Las Vegas Raiders, Nelson Agholor, Miami Dolphins, Jon Gruden tt Stafford Trade? Las Vegas Raiders Rumors & NFL News, Sign John Johnson In 2021 Free Agency?

com use code, raider nation – hopefully you guys can remember that say: 40 off on some of the best workout supplements and a little cherry on top i’ll get into some details. Coming up here in a little bit got a fun little giveaway going on with panda sub, so make sure you guys are watching till the end so here’s. My question: should the raiders trade for matthew stafford? Why, for yes or type n for no, when i made this show here, my idea was not only be able to give you guys the latest raiders news and rumors, but also go on the internet and look at what are the trending topics and how it relates To this team, one of the most popular dms that i received over the weekend was hey mitch. Have you seen the matthew, traff matthew, stafford trade latest and should the raiders pull the trigger i’m going to let you know what i have to say about that i’m? Going to tell you what a potential trade’s going to look like and who’s the better quarterback, stafford or derek carr, but before we get into the latest around stafford, should the raiders trade for him y for yes or n for no all right. Let’S talk about what’s, going on here with uh matty stafford, the lions and him they’ve agreed to part ways his wife posted on instagram this morning that they had an amazing time in detroit. However, their time is going to be moving on.

This is where it gets interesting right because the detroit lions, when you’re thinking about what type of contract you’re going to be paying stafford, the new team would only owe him 43 million dollars over two years, which i actually think for a quarterback of his caliber is A very respectable number here is 20 20 stats over 4 000 yards 26 touchdowns 10 interceptions a qbr of 68.5 all with well not having any running game whatsoever, not having his top receiver and kenny godda, who was down with an injury and the offensive line? Also pretty shaky here, one of the biggest concerns with stafford has always been. He really hasn’t won many games, but he does have one hell of an arm. Espn released an article about two hours before i made this video, which basically sparked my idea, because they said here are some potential trade destinations for matthew stafford. Of course, a lot of the teams that are being connected with a lot of quarterback talk. This offseason, you got the colts, the 49ers patriots, washington, football team, houston texans. Of course, right here are the other four teams that they mentioned. The carolina panthers, which i actually think could make some sense. The new orleans saints drew brees isn’t, getting any younger denver. Broncos he’d be the best quarterback there. But then you see this team here. The las vegas raiders, so anytime, you see a quarterback could potentially be traded, is available this or that they always mention the raiders.

So again i made this show to give you all my truth opinion. So should the raiders go out and trade for matthew, stafford, f, no tuck rule tuck that i just do not understand why you would trade draft capital when you already have derek carr. The raiders have already come out and said that they plan on sticking with carr. In 2021, the only way, i think something like that changes is if another big time quarterback is interested in going to the raiders, but stafford 43 million dollars over two years, or you could pay derek carr 42 million over the next two years and it’s a lot Easier to get out of derek carr’s contract than it is matthew, stafford’s, but hey. I understand there’s a lot of these rumors. I understand what everyone’s talking about this is the trade idea that espn threw together the raiders they received stafford the lions get a 2021 first round pick, which is the 17th overall and then a 20 22 third round pick now i guarantee, when i put this video Out it’s gon na be a lot more than just raider fancy and it’s gon na be line fans as well so to everyone who comes across this video who ends up winning this trade. If you think it’s the las vegas raiders, i want you to type r. If you’re, like you know what no the lions win, this trade type l, i i actually can’t even believe that i’m even asking this question, i know i always say the show isn’t about me, but i mean the lions clearly clearly win this trade because i’m, not Gon na give up this much draft capital for a quarterback like matthew stafford, but for anybody that’s like wow that’s, that’s a lot for a quarterback who hasn’t won many games for somebody who’s like 31 years old it’s.

Actually, i think, very, very reasonable, because do you remember this carson palmer’s trade back in 2011, where the raiders received palmer, who actually at the time was retired, now put that in air quotes and then the bengals? They received a 2012 first round pick, which actually is funny enough, was 17th overall and then a 2013 second round pick so i’m, a big believer that’s. The reason why espn threw out the whole trade idea – and you know what’s worth what what’s worth this. However, i would be absolutely shocked if the raiders ended up pulling it off. Do i think that stafford is going to get or the lions will get a first round pick for stafford? Yes, i do i mean jay. Cutler went for two first round picks jamal adam. A safety went for two first round picks it is a quarterback driven league and whether you like him or not, he plays the most important position so i’m telling you right now. He is ultimately gon na go for a first round pick, but for the raiders to end up trading their number 17 pick for a quarterback. I don’t think that’s very likely for the quarter. If the raiders really wanted another qb i’ll tell you what i personally don’t think it should end up being matthew stafford. So what we always do at chat sports believe it or not. I work for a company called chat sports that’s why the raiders report exists and we make videos all the time on our main youtube channel it’s got over 230 000 subscribers.

There was a video that went out over the weekend stafford trade destinations. If you want to see the actual teams that he could go to, not the las vegas raiders go check it out subscribe to the channel. We also go live every monday and wednesday 4 p.m. Eastern time, 1pm, pacific, the link is below it’s. Also in the description. Also put it in the comments as well check it out, if you like, more nfl videos for free we’re, an awesome channel to go check out all right, y’all here’s, another debate, we’re going to get into derek carr matthew staff right let’s say you: don’t have to Give up any draft capital let’s say you don’t have to worry about money if it really just came down to who is the better quarterback, derek carr or matthew stafford type dc for car type? Ms for stafford, when you talk about arm strength, it’s stafford, when you talk about accuracy, i’ll go with a guy like carr, so who’s, the better quarterback overall i’ll give you my answer in just a sec let’s. First, look at their 20 20 stats here advantage dc completion percentage, yards, touchdowns, interceptions, qbr, wins everything is a vantage car. The only thing that car had more of that wasn’t a good thing was fumbles, but when you leave the nfl and fumbles guess what that’s going to happen a lot so let’s not look at just 2020.. How about the past two seasons, though? Obviously i want you guys to look at games because it’s 24 games for stafford 32 games for derek carr.

