Snow emergency, County, Ohio Is a 1000cc Motorcycle for Beginner Riders a Good Idea?

One of them is going to be something that you have complete control over that you guys need to be practicing. The second one happens in the canyons that i don’t want you guys making so let’s go and watch these and learn from them mountain drew here. We go. Oh, come on class. What do you think? What do you think was the cause of mountain drew’s crash everybody? What do you think caused that at least i got that one on video, but i broke my brake lever, damn it Music mountain, drew hope, you’re, okay, man so throttle control, loss of traction pop the clutch massive twist of the wrist. Now, what do you think would have caused him to not have the proper throttle control? Look at the traffic? Do you think he’s trying to rush into traffic because there’s so much of it so he’s, just gon na give it a lot that quite possibly could be it or it could be what in experience, you typically see beginner riders doing this right? They don’t have the good smooth throttle control, but i have a feeling, the environment. You know trying to get there as quick as possible, so letting the environment, letting ego letting something else drive the bike. Instead of your skills that you have been training, training training that could possibly be it, so how do we prevent a lot of this stuff go ahead and reduce our anxiety of this and just wait for a good moment? You don’t have to rush, and then on top of this, if you are a beginner, how do we prevent this from ever happening? Is you go to a parking lot and you practice your throttle and friction control? These are primary controls for a reason.

Those are the most important controls is the things that, on your left and right hand. So right here, oh good opportunity go, go, go, go Music there. It is a little too much and we have a little fish tailing going on that rear tire is already gone. We gave it a little too much, maybe it’s a cold tire. First ride of the day hasn’t played around with it maybe it’s a new tire i don’t know, but right there make sure we pay attention to a good throttle control for beginner practice practice practice. Maybe do a few when you first get on the bike and you’re about to head out go ahead and give yourself a good throttle, control see if you can do some slow speed, swerves. You know around your neighborhood before you take off to the main road, but if this happens to you, hopefully you have full gear which it does look like. He has full gear lit he’s. Like i’m, a big target don’t hit don’t, hit slow down, slow down, that’s a good thing to do in case you do crash, so people can see a big object. Like oh uncommon thing. Why is this guy doing this? Oh, he crashed that way. You don’t get hit, damn it, you did a good job. You know, after the fact, just keep practicing, though part of the smart rider principles. Is the m portion maintaining your fundamental skills now this is the one that a lot of people really hyper focus on, but remember if you can’t find those hazards with the s portion seeking out and recognizing them, then it doesn’t matter how good you are with your Fundamental skills, but it does mean you need to do them so it’s, very, very important to go out and practice your fundamental skills look at recognizing hazardous situations and applied some progressive brake pressure for that practice.

Your skills practice your swerves practice, your braking practice, everything you possibly can until you can maintain them in case of emergency or just so, you can ride safer. Oh this one is a high side. I want this is a good uh, visual representation of a high side. So take a look right here: it’s going to turn into a low side high side. Do it one more time so he’s he’s, hauling ass having a great time his friends filming him low side, high side, one more time so what’s gon na happen is we’re. Gon na lose traction on the rear tire it’s gon na grab traction right there and flip him over all right one more time. Why do you think he might have low sighted write in the comments why you think he might have low sighted i’m just going to go ahead and say it right now? So if you want to not hear it go ahead and hit pause, but then let’s see if we can check answers, so i have a feeling he low sided because he’s pushing his bike so far down to get that really cool picture, really cool picture. There’S. No reason to do it here: there’s, no reason outside the fact of i want a good picture: we’re, not racing we’re, not going from point a to point b as fast as possible: we’re not trying to right, or at least i’m – not. Maybe he is because this guy looks like he’s doing it, so we’re just trying to get some good pictures here.

So if you’re gon na crash or put yourself at risk for a crash for a good picture to me, it’s not worth it, it might be to you but understand that this is a consequence or it could be a consequence of you doing that so what’s going To happen here is that we’re going to go ahead and get that picture, and now we start to lose traction. We low sided right here, so if it just kept going and then we fell to the left, which is going to be where his knee is, if he fell down right there and just slid across that is a low side. So you’re gon na have just that. First impact and you’re gon na have a lot of abrasions. It looks like he’s got full gear, so hopefully no abrasions and no impact uh injuries to him. But then let’s go ahead. Ha 25 speed that’s the moment it grabbed traction. Now this part is where it’s extremely dangerous and deadly for anybody. Okay, so he right now he’s going to get all the forces transmitted into his body almost like a leverage with that bike and he’s gon na go flying so now, we’re gon na have our hands out we’re gon na. Have this massive amount of impact and then boom boom boom boom boom boom boom, and then we have to watch out for that so that’s, not a good thing. We really want to do oh and his buddies.

Probably okay. I got ta go rescue that rider now. Remember this is all clips from the live stream that we have every tuesday and thursday at 3 p.m.

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