Chelsea F.C., Premier League, Tottenham Hotspur F.C., Leicester City F.C., Burnley F.C., Liverpool F.C., West Ham United F.C. OUR GAMEWEEK 20 PREMIER LEAGUE PREDICTIONS – LAMPARD SACKED

Finally, back to the normal 10 aren’t we we are, and last week we had mark goldbridge on what a legend he was, but he only got eight points. You got 10 points and i smashed 15 points. You absolutely haven’t that week and you’re way out ahead. I don’t even want to know the overall well i’m gon na tell you anyway, theo 101 to the guest one, two one for thogden and one three two moving on okay, i beat goldbridge that’s a dub for me. What is the first game dad? No! No! No! No theo, the light target today is 12. 000. 12. 000.. This is just ridiculous. Well, last week it was 23 000 and we got a really good insane. Can we get half of that today? Let’S smash it what’s the first game week and the first game is a london derby, it’s crystal palace against west ham, 13th against seventh. Now crystal palace were mauled weren’t they last week from man, city theo, but what about west ham? They won two games in the last game week and that man, antonio, is keeping a lot of fpl managers happy isn’t. He there we made us happy double game week goal in both games. West ham are an unbelievable recent form, but the last time these two teams played it ended a draw. Will we see ender draw again, though? Well i fancy west ham for this. One they’ve been too good. Recently i’m going crystal palace, one west ham.

Two palace certainly need the points, though dad one win in nine games. If you compare that to west ham, they’ve only had one loss in the last 10 games on form. West ham win this, but when these two teams play, i just see a draw. If i could predict an ill nil and be that boring, i would but i’m gon na go for a one or palace made a new signing called matetta from mainz. He scored 10 goals a season in 17 games in the bundesliga we’re going to see what effect he has on the club, but also west ham are also trying to sign it forward. They’Re trying to get that elmer siri guy from sevilla, so we’ll see if that goes through this window, both doing business but now it’s time to move on to our special guest and this time around. We know the usual trends don’t. We then absolutely – and this guy you’re gon na recognize him for sure aren’t you theo from certain songs. The shanty songwriter is Music hi, guys it’s kevin rooney here from the meme for lads and jeans. Now i’ve had the privilege to do this. Week’S premier league score predictions from thug, then and fog dad who are absolutely ledges by the way who are followed on youtube for a long time. So i love that content palace, west ham, palace 30 started well. West dam 7th, this game i’m going to go west ham, one nil and now for newcastle united in 15th against leeds united in 12th, and these are two teams who lost last week and newcastle what’s going on one point in six games: atheo nothing’s going right really Um ownership problems managerial problems: all the players were affected, really bad by kovid.

It’S come to a point where there’s, only one solution get rid of the owner. No, no that’s, not the solution bring in fog bear fog. Fat till the end of the season is the only teddy that’s gon na save newcastle. Well i’ll tell you what there’s a lot of newcastle fans who prefer that teddy bear to steve bruce, and i feel a bit sorry for him because of mike ashley that’s. The problem for me well thought that listen to me, you know 95 percent of newcastle fans want bruce out, but why do you want him to stay? Well, no, it’s! Not really that. I just feel very sorry for him and i wonder who’s actually gon na come to newcastle united at the moment, with ashley, as the manager apart from fog bear always looking for a contract. Rafa benitez has just thrown his contract out the winner for the chinese club right, so maybe he could come back celtic a link with him. Yes, well, i think, if i was him, i’d prefer to go to celtic seriously yeah the prem, i guess it’s the whole mike ashley thing either way, we’ve got a game to predict newcastle versus leeds they’ve already faced. This season leads one five two does that make you think these will win it again. Well leads are a funny one. They’Re 11 points off a champions league place and 11 points off the relegation side, so it’s bang in the middle isn’t it theo.

But you know what newcastle are bloody terrible right now they are and i’m going. Newcastle nil leads one completely agree. I went for the exact same prediction, but it’s time for a bit of k, rooney kevin where you going for me. Newcastle leads that’s a that’s. A hard fixture leads have been funny this season, they lost. I know the fa cup out to crawley. They lost the last two premier league games, they’re, newcastle steve bruce under pressure i’m gon na go draw and i’m gon na go 2. 2 and now for a real middle of the table, clash a theo southampton in 10th against arsenal in 11th. He said i’m tonight, middletown they’re, going for europe; nate, hey mate. Now these two are awesome really now these two teams played on saturday in the fa cup and southampton came out one nil winners. They did but arsenal recently have been superb in the league aren’t they there they have, and the thing is with southampton right. They just beat them in the cup this fixture, it’s, weird right, oh yeah, space of days, they’re playing the exact same fixture. How do you think it’s all going to differ from the fa cup to the premier league? Well, i like the look of a bama yang against newcastle, but there again anyone against newcastle is going to look good. He got two goals and i’m just going to sit on the fence. Here i think southampton are looking good shower arsenal one all.

