Chelsea F.C., Premier League, Burnley F.C., Tottenham Hotspur F.C., Leicester City F.C., Liverpool F.C., Thomas Tuchel, Leeds United IFA 21 | Manchester United vs Southampton | Premier League 2020/21 | Match week 22 | Full Gameplay

My name is derek ray and joining me for commentary on this game is the former arsenal and england full back lee dixon and very much looking forward to bringing you action from the premier league. It is manchester united up against southampton yeah really looking forward to this. One derek excite me come on let’s see some entertainment. This is the team manchester united will go with david stands between the posts. Harry maguire plays alongside eric bailly in central defence, fred starks, alongside paul pogba in central midfield and operating up front today, edinson cavani, Music, good luck and here’s. How it looks for southampton, alex mccarthy, is the goalkeeper kyle walker peters plays with ryan bertrand in the fullback positions. James ward prows starts with oriole romeo in the center of midfield and so many different ways to configure an attack. In this case, it’ll be two men up front: enjoy the game an absorbing match in prospects. Manchester united get the ball rolling Applause by here’s, one bisaka, greenwood Applause running room galore for united Applause. Can he put them in front? Can they slot it home? A truly magnificent start, an early goal in the game, just what they were, hoping to produce Applause? Well, here’s the replay and it’s a decent move to evade the defender, but then there’s plenty to do from there he’s hitting so well lots of pace, lots of power and the keeper just can’t react in time great strike. Well, all the hard work has paid off, but the manager knows a lot more has to be done to secure this game underway.

Once more manchester united have hit the front Applause, ward, wardrobes Applause given away by manchester united unable to keep it in play goal. Kick Applause, Applause, shaw, fred, bruno fernandez. Has it struggling to keep the ball Applause? This might have potential marcus rashford in position Applause. They couldn’t maintain possession Applause, redmond Applause, not a great pass good physical play, mason greenwood, not a promising looking attack, but comes to nothing in the end now making high pressing work for them here. Maguire Applause now with bailly bruno finance, he’s likely asking himself. Why did i shoot from so far out? Well, he’s, not the only one i’m asking him and all his teammates are too Applause. Well, united, have been very much in control. Over the last 15 minutes, derek they’ve created a lot from midfield. Their forwards are having a field day. Coach will be really happy with the creativity, but he’d be even happier if he can extend their lead now very happy, indeed short promising. Looking ball rashford with possibilities still a chance and five against the crossbar. Oh he’s, given the ball away, well, they’ve jumped in front lee that’s the most important thing, your assessment so far, well it’s, all going well for united, just it’s tight control of the ball is key. When a game is like and he’s in, they can say a big thank you to the goalkeeper that was inspirational well that’s as good as a goal, at the other end, brilliant save from the keeper and overcomes the corner Applause.

It comes to nothing. In the end. Applause, if you’re wondering about stoppage time, one minute to be added on walcott, jay adams and a chance to whip it in here, quick thinking to dispossess his opponents, and that will do it for the first half here at the theater of dreams, the two teams have Switched around and are ready now for the second half Applause cavani, with a slide Applause could play it in veering in field here pogba and able to close down the shots, went in strongly decisively. Well, one thing we’d have to say about marcus rashford in that first half very difficult to subdue lee. What did you think of what you saw from him? Luna finance opportunity here? Oh, a tremendous block – walker, peters great pressure to win the ball back and it’s gone out of play. Goal kick coming up, Applause cavani did look on for them, but not to be Applause. Rashford unable to hold it Applause, not giving him a moment’s piece, no foul play, says the referee Applause half an hour remaining then, and a long way out. Applause, he’s done it! How about that for a pure strike? Terrific technique, wondrous well, let’s, have a look at again. He catches the keeper asleep back on his heels. He wasn’t expecting a shot from that distance, and neither was i so two nil. Now, Applause well united in control with their possession. If you have that much of the and he’s in, is it going to be and there it is three goals in front now an immense performance.

Well here it is again it’s all about the pace in transition. They were so quick to get out from the back and when he gets through to the keeper he just smashes it past him and gives him no chance to think a lovely finish. Is this going to be a thrashing three nil? Now not what he was intending bad pass. Well, doesn’t get away with it. Free kick given and he’s clear as lines it’s going to be united’s free, kick aaron juan bisaka bruno, while keeping hold of the ball is what it’s all about for them. Dangerous. Looking through ball and offside, just as he was ready to pounce inside the last quarter of an hour, redmond useful, looking position, you’ve got to say walcott he’s managed to get in behind oh crucial, tackle brilliant here’s, the change for manchester united Applause Music fred and he Read it superbly, Applause just been a thoroughly cogent and convincing performance in this matchley. Creating and scoring goals is the hardest thing to do in football. United have ticked all the boxes in that department. For me, lovely to watch and look. The players have got smiles on their faces. We like that Applause redmond. Well, he likes to run at them across lacking guile and accuracy, paul pogba onto van der beek cavani. They get the ball once more and the referee is going to add on four added minutes. Walcott, an important interception plenty of forward momentum here, but can they produce rashford a goal? How about that he’s? Put it away to make it a hat trick: Applause! Well, having scored two he’s gon na get the hat trick at some point.

You feel he’s just so. Full of confidence never looked like missing. Well, the girl, again, albeit from a different angle, oh to be a fly on the wall in that dressing room if it stays like this derek he’s, not happy just look at him, and that is the end of the game. It goes down as a united triumph they’ll be happy to have gathered three points late. Well, it must be a dream as a striker to play in this team.

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