Snow emergency, County Major Winter Storm pummels Northern California

This is new. Video in north highlands. Just take a look at that high winds are knocking trees down and causing power outages all across the region. This one caused a small fire. Some light rail service has also been suspended tonight because the power is out and stockton police are sharing these images tonight, more trees, down police warning people to be aware of their surroundings. If you are going outside, we have live team coverage tonight, abc 10’s. Giacomo luca is live in the sierra. There is now a blizzard warning in effect. Meteorologist monica woods is tracking all angles of this storm, but first abc 10’s van tu is live in arden with more damage van. I understand this is on eastern avenue. Well, chris, it is cold, it is rainy and it is windy and by far the big menace of the storm tonight in the valley is the wind check it out. This is a large tree, limb that fell over on eastern avenue. I estimate it’s about 30 to 40 feet and when it came down it took along power lines along with it, hence all of the power outages. We are also seeing in this area right now. So as of this moment, you know this is the type of damage we have been seeing in a wide swath of our region. I can tell you: the damage is widespread. So far, just standing here, we’re feeling gusts of wind i’m, also seeing in the distance flashes of green light, possibly transformers blowing out.

So we have seen these similar images throughout our night here in northern sacramento we’ve seen damage in fair oaks, citrus heights and, of course, here in arden, so certainly a very busy night for emergency officials. Here i want to show you also a video of a fire in northern sacramento in friendsa avenue. You can see just a massive fire response here, as a fire first responders, rather are dealing with fires down tree lines, down power lines, uh just a really uh chaotic night. So a lot of agencies in our region tonight chris, are begging people to stay off of the roads as they respond to multiple emergencies throughout this evening. We cannot stress that enough. We can just hear that wind blowing there in your mic, you be safe. There van we’ll check back in as things merit. Okay, take a look. This is the smudge outage map tonight. The company is now reporting more than 70 000 customers in sacramento county now in the dark. They are encouraging people to report outages online and i want to show you the pg e map tonight. They encourage everyone to have flashlights ready if you are using candles, please do not leave them unattended monica. There is a lot to talk about tonight. How are things right now well van hit it right on the nose it’s all about the winds right now, rain and snow will come a little bit later, currently winds at about 35 to 45 miles per hour.

Those are the sustained winds. Let’S talk about the gusts, though, because every now and then you get this big blast of wind that can take down the trees, the power lines etc. As you were seeing from some of those pictures, current peak wind, gusts, upwards of 50 and 55 miles per hour. Some localized areas have had wind gusts at about 58, almost 60 miles per hour for tonight, we’re not quite done yet. This is just the leading edge of this system, blasting through central california and northern california. Some of these images here, as we zoom in you, can see rain for sacramento elk grove, stockton jackson with some snow up to the north yuba city, with some heavier rain. It’S really coming down in williams, farther to the north we’ve got snow piling up in redding, starting to come down in red bluff, and some of those low snow levels will continue through tonight. Forest hill, pollock, pines placerville, all with snow, as well as jackson, murphy’s. Arnold sonora and groveland now the snow line will start to move up the hill, but this is all driven by this big low off the coast. So again we look at that high wind warning, in effect, until noon tomorrow with potential gusts to 60 miles per hour. Blizzard warning, in effect, two to eight feet of snow 70 plus mile per hour: winds travel through the sierra nearly impossible and our winter storm warning again, also continuing through early friday that’s.

Why i’m telling you this is just the beginning chris, it is a big storm. Let’S go now to abc 10’s, giacomo luca in truckee giacomo, as monica mentioned a blizzard warning now in effect. Well, chris, you can see that storm already here, the wind, the snow, it’s all coming down right now and i’ll, tell you what i’ll show you this is that light and fluffy stuff coming down just a few moments ago we saw really a convoy of caltrans trucks. Moving along, i 80, they are working to get those roads clear, but it is coming down. Quick traffic is continuing to move along the highway, but at past levels those chain effects are in place right now, if you want to go and cross the sierra nevadas now earlier tonight, we spoke with folks who are preparing for whatever is to come, as officials prepare For avalanche control, david navidni, stocked up on fuel groceries and firewood, he moved to truckee a week and a half ago. This is quite the baptism by well snow. I guess not fire servers at moody’s. Restaurant are sealing up their outdoor patio, hopefully to keep the snow out and we’re planning on opening. Tomorrow, jane carr and husband, steve have lived here 10 years and been through many a snowstorms. They say we’re used to it. The blizzard could dump as much as seven feet at the sierra’s highest levels by friday, california, transportation officials are urging people to avoid travel, we’re expecting blizzard and white out conditions.

I hope everybody’s safe and it’s good for everybody, but i’m really excited to be here. While this is happening, nevada’s washu, county sheriff’s office put out an urgent warning to anyone traveling in the area, especially tourists. They say they should not veer off of any highways right now, as if you’re, in an area that you’re not familiar with, you, could be potentially going down treacherous pathways that they say has happened to dozens of people over the last several years, including one just last Sunday, my goodness, we cannot stress it enough, please be safe out there. You know we’re just getting some new video in redding tonight. I 5 is now closed starting 10 miles north of the city. Because of heavy snow you can see emergency crews are hard at work. Trying to get people off the road, and this just in traffic, is at a standstill on the yolo causeway because of a traffic accident. We are waiting to get more information from the chp about exactly what happened. But again, as you can see there, traffic at a standstill on the yolo causeway tonight, cal fire is sharing this image tonight in lake county. They had to rescue this driver from the car. They are calling on everyone to take it easy on the roads. We spoke to chp today about what not to do one of the worst things that you can do is slamming on your brakes or applying your brakes too hard, because then you lose that traction between your wheels and the roadway.

And then you never know you’re completely out of control until you actually gain that traction again. Meanwhile, emergency crews are hard at work trying to prevent mudslides. They are a major concern in the recent burn areas. Cal oes shared this video with us.

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