Chelsea F.C., Premier League, Tottenham Hotspur F.C., Leicester City F.C., Burnley F.C., Liverpool F.C., West Ham United F.C. 2020-2021 Tier List by Flair

This tier list will be based on a more casual viewer’s view on which teams are interesting to watch follow. You know which teams are interesting, not necessarily how good they are, or or so so let’s just get started with burnley to me, the only interesting part about burnley is their ability to defend and win games, 1 0 or just just holding out and recently they just Won against liverpool, and that was an interesting game, but overall it’s burnley has to go in boring for me even just their kid. Colors uh are a little similar to some other teams in this league and to me, burnley is a team which i don’t need to watch very often um next wolves. Last season, i found wolves to be very interesting and i i love the way they play and their counter attack style. Uh this this season they’ve been a little bit more less interesting, but they’re still very interesting and they can win against any team on their best day and uh, and i hope jimenez will be back soon from his head injury next west bromwich albion. To me this team is: there are no interesting qualities about this team. There’S, no players, i’m interested in there’s their play style, is void of anything interesting. I really don’t have much to say kits. Are boring nothing special next or boring, nothing special um! Next, we got brighton, i think brighton is one of those teams. Nothing special um has a few interesting players.

I love watching cross search to hit the bar four times a game. If he just is a little would be a little bit more accurate wow. All the difference, but i like their, i, like their logo. You know they got some nice kids. I like the colors on their kids and their football playing ability is just it’s just good enough to stick in the league for a long time. Next we have fulham. Fulham is one of those themes i want to do want them to do better. They have an interesting young team, but they end up being quite um i’m gon na put them in nothing special. I i they have some a couple upcoming players like like lookman um, which are interesting to watch and but a couple like a month ago that penalty he took oof. That was, it was dreadful. I don’t know it to me fulham. I wanted to be better, but they’re. Just nothing special southampton have shocked me time and time again. I always think they’re going to be a bottom tier team, but um they’re interesting they got some. I like how ward prize has played a just an amazing amount of games in a row and he’s always playing uh. I love his watching. His free kicks uh. I like watching danny, ings and and adams play up top and a lot of somehow they always manage to score a goal. Almost every single game and um yeah they’re gon na go into interesting for now, um chelsea um.

I, when someone asks me which team i support it’s, i usually say chelsea, but i i don’t really i’m, not really loyal to one team but i’ve always said chelsea for 10 10 years and they are. They are an interesting team. I think they offer something different to the league. Their team right now is stacked and they have an interesting manager in lampard who used to be a player. I remember the days back when lampard and the airdrop i used to play. That was, that was prime chelsea, but the club has a lot of history and um i’m gon na put them in this season. Hmm great or awesome, they’re great and the acquisition of werner is cool, and i like how much money they’re spending so i’m gon na put them in awesome, they’re an interesting team to follow leeds i’m going to put in great, i love their very iconic manager in Bielsa i love their uh will to attack no matter. What that opening gaming is liverpool. 4. 3 gosh they they. I think they in the first half the season. They really scared, so many teams and and their dynamic style of play and none of their players are really a listers, but together they have this incredible press in the attack. So i i think, they’re great this season. Uh, leicester, city, um they’re a bit of a wild card, always they they they they ever since they got uh up up from uh the championship.

They’Ve just been a wild card. They usually score a goal: every game. They have an interesting manager. They have some stars, like vardy um, to me, they’re i’m, going to put them in interesting it’s. Always you never really know how a game with lester is going to go just behind just ahead of southampton manchester city. Now this theme has flair. I love their kids. The light blue pep guardiola is iconic. Kevin de bruyne, i think, is the best player out there right now. Um passing play well. Last season was more, they were better, but this season still, you can never go wrong watching a manchester city game. Something interesting always happens. Some always good football to be played next, the manchester united club i uh – i used to not like manchester united at all, but uh, now uh, i’m norwegian and uh. They have uh laguna, solshar uh in as their manager and uh that’s made it very interesting and i’m rooting for them now to do well and they’re really interesting. I love the acquisition of hernandez and and how they have so many star players and they’re. Just quite entertaining to watch, i find myself rooting for them quite often. Next we have sheffield which unfortunately have to go and boring for me, uh above above above um, west bromwich last season. It was interesting how they could hold up and i loved watching ludstrom get up there and score goals, but this season uh it’s they’re, very boring they they won’t, they don’t score goals.

