Chelsea F.C., Premier League, Tottenham Hotspur F.C., Leicester City F.C., Burnley F.C., Liverpool F.C., West Ham United F.C. Mann Utd vs LiverpooI 3−2 – All Gоals & Extеndеd Hіghlіghts – 2021

By going into this tie as leaders of the premier league six points ahead of the defending champions liverpool at the halfway mark, well stuart robson’s. Alongside me, picking out the potentially key members of this united 11 stuart well, donny van der beek he’s had a frustrating start to his match united career after his move from ix where he was one of the best players midfield players in europe. But this is a chance for him to show his creative quality in his favoured role behind a central, striker and paul pogba. Who was shown in the last couple of matches what a brilliant all round midfielder he can be scoring winning goals, passing expansively and defending with determination. Can he now show that consistency well? United, are 12 times winners of the fa cup 20 finals. Second, in both respects only to arsenal losing semi finalists last season at top of the premier league they’ve only lost four domestic matches this season, but then clock needs to rekindle the optimism in his camp united one at fulham in midweek to become the first club this Season to reach 40 points in the league, Applause i’ll give you the team news shortly, but a little bit of shuffling of the pack for oligarchy, but he’s got plenty of capable players to come in they’re buying. They want to play with the team going from strength to strength, but what we do have the two stellar names of the english game: the two most decorated football clubs going head to head here, his fitness, his form back.

There was another example of alexander arnold trying to be too with shaw’s. Cross williams might have got the final touchdown sure i’ll get away from thiago to mcguire Applause, rashford, coming into the middle of under baits there for a cut back green we’re, going all the way to use there’s a ball across the face of the goal. Again. Good challenge by thiago, not so good, says the referee thought he’d press successfully then and over the gilder took it well, it wasn’t an easy ball to take just got away from paying off and here’s rashford Applause and wins the home team. A corner taken by shaw. Actually, it was pogba who salah played in and mo salah gives liverpool the lead at old trafford with 18 minutes gone. Suddenly there was incision from jurgen klopp’s team and some of the disappointments of recent times for the moment, put to one side: it’s, a big goal for them and salah that’s, a real weakness and it’s manchester united neal liverpool, one well that’s, where mo sellers milner Applause. Again, trying to pass in the right weight of Applause just outside the game here at old trafford, and this time he tries to score at old, trafford it’s, a big gesture of faith that initial selection over the header, Applause, Music, possession and it’s a fantastic ball from Rashford and the equalizer slotted in by mason greenwood, well that’s. What manchester united do they hit you on the break and rashford set it up and greenwood did the rest and it’s 1 1 in the cup time.

What a pass this is from marcus rashford. Just about gets it over the recovering defense, isn’t, easy and he’s going to get in here, donnie van der beek Applause, somebody who maybe in a few weeks, not going to play at all and be the burden on the squad for west ham. Five years ago, manchester united now go in front of by williams, trying to hold a high line here, rashford sprint after that to sure he did well sure again same methodology and liverpool aren’t defending it very well, mctominay milner for robertson, liverpool round the back here. Oh it’s over for me now he was so deft at getting into those positions. Just then comes to an end. What spectacular goals looking for cavani in the middle comes out to mctominay plenty to aim at, but also a lot of bodies between rashford was as wrong as the past that made the goal was wrong. Applause henderson that’s under arnold, not easy for lindelof, can set up. Pogba goes for goal that’s his kind of distance. The free kick right run is made by the front players or midfield players. There is a threat in behind both ends of the field, so it should make for a good second half, but it was level at anfield. A week ago, it’s level here at halftime in the fa cup at old, trafford, welcome back and since then remember to have won it 12 times. 25 Applause i’m – just getting a little bit too tight Music Applause and was punished for that and manchester united are in here in the shape of marcus rashford he doesn’t miss.

Maurice williams makes the mistake: rashford pounces and manchester united, who were one nil down, have turned another game around here: Applause there’s, another ball in behind liverpool, that’s cause problems, he’s brushed right, he’s not done yet and tomino milner lets it run. Salla’S there and salad doesn’t miss two for mo salah two for liverpool, 2 2 in the game and it’s living up very much to the expectation here between the two most decorated football clubs in england. Bruno fernandez takes it scores it and does the magic again Applause.

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