I will give this stafford over the last two seasons on a per game basis has actually been better than dc. When you go back and look at his 2019 stats, this dude was on pace for 5 000 yards ‘ touchdowns stafford. That is that’s when he had a full plethora of wide receivers with marvin jones with kenny gowd am well, i guess a halfway decent running game at the time, however, derek carr is the better quarterback, not just last year, he’s the better quarterback in 2021, and he Will be the better quarterback for this raiders team going into next season, because we’ve seen how long it takes somebody to learn the gruden system or how long it takes just to build some chemistry. Car was much better this year and i believe that going out and trading for a guy like stafford it just doesn’t, make any sense. Plus he’s got the better contract like and we’re trying to save money and the article that espn wrote said that oh, the raiders right now have minus 17 million dollars in cap space, which that is true. Can they cut a lot of players to save some room? Yes, absolutely there’s, a video on the channel eight potential cap cuts the raiders could do so. If you’re telling me he’s a better quarterback, i can save money and he knows the offense more. Why is this even a question being brought up to me? Derek carr should be the quarterback, the raiders keep i’m done with the whole matthew stafford conversation.

So i appreciate when people ask me these questions that’s, why i made the show, but all i ask sometimes use your brain a little bit. It just doesn’t make sense for the raiders to go out and trade for stafford, something that does make sense. Today’S show sponsor panda subs now. Obviously, if you all want to go, get some protein get some fat burners get some bcaas, because you’re trying to i don’t know get rid of the belly fat that you got during coven. You can go to use code, radernation, say 40 off now. If you want a chance to win some free protein and some free fat burner, all i ask you to do. Is this go to my instagram at mitchellrent365 i have an ig post. That literally looks like the picture that you see on screen, follow the instructions and then you are entered to win. I am going to be announcing the winner of this giveaway tomorrow during my live. Raider show 6 p.m. Eastern time, 3 p.m. Pacific! So if you guys want to come check it out, please do so now. You guys can always hit me up on ig that’s, one of the biggest reasons why i ended up doing this show the next thing we’re going to talk about here is john johnson. You know the other reason why i tell you guys have hit me up on ig, because nfl players in today’s world they go on instagram, they post things.

They like things and john johnson, was on his instagram a few days ago and was talking about. I don’t know what he’s going to do in free agency. Some raider fan joins alive with him. He’S like hey man. Are you coming to the las vegas raiders johnson? You know kind of beaded around the bush, but he also gave a weird answer in terms of. Could the raiders be interested in he said? Do you know where mike mayok went to college? The kid goes boston college? Do you know where i went to college boston college, so john kind of laughed at it and said? Oh because i went to boston college, the raiders could be interested i’m, giving it to chucky heads because safety is obviously a major need and not only safety, a true free safety, that’s, actually good in coverage and in terms of being good in coverage when he’s healthy. He is one of the best in the national football league. Here are his numbers in 2020, 105 tackles two tackles for loss. Eight pass breakups one int how about his 2020 pff grades? Okay, his overall grade 85.6 that’s third best among all safeties in the national football league, but i want a true safety who can fit the gus bradley system. You need somebody that can cover look at his coverage grade 85.6, but i did mention this when healthy, he’s great in 2019. He battled a plethora of injuries and it really impacted his his overall stats.

Now sure you’re gon na see wow six games, two picks two pass. Breakups 51 tackles those were just. He was honestly just a tackling machine and, as we remember from dear whitehead, you don’t have to be good to get tackles all the time. He’S got to be in the right place right time. So look at his coverage grade 56.9 overall grade 53.5. Now let’s go to 2018., he was drafted in 2017 and basically, as soon as he came into the league, you could see his skills four interceptions 119 tackles this was the year the rams ended up going to the super bowl and then his pff grade 84.1. That again was top three in the national football league and a coverage grade of 86.1. Now recently i put out a video about my top 10 targets. The raiders should go out and get in terms of uh free agency johnson. He did not make that list. However, i will be coming out with a video soon about some free agent targets that the raiders could look at at the safety position. But i do i’m curious, y’all sign or pass. What would you do with johnson, because there’s going to be a lot of really talented free agent safeties out there now i’m expecting him to probably get in the 13 14 million dollar a year range which might seem high. However, there’s gon na be probably four or five other safeties that actually might make more than johnson overall, so here’s, some of the top free agent safeties justin simmons anthony harris.

These are my top two guys, marcus williams. If you want a high upside prospect, only 24 years old, marcus mae might be the best all around player. John johnson, if you want a true free safety, definitely up there. Some potential cheaper options that also have some injury concerns. Malik, hooker i’ll. Tell you what if emily cooker comes to vegas that’s, the jersey, i’m, absolutely buying keanu knew it’s, whiskey. Tart i mean you can see. There are a lot of talented players at the free or at the free safety position. So, whether or not they’re gon na go after johnson is gon na, i think ultimately come down to best value and what players they potentially move on to so i’m. Getting ready to head out y’all make sure you join us for our live, show because i’m. Putting this video out here real shortly, join us for our live, show on our chat sports channel starting 4 p.m. Eastern time, 1 p.m.

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