What can i say nothing to write home about and it’s just clean boring. Next we have newcastle, which i’m gon na put in okay for their history and um, just their ability to be the most average team ever um. What else can i say about newcastle? I don’t really have anything to say: they’re, just okay. Now we have liverpool, uh liverpool is uh. I’M gon na have to go into awesome, even though i find myself wanting them to lose because they’ve just won um, they have just a very unique team and salah and mane and firmino and and shaqiri minamino. I i just, i think, they’re a unique team they don’t have. They brought some players that weren’t stars and made them stars and jurgen klopp is is just like pepcordiola just uh watching them to clash. It out is just amazing, it’s, so iconic um, but yeah they’re going awesome. They go above um chelsea. Next we have crystal palace, which is just okay. I i’d uh put them just behind newcastle. I i like roy hodgson as a manager, and i like their um star players like zaha and townsend um and juan vasako was really good for them last year and then manchester united got a steal with that deal. But to me they just aren’t too exciting to watch sometimes they’ll have their good games, but i much rather watch a wolves game or elites game than crystal palace. Next, we have everton, which have been great this season: i’d love to watch everton with their new manager and ancelotti, and james and calvert lewin’s been great this year with charleston they they’re a very exciting team, they’re, very close to being top tier um.

They’Re they’ve just been just exciting, as leads they attack in an interesting manner. I’Ve always been a fan of hummus ever since the 2014 uh world cup and they’ve slowed down a little bit, but they’re really a top contender for me for just most uh wild card team of the season. Next, we have aston villa which i found very boring to watch last season, but this season they’re very they’re at the top of interesting. For me, they just they just shocked me with how um consistent they can be and beating liverpool. 7 1 was one of the most entertaining games. I’Ve ever seen. I love greelish’s, uh creativity. I love uh. How watkins always goes offside just by a centimeter and doesn’t get the goal um, and what can i say the lot. The only thing holding the bag is their kits, not very interesting, so many brown kids this season. Next, we have spurs which have mourinho now and i find them really really good, really interesting to watch. I love the dynamic of kane and and sun and now bale, and they just feel very clean to me. I like watching them play and i think they offer something different from the other top clubs uh. Now we get to arsenal which are just behind leads for me. I um, i almost want to put them behind aston villa, but i won’t they’re they’re uh they’re. They have to drop down interesting i’m gon na put aston villa in great um arsenal last season.

They were more interesting in the very beginning of the season. They had some interesting games, but i don’t really, i think arsenal buys players and that makes them boring and just the whole. It was the situation and they just to me this season, they’re they’re, just a dumpster of fire, nothing interesting. I, however, love the theme of the canon ears, though i mean the gunners and their emblem and and their history, but this season they’re just going to be interesting. Um, however, they’re going to get other guard from alone and i’m, a norwegian i’m and that could definitely take them up to awesome, we’ll see if he gets to play and finally, we have west ham, which i’m going to put in just behind arsenal. I think they’ve also shocked me this season, it’s a shame that antonio’s been injured so much because he’s, one of my favorite players in the league um but they’ve, shocked me and they and they’re actually proving to be quite an interesting team to watch both defensively and Offensively they have some players that i’ve really invested into this season, like bowen and sojek they’re, just an all around good team, similar to wolves only a little bit more capable this season um, but that about wraps up my tier list remember. This was just a casual point of view. Don’T get offended if your club got low down here, um it could change next season, and let me know what you your: what your top five most interesting clubs are and then let me know what you think is the most boring club as well subscribe for.

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