Las Vegas Raiders, Nelson Agholor, Miami Dolphins, Jon Gruden : Nelson Agholor RIPS Team In Locker Room? + Re-sign Agholor In NFL Free Agency 2021?

The raiders report on today’s show we’re going to talk about the crazy drama going on around nelson aguilar and, if you actually told people that they suck after the dolphins game i’m gon na tell you how much money i would pay him per year. If the raiders do decide to bring him back and some interesting quotes from the raiders captain john gruden mike mayak, because i am a believer where there is smoke, there is fire and there might be some truth around what aglor actually said. So if you guys always find yourself in the off season, looking for the latest raiders news and rumors, we got you covered. If you want videos on free agent targets trades, if you want stuff going on literally around anything, raiders related hit that big red button. That says subscribe, and you see this link below i’m gon na put it in the comments it’s. Also in the description, don’t miss anything let’s get to 100 000 subs. I would really appreciate it so here’s the story that’s literally just about everywhere on twitter ig. I mean you can’t, look anywhere raiders and not see this so apparently there’s a report out right now that nelson aglor told teammates that they sucked after the dolphins loss. If you don’t, remember the dolphins loss. I wish i had your bad of a memory because it was definitely one that i wish. I could forget 19 seconds left the raiders go down the football field, they score a touchdown and everyone’s like they got.

This miami’s got no timeouts remaining and then i don’t know what damon arnett was doing. I don’t know what the play call was in terms of coverage: blown call, arden key, tries to rip fricken ryan fitzpatrick’s face off face, mask they kick a field goal, they lose the game. So literally then what happens? Apparently nelson aguilera flipped the f out. So this is according to victor iv and an article he wrote yesterday, agalor according to lowe’s in the locker room said his teammates were selfish and didn’t work hard enough and that they had quit against the dolphins as well. In previous two losses, that’s the first part of this here’s, the second part he said there was no accountability in the locker room and on winning teams, players play for one another and the coaches. The raiders performance over the previous six games was unacceptable and too many people within the team were just flat out accepting it it’s. A very interesting quote. I will say this. I am a big believer that a lot of people are starting to stretch the truth on what exactly uh nelson aglor said, and maybe what exactly victor iv was implying, but bottom line is anytime. We find a story like this we’re going to cover it. The other interesting part is the thing i love about. Social media is guess what players they can chime in here too. So this is on instagram. First off, if you think jpa football is noteworthy or whatever these guys are hot garbage, but, as you can read, nelson agler reportedly told his teammates they sucked and that no one is held accountable following their week 16 loss to the dolphins per vic to four and As you can see, daryl worley commented that’s a lie which got at that time: 612 likes and then rico gafford wide receiver of the raiders commented.

The laughing face. Also rico was commenting to some other person brazilian23 to get a free shout out on the raiders report. Congrats he was replying to him, saying it’s funny that they think nelly of all people said this and uh believe what y’all want, though, so obviously raiders players are saying that it didn’t happen. I talked to another raiders player in their dms and said yeah. It didn’t happen either. However, i do believe victor iv, i believe victor for sources i’m, not saying that he’s 100 right, but i also know that, where again there is smoke, there is some fire and we have some other interesting quotes of. Why you know what i think this whole thing might actually be true, so we got a special deal going on today’s show presented by bet us. If you want to get the hook up, you got to go to raiders. If you don’t go to raiders, i don’t get credit. It doesn’t help me out i’m. Just being honest with you all, it does help me out: okay, that’s, how i pay for the show it’s, how i turn the lights on here. So you got ta go to raiders. The other reason why you have to use that link, because if you don’t you’re not gon na get a free jersey, i’m. Sorry it’s just the way things work around here, so you got ta deposit all right. At least a hundred dollars, you’re gon na get 125 dollars for free to bet with, but if you don’t deposit make that first deposit, i can’t get you this free jersey.

