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So today is january 25th and frank. Lampard has been sacked as head coach of chelsea football club and widely anticipated to take his job as thomas tuchel, ex dortmund and psg manager. In this video we’re, going to sim forward a little bit see how he gets on he’s, going to take over at a similar point with exactly the same league table and we’ll see how he gets on see who he signs see. What kind of tactic he uses will he guide chelsea to domestic success? Will he be able to perform on the european stage let’s find out Music hi guys and welcome back to the channel today, we’ve got something slightly different. We’Ve got an fm experiment today. Uh today is the 25th of january and frank manpod has been sacked this morning, and the expectation is that thomas tishell will take over the job uh. The german speaking manager has signed in this save for chelsea areas. Uh, just there frankie has been, has been sacked and is unemployed in the save and what we have done is taken the premier league table from the uh. Well, the current current primary table, everything included, wins, draws, losses, goal difference points everything should be factored correct from today. Um ignore the uh. The brighton relegation blip here tends to happen when you fiddle with the at the table uh in the database, but this is how it stands: uh, chelsea, obviously disappointingly, not in the european slots.

Right now, 19 games played 29 points taken um. They have got a positive goal: difference of 10 but obviously not getting the results that abramovic wants. Uh wants frank lampard to to achieve so uh yeah it’s it’s down to uh to shell, to see how he can do so. We’Re, going to sim forward a little bit, take a look around the club and see how to shell gets on in charge of chelsea okay. So what i’ve done now guys is i’ve simmed all the way to the end of the season to chelsea’s last game. I’Ve gone one day further, so let’s see how thomas tuchel, because i pronounced his name horribly wrong in the introduction, video sorry for a german native speaker and see how he got on in charge of chelsea uh. So let’s go england, let’s go to the premier league and they’ve. Come third they’ve got champions league football which, from like ninth, i think they were at the start is uh very impressive. Sheffield united legion, united and west brom have gone down interesting sheffield made a last. Ditch attempt to get up the table, we couldn’t quite do it on goal. Difference brighton, just surviving uh there. So many won the league by a point from man city chelsea in third beating liverpool to fourth to third place by a point as well spurs leicester, uh, get uh europa league football and arsenal get ec2 so yeah i mean a very, very impressive uh, impressive uh Improvement from chelsea, so let’s have a look a bit closer at some of uh the results um and see how he’s done so.

Media prediction was fourth, it actually came third which, after, like i said after a not so great start to the season um around the back end of january, when he took over uh, very impressive uh, so let’s have a look at their results, so he took over On the 25th, so straight in with the game against burnley in a 3 1 win, uh tuna, sorry one no one against leeds and so still trying to find his feet. I feel a little bit there uh one dragon sheffield united kind of confirms that um. Then a run of three wins against some tough sides. I mean palace 2 1. They can be quite a defensive side arsenal and spurs beating them arsenal in the fa cup, going through big dortmund in the champions league. First knockout round that’s very impressive uh, followed by a 2 1 win uh in the second leg, so 4 1 on aggregate it’s, pretty impressive, uh wins against west brom man, city draw gets fulham tend to struggle, maybe against some of the teams, which are struggling themselves. Generally um one of drawings, liverpool in the champions league quarter final first leg: liverpool did then beat them um, so they got their own back for uh for not being able to get third place from chelsea uh four one, and i could go there. Uh dipped out of the mat out to the fa cup, semi final to man, city and then obviously just the lead to concentrate on and uh only dropping six points in their remaining what’s that eight games that’s pretty pretty impressive.

So a strong finish to the season from thomas toucal uh. We have now got the uh. You know the summer transfer window pre season and into the next season. So what we’ll do we’ll sim forward and we’ll get to the january transfer window back end of that and see how he’s how he’s done in the following season? So here we are first of february. The january trance window has now finished and thomas tuchel has had another six months in charge of the club so uh. What we’ll do whatever it’ll look and see uh having a look and see how he’s doing how he’s doing um in charge of chelsea so let’s go into england let’s go premier league all right, the fifth, the fifth 25 games played so not as good um. When you compare it to their third place finish last season, obviously this is only halfway through the season. Still plenty of games to play. Um – and i mean to be honest – man city – absolutely storming it at the minute. One loss in 24 games uh when you compared to the rest of the even sort of likes of man united with three in liverpool, with five tottenham with four doing very, very well uh but we’ll do have a look closer at chelsea and see so he’s. Still in charge see a couple of people on there. I don’t recognize from the chelsea squad, so let’s go to transfer history and see who he’s brought in so first of all, rodri, obviously x, man, city, x, atletico, madrid, of course, as well.

