle i’m, a massive fan of giroud. I really am. I think people often say you know he’s 34 years old, but what? What does that matter if you’re playing well, but i think what’s going to come back to bite chelsea is a lack of penetration in behind and i think that’s what timo verna? Hopefully he can come into his form because, yes, he might be doing okay, but he’s, not scoring yeah he’s, not scoring, and when you’re a center forward you’ve been highly promoted highly, like you know, big transfer fee, you have to score, especially the opportunities game like that Penalty, i did feel for him. You know i’ve been there when you’re not scoring, it is the worst feeling in the world. You need any type of goal to go in and when he had that penalty i’m sure he thought that would be the chance. He could turn his chelsea. You know time around, but you know it’ll come for him, but i do think they’re lacking that down the middle.

Well, we go back to a chelsea where they are buying superstars. You know potential superstars frank done ever so. Well, as lyan’s alluded to they didn’t couldn’t buy any players. I think he gave eight academy graduates to debut in the first team and we’ve seen chuckles first game. There was no abraham, no restraining, no reese james, no mesa mount.

What do you think?

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