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Gary all right, thanks ben also, first at 4 police investigate a dog mauling involving a five year old boy. What they’re saying about how it started and about the man who was injured while trying to help there’s a new twist in the battle over the controversial line five pipeline under the great lakes who’s claiming victory this time, hey, paula, the pontiac school district, believes it has A good plan to get students back to face to face learning, while keeping them and their teachers safe. Local 4 news starts now, with a breaking news, alert breaking right. Now, two teenagers are about to be arraigned in the death of an uber driver. The incident happened last week near the west edsel ford service drive and elmer street. On detroit’s west side police say they found the driver six year old, timothy perkins, with multiple stab wounds, and he was also attacked with a hammer prosecutors say: 15 year old, lynnae brady and 16 year old devin mckee called for an uber, so they could rob the Driver now they are being charged as adults with several charges, including first degree, murder, we’re, monitoring, the court hearing and we’ll have more for you tonight when you join us at 5., detroit police investigate a terrifying dog attack involving a five year old boy. This happened at a home on long acre on detroit’s west side police tell us. The boy was helping a 36 year old man feed a group of five dogs when the man left the room for a short time.

The man then returned to find two dogs attacking that child he jumped into help and then also suffered several bite wounds. We spoke to a neighbor who knows the dogs it’s terrifying in this i’m. Very glad that it’s, not me or my sister. We love them dogs, but we couldn’t. Imagine that something like this would happen. Both the boy and the man are expected to recover. Meantime, animal control was notified and took possession of all five dogs as police continue their investigation. This afternoon, the michigan high school athletic association is keeping the pressure on the whitmer administration to end the current pause on winter sports. Today, the association held a news conference arguing testing data, supports letting kids play and it’s important to note that there are 38 other states currently competing in winter sports, and that includes our three geographic bordering states: that’s wisconsin, that’s, indiana, that’s, ohio. Now, right now, we’re told the group let them play is also working with the state health department, hoping for a resolution that avoids a threatened lawsuit. But there’s no word on ending the current pause, which is in place until february 21st. You may recall indoor dining at restaurants is set to resume on monday february, 1st, with specific restrictions. Canada is imposing stricter travel restrictions, making it mandatory for tourists to quarantine in a hotel at their own expense when they arrive today, michigan is reporting more than 1700 new cases in the past 24 hours, along with six additional deaths.

Now the update on the cova vaccine candidate from johnson and johnson, a late stage trial, shows the single dose vaccine is about 72 percent effective here in the u.s at preventing moderate and severe disease 28 days after vaccination. Now, while that is less effective than the vaccines from pfizer moderna remember, it is just one shot and it does not need ultra cold storage, johnson and johnson could file for an emergency use authorization with the fda as early as next week, coming up at five we’re Going to take a closer look at the differences in vaccine availability and the risk of the virus and what that ultimately means for you and your family there’s a new decision tonight in the back and fourth battle over a great lakes oil pipeline. This round goes in favor of enbridge energy, but the state’s top leaders are saying this fight is far from over devin skillion in the newsroom this afternoon and devin it’s challenging to keep track of where things stand what’s the latest it has been karen. You really have needed a score card. The big question at the center of this whole debate, though, is, should we keep using a pipeline under the straits of mackinaw to transport oil supporters say it provides much needed energy to the region. Critics say it’s too dangerous to the great lakes ecosystem. Today, some big news is the michigan department of environment, great lakes and energy or eagle, has approved the imbridge application for certain permits to build a new tunnel under the straits of mackinac.

That tunnel would replace the 68 year old line 5 pipeline that’s, currently lying on the lake bed. Legal challenges to the decision, though, are likely so stay tuned. Governor whitmer, meanwhile still trying to shut down the existing line 5 because she feels it’s unsafe in a statement today, the governor argues. The current pipeline threatens more than 350 000 jobs that rely on keeping the great lakes clean. She wants it shut down. By may of this year, but enbridge is fighting that order. In court now, embridge released a statement saying the project to relocate a portion of line. Five will make a safe pipeline even safer we’re, going to take a closer look at the two tracks of the same battle and have more reaction coming up tonight on five at five. You can also, by the way, read a line: five explainer that dives into more details on this. We put that at our website at, karen back to you all right appreciate it. Thank you david. We sure saw a lot of that glorious sunshine today, but it didn’t really warm things up. This is a live look outside from one of our tower cams right now, let’s check in with ben bailey, who is guiding us into the weekend. That sounds like a pretty fun assignment guiding us into the weekend if it was all sunshine at 40 sure karen wait. Yeah we’ve got some serious snow to discuss and you can tell from the colors on the watch warning advisory map here that this something that we’ll be contending with winter weather, advisories out parts of michigan.