I actually completely agree. I’Ve also gone for a one on one draw and i think the big difference between the fa cup game and this one is arsenal will go full strength and the likes of saka smith. Rowe aubameyang they’ll be ready to go looking forward to this game and i cannot see arteta losing a double over the same until the space of the day. This is not gon na happen. It’S gon na be a woman jaw or arsenal will win. Also, the odergard news for arsenal fans and players will be a big boost, so i’m sure they’re gon na do well but it’s time for a bit of rooney. What are you going for son all right, southampton arsenal southampton loads of rumors about danny ings going to tottenham? Is he going to leave? Is he going to go man city they’re, 10th in the league, now arsenal 11th literally two points in it. Two points in both teams, so this one i think arsenal are gon na nick it i’m gon na go one near arsenal and now for west bromwich albion in 19th against manchester city. In second now, west brom got a good win away at wolves. Will that give them enough confidence to beat manchester city theo? All i can say is two words big sam, no you’re, not gon na go for a shock prediction here: there, west brom, nil man, city, three, sorry all right! Well, maybe, but no all right.

That was very eloquent about manchester city. They’Ve won the last five games. They look immense, but kevin de bruyne is injured. That’S the could this be a shock? Could it be a nil, nil thing but i’ve already, given my prediction so well, do i think it could be a nil nil? Probably not because man city had the best squad deck. Okay de bruyne has gone, but they’ve got phone in to play that yeah they’re they’re they’re they’re they’re, they’re, they’re, they’re, they’re, they’re, they’re, they’re, they’re, they’re they’re. There you’ve got bananas or fahrenheit sterling, all the lads, they’re all ready to go. Surely city you’re, just gon na find some other lights and god smash this yeah. Now i think phil foden has been absolutely immense recently and i hope he’s not dropped west brom. Maybe man city two – it is pep roulette, but then there’s pep roulette. When de bruyne is out, i mean, surely they can’t drop, folding, listen i’m going three nil city and the real reason is west brom’s home form isn’t exactly the fortress, their last four home games. They’Ve conceded four five, three and five lost them all i’m, not surprised after saying that, but it’s not great, is it it’s not now over to a man? Who’S got to be on love island very, very soon. This game, west bromwich, albion, vs man city. I think that’s gon na be pretty straightforward. I’M gon na go man city forward ill burnley of lancashire now against aston villa 16th against dave, but burnley they’ve, just smashed it in the fa cup, they’ve just beaten liverpool.

Can they win against here? No, you don’t trust. Thank you. Can i go now, can i go now? Yeah you might as well. Yeah i’ll bring it up. I’Ll bring i’ll bring fogberry might as well i’m doing ireland harland interviews now no yeah. Let me go now no seriously coming into this game. I don’t think burnley will beat villa because villa the bubble hasn’t burst just yet goldbridge. I think it’s. Well, then, one all quite frankly, burnley stopped the unbeaten run at liverpool, as we know great result for them, but i think villa will sneak a point here. I’M. Going for a one one, draw yeah massive respect to these two clubs and those two managers yeah one all they’re, both doing well recently. Yes, i think greenish will score two, but one man that won’t be happy with grealish and certainly isn’t when he plays against them. The birmingham city fan k, kevin rooney let’s go over to him next. One burnley villa should really be saying bit of really swear word in this house: yeah burnley 15th in the league. You know they’re they’re, okay, they’re, pretty solid, but yeah and villa eight obviously got a good result against newcastle. I think bernie are going to nick it i’m going to go one nil and now for chelsea in ninth against wolverhampton wanderers in 14th. Now these are two teams in shocking league form, but chelsea have just won in the fa cup what’s going to happen here thea.

I reckon you know the fact that kante stood out for chelsea means the poor results can still happen. Let’S be honest. They lost to leicester and they missed kante. They miss him in the midfield. They need someone like that back because he does the job of two players basically, and he did the same in that leicester city season when he’s, not in the team he’s, the one man, you know you’re missing, you know what i mean yeah, but chelsea and the Cup i mean tammy abrams, just banged in a hat trick. Today they did. It was luton town, but even werner still didn’t score and he missed his pen. Oh my goodness, it’s not great. I mean what does he do if you can’t score pens versus lewintown, and you may tell me abraham’s scoring hat tricks just bit. I feel bad for him at this point and i think a lot of people do but wolverhampton wanderers two points in five games yeah, but they’ve just signed a striker there yeah. Well, i tell you what the striker they’ve signed, willian, jose yeah it’s decent. I i don’t know if you guys are gon na sign him on fantasy premier league wait, wait they just signed. Will i am from arsenal? No william, jose you mug, oh okay, so they did also tweet saying welcome, william, because everyone thought oh, no they’ve signed arsenal’s. Guy well, actually sometimes we’re happy about that and they announced it, but coming into this game, william, jose he’s, definitely gon na play they’re not going to risk on it they’re going to get him straight in the team.