So this jersey is from the chat sports team it’s from me and it’s. Just out of the kindness of our heart, we want you to go out, put some money down in the super bowl. If you want to bet on other things, like i don’t know the conor, mcgregor fights or i’m trying to think of some other things going on in sports right now, basketball hockey, whatever you want to bet on you – can do it at bet us so go to Chatsports.Com raiders promo code, raiders125 again it gets you 125 deposit bonus. If anybody has any questions, you can always hit me up on instagram i’m at mitchellrent365 or email me, raiders, but again who doesn’t want a free jersey? We got you all right, let’s get into some of this. Now is nelson agler going to end up coming back to the las vegas raiders, because obviously there’s been multiple reports out there that he’s going to test free agency as he should and the fact that he kind of wants you know to get paid. I don’t really blame him coming off a career year with the las vegas raiders victor iv has also come out and said that he actually doesn’t really think that agalor liked being a raider because of all the issues that we just previously talked about. The issue is this: like there’s, a lot of other very talented players, especially at the wide receiver position and wide receiver is still in need because i’m sorry, henry ruggs, still isn’t quite ready to be that number one wide receiver yet.

So what do you do here with agalore, because you’re gon na have to pay him? Obviously right and we’re gon na get into how much money i think that’s gon na end up costing? But if right now, you’re like mitch, i don’t care what it costs go ahead and do it should the raiders resign nelson aguilar type r for resign or go down in the comments section and type w for let him walk. So the report that i’ve most recently seen that i took credit for basically to talk about is nelly – wants 11 million dollars a year. Why is that the number being thrown out there, because originally there was a fake news report that nellie was only gon na get basically seven years over or no seven million over two years, so 15 million dollars? Victor four said that that was false. He said that he wants tyrell williams type of money, okay, fair enough. The reason why he wants that type of money is because again he is coming off a career year. My only issue is this: do you go out and pay agalor who, by the way i get it had a great season that type of money, so we had 47 catches in 2020 career high 8′ yards. Eight touchdowns was a great field. Stretcher 17.9 i’ve set up multiple times before, probably could have had 10 touchdowns pride could have a thousand yards if he would have dropped a few and if there would have been a few bad penalties, but in 2019 on the eagles.

I get that this is a much different, offense it’s a much different type of fit. I it just it’s really hard for me to really sit here and confidently say that, yes, you pay nelson aglor 11 million dollars a year. I get it he’s. Still a young player a former first round pick, and i know a lot of raider fans – are big time, usc fans, so they remember watching agalor back in the you know back in 2015.. So what is aglor worth per year? Go down in the comments. Let me know: i’ve said multiple multiple times on my instagram, what i think he’s worth i’ve said it multiple times on twitter. What i don’t like is people not going to say his name on twitter, saying no matter what nelson aguilar wants. You pay him. You give him a blank check, that’s, just not smart, intelligent thinking. You shouldn’t do that. So when i think about what i would pay aglor i’m around, that seven million dollars a year range, i don’t think i would go over it and if they want to give them like eight million for two years, i’d be more likely. If you want to get around that 11 million dollar per range, it’s got to be a one year deal nothing over that now. If you guys ever want to talk more raiders with me seriously hit me up on instagram at mitchellrent365.. I remember when i saw this first report come out.

I had a few people dm me hey. What do you think? What do you think i wanted to be able to fully give my or get my thoughts together be able to make a video here at chat sports? So if you want to be able to talk more raiders, if you want to see my live, ig shows hit me up at mitchellrens365. So let’s go back to some of these issues here right because i understand that whirly enrico gafford said no that’s, not true, but i am a believer that we got ta. Also look at the tea leaves here here are some other raiders 2020 issues right. These are the more notable ones that i found alec ingle. He talked about how players were inconsistent not only at practice but off the field. Derek carr said that the team lacked energy, i’ll use the word juice near the end of the playoff run. If you’re a team, that’s lacking energy and you can’t get a spot inspired to go to practice and put in good work near a playoff, run, that’s questionable, raglor, reportedly flipped out and then you’re looking at two straight years of the team, looking like a playoff team, Basically competing with the kansas city chiefs and then absolutely falling apart, and i don’t really know what it has to happen. What i do know is this: i do think that the raiders need better leadership. I am a fan of derek carr.