We are not included in these as of yet winter. Storm watch is out for that lower tier of counties there in southern portions of michigan and northern indiana and ohio that’s, where the snowfall is going to be maximized, but we’re expecting that to at least the advisories to continue over in our corner of the state. As we get closer to the storms start and that’s going to happen saturday night, this is nighttime hours into sunday and then we’ll see those snow totals start to stack up. Most of this stuff will be on the ground by sunday afternoon, but you can see those numbers continue to climb through monday and at least early tuesday as well. Then we’ve got the cold to discuss temperatures going back to the teens tonight and we’ll talk about some milder numbers, but don’t get too excited about that coming up in a few minutes, karen all right always appreciate it. Thank you. Ben president biden is starting to pivot from a flurry of executive orders and actions, reversing trump policies up next covent spending legislation, the president’s 1.9 trillion dollar plan is very much on his mind, even as he went to visit war veterans at walter reed hospital. The president wants the veterans to be among those vaccinated. He says congress needs to think big, so the choice couldn’t be clear. We have learned from past crisis, the risk is not doing too much. The risk is not doing enough, and this is the time to act.

Now that comment came during a meeting with vice president harris and new treasury secretary, janet yellen. So far, republicans in congress have been resisting the high cost of the new spending plan goodbye summer vacation hello, mandatory summer school that’s, just one of the changes being strongly considered by the pontiac school district as it prepares to stage a return to face to face learning On monday, but as paul tutman shows us first, the district wants to make sure teachers and students feel safe. Returning the pontiac school district lays out its plan for back to school, face to face learning and says: listen. They’Ve got to get back in this way, simply because of the deficits. Drastic times call for drastic measures, as the pontiac school district strongly considers bold measures to bring students back to school and change the very way we look at semesters to bring those students back up to grade levels. When the students start returning to their classrooms monday, they will notice an additional metal detector at the doors. Our new metal detectors also do temperature checks, as well, so upon getting the green light. You’Ll be allowed to enter the building all part of the 3.5 million dollars in spending to create a safe learning space for teachers and students with a school population of just under 4 000 students, fewer than half will actually return to this new way of doing things. We will not be utilizing the water fountains while we’re in this current status um with the pandemic.

However, we will be having miniature water bottles in all classrooms for students, so they can stay hydrated. The safety measures are visible desk, spacing partitions. Even the hvac air exchange system is being addressed with air purifiers in each classroom. We went through every building, upgraded, a higher powered filter for all of the classrooms and all of the building offices and areas throughout plus we have fog machines, so every building will be fogged eve and in the evening, and deep cleaning will take place on every friday. Students will return in carefully staged hybrid groups, grades, pre, k, uh in first grade and sixth grade will start february first grade. Second and third will begin february. 8Th grades, 4, 5, 7, 11 and 12 will begin february, 17th grades, 8, 10 and our special population will begin february 22nd and grades 9, and our additional special ed population will start march 1st critical because in the early days of 100 percent remote learning the learning Loss was measured at a minus two grade levels. The district believes it’s gotten most of those students back to a minus single grade level, but that means the coveted interruption has cost students across the board, a deficit of at least a full grade level. It’S letting us know that our parents and our students are struggling with this virtual learning and and we have to pivot and do something quickly to ensure that that educational um support is there for those that are struggling.

And what may be the biggest change of all. Because of this learning loss and these deficits, the district is strongly considering not ending the school year in june, but extending it into the summer months just to get students back to par for the next school year. Paula tupman local 4.. All right! Thank you! Paula still ahead capital security. After the siege there is a new proposal, that’s, actually bringing some republicans and democrats together. We’Ll talk about that plus how dogs, with very special training, are bringing more basketball fans back into a big stadium and a double rescue caught on camera.

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