I have no idea how he’s going to play. Yeah, i don’t know anything about him, but we’ll find out in this chelsea game i’m simply going to go with a low scoring chelsea one nil win. I think i’ll hold it out. I think that luton town will give them a boost that game tammy abraham to score, of course burner to be dropped. Who knows, but if william jose goes out and smashes it i’m signing on fpl? What do you think well, i’m shocked because we’re just agreeing on everything again one nil to chelsea, but over to you kevin? What do you reckon mate? Chelsea, wolves, yeah, you like chelsea knight lampard under pressure wars, 14th, um! No rowell wolves are a little it’s like they’re sliding down walls but lampard under pressure. Chelsea i’m gon na go chelsea, win i’m gon na go chelsea, two nil and now for 17th against 18th brighton and hope, albion against fulham the battle of the posh teams. Sorry josh now a brighton win could see them rise, two places, but will they get it there that it’s a relegation scrap this one it’s a six pointer and right now there’s a five point cap between the two. But if you look at both their last five games, both of them there’s only one win. If you look at brighton – and that was their last game right – it was a one nil win over leeds, which is a great result, but fulham three losses on the trot.

Is it starting to go wrong there? It is, and they’ve only won two all season and for that reason, josh you’re gon na win it one nil, well done brighton, no way! Yes, dad. Both these teams are the draw specialists, you’re letting me catch up to you by allowing me to predict for a one on one draw just remember. I said this it’s, the easiest one one draw you will ever cash in on somebody clip this clip it all day. Mate thanks for the points, i’ll shake your hand actually covered no, but go over to k. Rooney let’s see where he goes for obviously a 1 1 right brighton, fuller. How can you call that i’m going to go draw and i’m going to go? Neil nill no goals and now over to liverpool for everton in sixth against leicester city in third now these are quite simply two of the four teams of the division: aren’t. They theo everton, four wins in five games, amazing and so in leicester, they’re 105, and they the last game week. They won two: they didn’t concede and harvey barnes madison, vardy they’re, all brilliant aren’t. They well vardy. The last two games. Didn’T do much but madison ran the show yeah. Oh my barnes did well, but i kind of got lucky in fpl and scoffed assist for that second game with i know you did, but did you see the madison interview? How good was that madison? You could just tell he spoke to him like he spoke to his late.

He knew the interviewer well, so you could tell he was just really down to earth. If you missed that madison interview after the game go watch, it just search it’s very easy to find, but coming into this everton leicester game, the everton team they’ve not had too many games. Recently they’re rested up yeah, but leicester are playing lots of games but they’re winning them. Yes, so do you pick the team playing with confidence who are winning and playing a lot of games? Or do you pick the everton team that are playing less games, but when they play they win? I just can’t tell so i’m just going to go for an everton leicester, 1 1 draw. I think they’ll both take that they, you know there’s a six point gap between them, but everton have two games in hand i’m, going one and i’m just gon na sit on the fence as well one all. When are we gon na disagree, no it’s shocking, but from one meme to another. What do you reckon kevin everton leicester at everton at goodison park, tough to call again everton six leicester on fire. Third in the league matters on fire, then everton. What a squad they’ve got this season, they’re unbelievable, obviously add in rodriguez in the squad. Uh kevin lewins on fire, tough game. But you know i’m gon na go draw i’m gon na go 1 1 and back up north manchester, united top against sheffield united bottom and we’ve.

Just seen, man united beat liverpool in the fa cup. That was brilliant wasn’t. It theater. Sometimes you just shift out of action and you look like a right, mug. Well, i’m, from up north aren’t, i yeah, when you put it on you, sound like a mug right, pogba’s been good recently hasn’t. He he has been good and we just watched united beat liverpool 3 2 in the cup bruno fernandez he’s just a bit good in it. He is very special but sheffield united. They beat newcastle. So surely they can win at old, trafford theater. Oh yeah walk in the park. Mate that’s gon na win three points. There we go man united, three chef of nine nil, let’s, be real here. Dad let’s not say this come on. Man united, are in a title race. They need the win here. This is the arguably i’m not trying to be rude to the blades fans, but this isn’t, you win this fixture right yeah, but there you can’t mess this one up. If i was to say man, united, nil, sheffield, united one, how would you react? I call you a mug a muppet and a mug yeah you’d be right. Two nil money. Tonight, you’ve got two. No yes, we’ve gone for something different after watching the red devils. Today we were back on form cavani putting in a yeah yeah. I actually reckon maybe dropping marcy out adding in a little bit of greenwood or something he’s on better form that’s.

