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Thank you derek just flicking through my notes at this one everything pointing to a really lively matchup. This is fingers crossed. Hey the lineup for chelsea thiago silva plays with court zuma in central defense and playing on his own in attack. Is christian, pulisic, moutinho, high quality, defending Applause, the initial 11 four wolves, rui patricio begins in girl, joel moutinho plays alongside ruben neves in the center of midfield must take the lead here and they have you’ve got to say it has been coming well, derek. Take another look at this now there’s, nothing much really the keeper can do. It was good play to get in that position. He’S not going to miss from there. Let’S have another view of that goal. Applause! Well, just look at the reactions on the touchline. They just need to keep their composure now. This is far from over, so the action continues and it’s on wolves to show invention and perhaps level the game, Applause and continues. This run not even close. In the end, lee well he’s had a goal: derrick he’s gone for power, but the accuracy just wasn’t there was it Applause and don’t just accept it, moutinho not advantage with them. Referee says play on willie bully. Now they keep working away. Looking for passing lanes tackling and winning the ball to boat, vana promising attack this play towards the back post, an opportunity in the air, but he’s made a bit of a mess of that one.

Oh it’s really a shocking effort. I could do better than that and i can’t head the Music ball. Well, no way through thiago silva mount chillwell or keeping hold of the ball is what it’s all about for them. Pulisic it’s with hakim ziyash, well chelsea unable to retain possession could be a chance to break here. Good vision. Can he get onto this Applause cross blocked across the touch line, so a throw in here Applause and he whips it in well. He really read that brilliantly timo verna conte now he’s, given us away. The verdict is offside here: Applause, ziesh, pulisic now and return to ziyesh he’s got a nicely struck. The keeper was never likely to be in trouble, then good defending to prevent the chance and chelsea pushing to add to the lead. It’Ll be a corner. Now the delivery relatively straightforward to mop up defensively, asking a lot to score from there. Goalkeeper’S ball Applause, Applause beautifully disguised ball and a goal: the equalizer, superb entertainment, Music, well, here’s the goal again and it’s a great ball to put him through and when he gets through to the keeper. He just smashes it past him and gives him no chance to think a lovely finish. Even stephen won a piece on this match. Mount good technique displayed well ready to ease the pressure, and we will have a couple of additional minutes at the end here. Chelsea, have it back now: Applause, kante holistic, now pulisic and the first 45 minutes of coming plenty to consider based on what we’ve seen so far as the second half begins.

Read it well Applause, my jump in front tremendous block, chelsea’s corner as they try to take the lead here played into the center of the box, the header, but far too straight to worry the keeper yeah meet and drink for a goalkeeper of that class Applause and He read it superbly. Well, this man will get most of the plaudits for his contribution up to this point, lee well there’s, never a bad time to score a goal, but just before half time can be crucial and he’s got his team back in this game. What can he produce in the second half havana team, overna ziesh free kick to chelsea kante. It is a decent looking attack here and the ball’s gone and 30 minutes left for play in this match Applause. This looks promising nevis. Can he finish excellent block by thiago silva? Can they hit on the break? Applause takes it on and a goal just like that, they’re back in front well, here it is again it’s all about the pace in transition. They were so quick to get out from the back and once he gets himself settled with the keeper to beat he hammers it into the back of the net. Smashing goal Applause Applause, so the game has restarted and chelsea are the team with the lead. Applause, cody and the keeper can gather Applause, showing patience as well as persistence in the build up, fine goalkeeping to push that away and they’ll get ready for the throw in and the substitution will occur now, Applause in front well, here’s, the replay and i enjoy.

This passage of play, it’s, lovely, to watch, superb passing, and then the composer is impressive, as he smashes the ball with all he has to beat a forlorn goalkeeper brilliant strike. Applause well enjoy the good days as a coach. It could be a rollercoaster ride. I can tell you that Applause, no shortage of goals on this match three one Applause and intercepted it chelsea, enjoying the bulk of possession here and all of their team are enjoying this performance that’s. Why they’re, winning and that’s? Why they’re one of the best teams willie adama size with it? How about the cross? Oh it comes to nothing in the end, really should have made more of that on a real pace. Merchant and a classy finisher timo werner and it’s been a classy performance from him. Lee yeah he’s carved out plenty of shooting opportunities hasn’t. He testing the keeper on numerous occasions, great performance up to now i’m rewarded with a goal: giorginio timo verna it’s a cross towards the near post, attending to his defensive chores, georginio kovach. It opens up for hobbits and a goal if there were any remaining doubts that will settle the issue. Well, here’s the goal again and it’s a great ball to put him through and then threw on goal. Do you go for placement or do you go for power? Well, he certainly wasn’t messing around. Was he absolutely smashes it past? The keeper it’s, a really lovely finish goals and plentiful supply 4 1 currently, and the referee has deemed that an additional four minutes are an order.

Applause. We have entered the final minutes of normal time. Applause, nelson cemento deserves credit for winning the ball back, so the final whistle now it goes down as a victory for chelsea to the delight of their fans around the world. Lee, while being potent up front, gives you a great chance in any game, and there was certainly that today sharp clinical and exciting to watch for sure. Well, he is a player with the capacity to enthrall timo werner lee let’s get your assessment as regards his performance. In this game, well, he played well scored a goal.

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