Snow emergency, County azy Drivers | STORM Snow in MILWAUKEE USA | Lots of CAR Accidents | January26,2021

Today, storm snow, so drive safe everyone slowly. You don’t drive down cranes, which saves four minutes. If you prefer to stay on the current route, tap. No thanks, 60 per miles. Less than 20 grab young storm snow today january 25th. Distance all right see you later guys, robbie traffic, guys me, oh, my goodness, foreign okay, hi thanks god versus this for the safe drive. I think they’re gon na also work guys and so it’s time for us to put our mess and hot didn’t know guys. So today is january january 25th. I think hello until near 6pm, for the safe of yourself is there’s no storm. Today, oh my god, foreign after eight hours, foreign today is january 26th foreign you um, drive safe everybody foreign time check. Podito is 5 11 pm, not badly guys snow Applause, um, good, good, good. All right see you later guys, don’t forget to like and subscribe my smartphone, so we’ll see you later all right money abuse ago was alright. See you later guys. Oh, hey and don’t forget to like, and subscribe and don’t forget to leave a comment guys if you want me to play your latest video as well and bye guys. Oh all right, see you later.

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