What i’m thinking i don’t know i like cavani and also rashford, looks so good today. Yes, so yeah man united, are just unstoppable and defensively. They look good too so there’s literally. No, no doubt in my mind they won’t win this game. So yeah i’m gon na go three nil. Let’S go to k, rooney man, united, sheffield united league leaders versus the bottom of the league, uh one win for chris wilder. I feel like united ollie’s got something going now cavani’s starting to play well, pogba is playing at his skin at a minute. Last few games, um i’m gon na go united with him and i’m gon na go quite convincingly: i’m gon na i’m gon na go 2, 0, 2, 0, united and finally tottenham hotspur in fifth against liverpool in fourth now yeah. That was a scout accident now but, like i might just walk out, because these accidents are just slowly slowly creeping into me. Just actually saving lockdown isn’t it yeah you’re saving lockdown. I know you’re saving lockdown come on. Thank you now, liverpool not scored in the last four premier league games, but he banged a couple against man united, but spurs looking good at the moment. Can they be the misery compiler in this game theater? Well, i tell you that the last seven games guess how many liverpool wins. They’Ve had one one, and that was when salamander and feminists started against villas under 16s, so it’s not exactly the biggest dub of all so liverpool.

Recently just haven’t been great. We know that today we saw many united win. Jurgen klopp has been fuming and coming to this spurs are on good reason. Yes, harry kane and jim and son are back getting results too aren’t. They. They certainly aren’t undone belayers, looking yeah as well i’m going straight to it, spurs one liverpool: nil, no you’re going for a spy’s win. Yeah you’re wait: yeah yeah you’re, telling me i’m, not sitting on the fence; okay, you’re, not sitting on the fence; you’re! Not! No! Is this something? Let me just there’s nothing in there, what no you always sell the fence, though you always go for a one on one draw. I think the day has come. This is unbelievable. It seems less waffle, what’s gon na happen. I honestly reckon you know. Matip’S been rested in the game today in the in the cup game, so it could be ready and fit to play centre back, so they don’t have that centre back problem for this game. Liverpool will take this so bloody seriously. They really want to get a result. So for once, it’s gon na be meeting on the fence spurs one liverpool, one um, no forget that’s boring, spurs two little one i’m going for a spurs win as well, and it’s gon na be different to you because i’m, not a mug as much as i Think klopp will turn it around. I think spurs will get the winner.

You just look at the form it’s at new york lane and i reckon kane master class wow now over to the lad on the left of that photo. Last game: tottenham liverpool, whoo top down. Fifth, liverpool, fourth, fifth through fourth i’m, hoping that there’s goals i’m gon na go liverpool win. I think liverpool, you know them winning how long they do a win. Um it’s got ta come eventually hasn’t. It and tottenham. You know taught them they go won the lord. They sit back i’m gon na go top number one liverpool, two, that is it guys, we’ve been through all 10 games of gameweek 20.. Let us know in the comments. What do you reckon for spurs liverpool, that’s? Obviously the big one but there’s also some massive games. I’M, looking forward to actually watching some premier league football i’m, looking forward to a kip, because we’ve been up for about 24 hours, we’ve waited all these hours just to see you get knocked out by pourier in around two, we paid 20 quid box office for you To do that for me, to put, i bet on you to win round one for you to go and do that you’re, letting the bookies cash in connor just send us a bottle of your fine, whiskey and we’ll all be all right. Thank you to everybody for watching this video please like and subscribe we’re trying to get eventually up to half a million subscribers. I don’t know ask two mugs again there, but if you subscribed right now made that red button go gray, it would be massively appreciated.

What did you go for something stupid, like 12, 12 000 let’s smash it for the tbr, we won’t even get it, but i appreciate it right. Thank you for kevin rooney coming on the channel election. How can we get one of the meme guys then and that you have given me a tough tough week of predictions? I don’t think it could have been any tougher thanks guys. You are both absolutely ledges cheers the meme guys, i know, and they are real sports watch, the interview with them. They’Re loving them by the way did it instagram live with vodka as well on there go watch it it’s on the channels on igtv. On my on the fault in page, go follow that now follow backsprings tonight, that’s enough waffle see you all enjoy the prem and oh yeah.

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