They paid 81 million rising to 85 with potential, add ons as well that’s. Quite a big fee, uh leon bali. They spent 60 million on uh, marcus edwards for 23 and a half okay uh spurs. I thought it was spurs. He came from um in fairness to him great physicals, good, mentors, solid technicals as well so uh. I can’t blame them for that. They brought in uh goalkeeper alphonse ariela from psg using those uh those connections at his previous club uh, to bring him in for just 20 million pounds uh all in uh nicolas stark for 11.5 million and memphis to pie on a free, which is a good bit Of business, a couple of um: well just a couple of uh french connections, if you like um and then in terms of departures. Interestingly, using the link in a different way to sell hakim zayek and the cesar husband of greta to uh to psg for a total combined uh income about 92.5 million pounds uh, this sold kappa interesting. They sold kepper for 16 million, rising to 21 million. I would like to thought he could have turned things around for kappa, but obviously it’s a fresh start at dortmund for him, um emerson to brighton for 9 million that’s, quite a reasonable spend for for brighton uh, zappacosta, uh, moses, ramon, okay, also leaving for a few Million um loads of loans as well we’re, not chelsea, like we said the players are on loan.

They’Ve got ross, barkley bakayoko capoeira about schwein. This goes on all out on loan um ruben officers cheek on loan is interesting christensen as well, so uh yeah very, very interesting transfer business uh at the club, uh so yeah. What we’ll do is we’ll uh, i’ll say well, look at a few results. Shall we see um very sort of like any big results, four known against arsenal, three against fulham um, four nil against knox forest? Who must be now in the premier league um losses against everton man, city wonderland against burnley in the fa cup, so they’re? Out of that uh, yeah, okay, so a real mix of teams, no real sort of like trend there, those who get some of the best teams and some of the worst teams, um picking up a fair few points and obviously, like i say they are fifth in League at this point so we’ll send to the end of this season and see how they get on okay, so we’re back for season two right at the end, they’ve done the same thing again, so chelsea have played their final game and we’re one day on from That so let’s take a look and see where chelsea finished and how toucal has uh has taken chelsea in his second full. Second, well, second: first full season in charge. Basically so that’s uh let’s have a look so let’s go england. Let’S go premier league four, so he’s managed to in in the six months or, however, many months from january, taking them forward uh one more place higher to uh to gain them champions league football for season three uh interesting, it looks like the league has lost europa League place as number as six now only get europa league uh.

You have a conference league, so um that’s, interesting, but chelsea have snuck the final champions league place uh in the division. Man city won this year by two points. Um man knight had 10 points behind liverpool in second, so it was only really a two horse race towards the end. Let’S have a look at chelsea, though that’s. What we’re here for tuco is still in charge. The pie is the captain. Uh georginio havertz we’ve got a uh this guy here anton miggins. It looks pretty good, looks pretty good. Okay, so let’s have a look at how they’ve done let’s look at the, not the old, okay tactics. Let’S look at time. We haven’t looked at this yet so um four one, two three fairly straightforward: edwards and pooter switch on the wings to pie up front kante and kovach in central midfield, georginio in the house of holding midfielder role, alonso rudiger zuma, tiago silva and ariola it’s, a decent Squad it is a decent squad and it’s, certainly a squad that should be competing uh in the champions league, so let’s have a look at the results, so they lost in the third round of the fa cup this year to burnley. We think we saw that didn’t. We yeah we saw that so let’s go down bit of mixed form throughout january uh into february perfect, a perfect february for the looks of things and a good start to march before things started to go a bit wrong off the back of a 3 1 loss.

In the champions league first knockout round against real madrid um, they did beat them first time around, though so they lost three to an hour ago, but they still did lose. I think that kind of spiraled into a poor bit of form, with a win on the final day, uh against crystal palace, to pick up three points. But i wonder how that season would have ended if they’d have made a better use of uh of the end of march and april, but that’s where we’re up to that’s the uh that’s tuchel’s second season in in charge in his first full season. We’Re going to go ahead now and see him five years from uh to cole’s uh appointment, if you like and see how he gets on from there, okay, so we’ve simmed on to the end of the 2024 25 season and uh we’ll see how tuckles got on And chelsea, who has been brought in see where they finish in league positions and see what tactics being used as well see if they’re stuck with the uh, the four one, two three so let’s have a little look: let’s go into england. Let’S go premier league and try and find chelsea there. They are sixth place european football again for chelsea couldn’t keep up with that champions league qualification year, one year and they are in sixth place finishing a point behind bournemouth who also get european football. That is big for bournemouth uh burnley forest and west ham, relegated um anything else, that’s worth noteworthy.