I do think that he is the captain of this team for a reason. However, leadership starts not only with just the players it starts with the owner. It starts with you mark davis at the top. It starts with jon gruden. It starts with mike mayok, but remember on hard, knocks the whole knock on wood. If you’re with me, remember that whole thing where jon gruden is trying to get these players to buy into something when i see the quotes around nelson aglor, apparently flipping out, because the other reason why he flipped out, because apparently mayok and gruden didn’t say anything after The game like people were just okay losing to the dolphins that’s. Why he flipped out, if you’re, a coach, that’s sitting here, saying, hey jump on with me: we’re gon na create a culture change. We’Re gon na do this, but nobody else in the locker room believes you that’s really hard for a player to come in and buy into your system, so that’s all i’m saying i want the actual knock on wood. I want a culture change. I don’t know if the raiders are getting one right now, so if you guys want to join me for my live shows, i would appreciate that 6 p.m. Eastern time, 3 p.m, pacific, every single tuesday. We cover the latest raiders news and rumors. We also do a segment. Last week’s segment was around some safeties. The raiders could go out and sign in free agency.

Please go check it out, hit that big red button that says subscribe and join us, because we’re also going to be able to get featured in our mailbags. So we got three more quotes that i’m going to leave you all here. This is nicholas morrow after week 17. Again talking about how the raiders are lacking accountability, we lack the accountability, the players, coaches. We all have to be more accountable to our jobs because we’re all connected together. He is a hundred percent right. I said this i’ll say weeks ago months ago, and i had so many people get mad at me on twitter for saying mitch, you’re being too mean to these players, i’m, not being too mean it’s a fact. The players lacked accountability and i think it’s funny just because now another player said it: okay, it’s fine, i’m, not saying i was 100 right with some of the other things that i’ve said, but you can’t deny that the raiders do truly lack accountability. Here’S. Another quote here from john gruden after week, 17, the same day as nicolas morrows yeah. We have a lot of young players that they have to be available not only on sunday or game day, but they have to be available on wednesday, thursday friday. Some of the details they have to show up on tape. We have to be much more detailed football team, especially in some areas on defense and be a critical area. We try to improve on what i see here is two things: one raiders they’re a young football team and they need to grow up, and what do i mean by that? In growing up? You got way too many dudes spending way too much time on instagram spend way too much time chirping on twitter, and you got way too many guys i’ve seen these multiple reports playing video games instead of studying their playbook it’s, not really what i personally would do, But i’ve also seen multiple multiple reports around it, however, being available wednesday, thursday and friday.

I am also going to point my finger at john gruden, because you’re the head coach, you should be able to make these players available. You should be able to make these guys want to buy in, but when you see other quotes, you’re like i don’t know, if these players honestly can truly buy into what john gruden’s saying so maybe the general manager mike mayok, who this is what he had to Say on wednesday january 27th, so, just two days ago from filming the whole team needs to be more accountable and self aware, and that starts with me. I have to do a better job. We drafted some guys last year that were position changed and maybe that wasn’t that fair in kova 19.. I do totally agree with you, but yes, the raiders issues. They do start at the top it’s. As simple as that, we can sit here and point the finger at nelson aguilar. We can point the finger at a guy like henry ruggs, who is coming off a bad rookie season, but mike mayok is right. It does start at the top. It starts at being able to put these players in certain positions. It starts where you got to teach these guys because they’re still young men, i mean i remember when i was 21 years old. I was doing things that maybe i shouldn’t have done either, but i wasn’t on is this big of a stage? So all i’m saying is from top to bottom.

The raiders do need to be better. They do need to be a lot more accountable, i’m curious to see what happens with nelson aglor. I do hope he is back in silver and black, but i hope it’s for less than eight million dollars a year.

What do you think?

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