Snow emergency, County, Ohio Mayor's Corner January 29, 2021

you’ll notice, my campaign, facebook page tom faria for mayor, has been taken down. We want to keep city conversations within city platforms. Our city departments have facebook pages where residents can go for updates. If you wish to contact me, my email is tom.faria and my city phone is two four three: 209. 827 2430 that’s, eight two, seven, two four three zero and i checked those pretty regularly. First up cover 19.. California has tripled and sustained its pace of administering the coven 19 vaccine, the state’s launching a new vaccine scheduling a data system called my turn. So you go to my and the idea there is to streamline the vaccination information for californians and the data for reporting for providers, city and manager, and i participate on a weekly update conference call with county’s mayors, administrators merced, county board of supervisors chair county staff. Our legislators and our congressional representative during this week’s call the primary message regarding vaccines is that, due to the recent changes made by the state of california, there is extreme uncertainty regarding vaccine distributions, scheduling of vaccine clinics and quantity of vaccine doses being sent to the county. There’S, an ongoing effort to advocate for more doses to be provided for our county as more information becomes available, we will pass it on and the website for vaccinations is vaccinate merced county dot, com, that’s vaccinate, merced, county dot com, coven 19 deaths are now total 47. Within the city of los banos and 50 total in the surrounding area, that includes the 47 in the city limits because of the unprecedented covet 19 crisis covered.

California has extended its open enrollment period until january 31st, 2021 that’s, just a couple of days away. So it’s covered california, two more days to enroll governor newsom has signed legislation to extend eviction, moratorium and assist tenants and small property owners impacted by the coven. 19. legislation extends the statewide eviction moratorium through june 30th of this year. It protects tenants, credit and it creates state rental assistance program to allocate 2.6 billion dollars in federal rental assistance. Monies to assist, struggling tenants and small property owners go to the housing is key website. That’S housing is key and it’ll read landlord in business news. The planning commission has approved the development of an arco, am pm fuel station convenience store with an attached car wash at 2027 east pacheco boulevard that’s over by home depot. Over the last several years, city staff has worked to create and establish partnerships to support local businesses. City staff works with small business administration, small business development center, the chamber of commerce and the downtown association in support of local business. Recently as a result of coven 19, a number of resources and programs have been created by various organizations and agencies. These resources are currently available at that’s reopen merced county dot com forward, slash resources lost ban us to go. Our city staff has launched a new facebook group called lost ban us to go. The purpose of this group is to create a social media space for the community to highlight and share food and drink to go services in los banas to join, go to facebook los banos to go.

The county is also rolling out support our restaurants campaign hashtags, take out tuesday los banus. We deliver wednesday lost spanish and support los banos restaurants. Additional restaurants needing support will also be listed on the merced county, hispanic chamber of commerce’s website and that’s at www dot, merced hcc, capitalized dot com forward, slash eat local that’s, the merced county hispanic chamber of commerce’s website from our police department department code enforcement answered 203. Calls this week, mostly public nuisance, some big messes are getting cleaned up because of their work. Remember to call in any complaints you have so code enforcement can get out and address them: 209. 827. 2546, that’s, 827. 2546 for emergencies. You know to call 911 or 827 7070 and dial operator fire department responded to 57 calls this week. Only four fires, but 31 rescue emergency distress, animal rescue and medical calls public works. We got a lot of rain a lot of snow this week, we’ve gotten three point inches of rain this year, 2.3 in january alone, rain totals for this storm a little over two inches. As a reminder, we track rainfall totals at the wastewater treatment, plant, water and snow recharges, our rivers, lakes, streams and aquifers. Also, because of the heavy rain and storms, we opened the warming shelter at the miller luxe building going beyond the state standard of days of freezing weather because of the dangers of hypothermia in the cold, wet storms, storm updates, city, staffs.

Continuing with cleanup efforts related to the recent storms, some instances of flooding on local streets, but recent infrastructure improvement projects have addressed some of the flooding that occurred in previous years to report non emergency items like potholes and downed trees. Call the public works department at 827. 7056 that’s 827 7056 for emergencies always call 9. 1 1. Storms like this are a good reminder that we should be prepared for winter weather, for more information on how to prepare for winter weather visit. The website at staff has been working to address any storm related issues. They continue to clean debris from gutters and storm drains, remove broken and fallen tree branches and hand out sandbags to residents, and we also help fill additional sandbags as needed. Sandbags are distributed from the public works yard at 1015f street and you can call over there to two zero, nine, eight, two, seven, seven zero, two: five that’s, eight, two: seven: seven: zero: two: five and that’s the yard on f street, mid valley, disposal, they’ll, be taking Over our garbage and recycling pickup services, starting in july city staff, is meeting weekly with their staff to make sure there is a smooth transition of service to mid valley, there’s a lot to plan and coordinate including mid valley, finding a new yard and delivering new trash. Green waste and recycling carts to residents mid valley was on local news stations recently providing information on services provided in other communities that they service you can click on their link at midvalleydisposal.

com forward, slash mvd, slash, o n i’m sorry mvd dash, o n central dash valley Dash today, they’re looking mid valley, disposals looking for a downtown office space and a yard facility they’re, considering several potential locations for each their web page is almost ready and once launched will give residents access to information about their services. Answers to frequently asked questions opportunity to subscribe, to updates contact, information, etc. Staff has started the process of updating the urban water management plan. This plan is required for compliance with the urban water management planning act and must be prepared and updated every five years by any water supplier that provides water to more than 3 000 customers. This serves as a short and long range planning document for water supply and converse conservation. Peninsula. Clean energy has posted a new position in los manus. They want a representative here in los banus. They want to hire that person this year to get ready for going online with their power supply next year, uh, probably about april of 22.. Finally, to our duck, hunters you’ve been a part of las venis’s culture and history for over a century, and we hope you have a great closing with weekend. Thank you for bringing your business to los banos have a great weekend.

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