Liverpool win the league by four points: uh united in second uh, quite a big gap between the champions league in the openly places with nine points separating them. So interesting. Uh final table to look at let’s have a look at the club, though, in a bit more depth, there’s a difference. There is still a german manager in charge of chelsea. However it’s not thomas two court, in this case it’s julian narglesman. So if we have a little look at their manager, history uh, he left on the first of january 2024 and was sacked after winning two cups. So what did he win? He won the 2023 fa community shield and he won the fa uh fa cup in 2023. As well so good a good year 2023, but uh, ultimately not enough to him to keep his position, he was sacked at uh a little over three years, so let’s uh and then now grossman obviously took over and he’s been charged for a year and a half. Now, okay, so that’s that’s, interesting let’s have a look at competitions: um, okay, so premier league winners, no no third in 2021, seems to be the best they’ve done in the premier league um let’s see look at landmarks, okay, so europa league runners up in 2025 that’s, Not bad at all for chelsea carabao cup win is in 2025 and now guzman’s management, uh 2024, europa league runners up seemed to be always always seemed to do really well in europa league, but never quite win it uh fa cup runners, uh runners up in 2024.

So couldn’t win it back to back years, but did come close um. Okay, interesting chat as a chairman left as well in the end of the first year, something we didn’t notice, originally uh, interesting. Okay, so let’s have a look at their transfer history and see. Uh see who they’ve brought in over the years so let’s go back to 20 22 23. uh, so the highest fee paid aircraft hakimi from inter fantastic little right back 83 million pounds andre on a goalkeeper for my axe for 43. it’s, already spent 126 million from Two players: uh nikola milinkovic, the center back from inter 31.5 million malcolm from zenith for 25 lots of big money deals. Even some of these are lesser known. Players are still chucking sort of 10 15 million pound around um. For these players, 235 million spent 165 million pounds uh made through the sales of kurt zuma tammy abraham andreas christensen, reuben loftus, cheek tim uh, timmy, bakayoko, uh, ross, barkley, rudiger yeah, quite a lot of players gone and to some big clubs as well uh. The likes of real madrid, psg and athletico madrid so let’s go on one more season. Obviously now we are uh. We are into nagelsmann uh territory towards the end of the season. Uh so let’s have a look biggest fee paid 94 million pounds for giovanna rayner, uh 80 million, almost for rob bobby femini who at this point must have been well into his 30s.

Maybe 31 32 um fabio silva 52 million uh edson alvarez from iax 50 million uh leonidas sturgeon uh center back from napoli 40 million tete from norwich ‘ million. Some big money spent 357 million – that is, that is huge money um. Even for the premier league that’s that’s massive money uh, they did sell kai habits to psg uh for 108 million. They also sold nick of the stock 40 million uh phd spending that big money again leon buy also departed after a couple of seasons at the club. For 40 million, as you can see, mason mountain leaves for 30 million uh malang tsar gilmore, ampadu uh or 10 million pounds or less uh, so again, it’s a lot of business, a lot of business uh and in the final season, just the one player in towson. Adam Music, tosin uh, who is, i believe, he’s man, city academy, center, back uh, obviously playing uh for fulham in real life, 44.5 million uh paid okay, i mean yeah fair enough uh in terms of sales. They actually made uh whatever double what they uh, what they spent uh marcus edwards, leaving for 32 million, as well as rodri, both to lazio for a similar fee, didn’t pop off to enter for 24 and then deals all under 10 million pounds for the likes of Uh eduard bendy and callum hudson odoi, so um yeah some some interesting transfers there quite a lot of outgoings and again as you’d, expect from chelsea.

Quite a few uh, quite a few loans. So let’s uh let’s have a look at their league positions. So 2021. Is there that was the third place that was their best finish and gradually they’ve sloped down so third? Fourth, fifth and sixth i’d love to say they made progress under too cool and i think they did immediately, but it doesn’t look to be uh all that fantastic thereafter. The squad they have built – i will, i will admit, is a very, very good squad. They have got how many players about 50 million 13 players in the squad, valued at 50 million pounds or more so in terms of the squad. They’Ve built very, very good squad, just maybe not quite achieving what they want to. Maybe if they determine a couple of those europa league runner up uh slots into into victories and winning the europa league, it might look slightly different, but no i mean good squad may be underachieving um, and this before we finish up, let’s have a quick look at What uh now osman is doing tactically four two three one nice solid sort of formation hakeem, i think of it – stirs you and james james, obviously playing predominantly right back for chelsea, but i believe he can also play left back. Uh you’ve got likes of cover, chitch and matson. Matson, i think, is a chelsea youth player. He’S got a chelsea shirt on um, so matson in midfield making it through to the first team, malcolm giovanni, rainer, pulisic and silva.

So a bit of an american kind of link up in attacking midfield and then silva leading that line, so all in all, like i say they built a fantastic squad. Obviously, you know um it wasn’t to be for for too cool in the long run they have got now got now goldsman um. Interestingly, though, they don’t seem to have the uh sort of the threat of german players going on uh, but hopefully he’ll go on to do good things with chelsea, but that is gon na be the end of the video today.

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