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Star is in mercer county for us and starv tell us what have you seen this morning. It looks like quite the winter wonderland behind you, that’s right, josh it’s. Quite the winter storm out here we have eight inches of snow out here, i’m standing right here on east main street in princeton and i’m gon na, like you know, move out the way just a little bit, so you can see where they actually plowed the roads. This morning we have a little bit of commute going on through a little bit of traffic. As you see, people are starting to get up and rise and shine and get prepared for work. Now i must tell you about one o’clock this morning i didn’t get any sleep because i’m right outside of my apartment area and they were outside plowing the roads to prepare for the morning commute this morning, but i must tell you, if you are going out in These weather conditions make sure you bundle up, as you can see right now. I got my winter coat on my gloves, my hat and my snow boots. So if you’re going out in the in this wintery weather, just make sure you’re prepared and drive safe out here and once again, i’m on east main street here in princeton downtown and as you and as you can see, you know they already are plowing the roads And preparing for everybody’s morning commute, but right now, i’ll send things back to you guys in the studio back to you josh.

Thank you so much star connor for that live report this morning in the city of princeton and stark hunter, can tell us even more about what she’s, seeing in mercer county star. Where are you that’s right josh? I am standing here at the princeton rescue squad and, as you can see, a little bit of cars are coming behind me as they start their morning. Commute but uh look it’s, snow, it’s, snow everywhere right now, and it’s actually windy out here and um. I can just tell you uh it’s been an early morning for me. Um plowing started about 1 30. This morning around my apartment and the plow and truck the plowing trucks and the salt trucks have been out non. Stop to make sure that everybody is going to be safe on their commute this morning now, as you can see behind me, like, i said, there’s a lot of cars coming in between this street right here at the princeton rescue squad, as they make their way on To work or make their way home, you know from work, but i want to tell everybody to be safe and be careful as they come out and drive this morning, because there is around eight inches of snow here in princeton. And i want you to make sure that you bundle up and stay warm out there, but josh right now, i’m going to send everything back to you in the studio all right star, connor live for us on stafford drive in the heart of mercer county aka princeton.

Thank you so much star all right, welcome back! Well, she hit the roads dark and early this morning, she’s been on east main street in princeton, she’s been on stafford drive in princeton, and it looks like you’re at an intersection right now. Star connor give us a breakdown of what these roads are. Looking like that’s right, josh i’m standing here right here in the intersection of 460 and as you can see, a lot of cars are starting to commute on 460 and make their way to work or make the word back home. But you know: it’s been a windy and cold morning, but hey i’m enjoying the snow right here and it’s just a beautiful morning for snow. So you know enjoy your commute out here and, as you can see, the cars right here behind me are making their way on 460 and, as you make that way, i want you to slow down if you’re driving take your time wherever you’re going today, make sure You bundle up and stay warm and, like the signs say, drive slow, but you know we’re going to send things back to you guys out there in the studio, but for right now i think i’m going to build me a snowman until hey whenever the morning comes To you, josh all right, we’ll have fun building that snowman star and just like she said. Please continue to take it slow maxwell and, of course, we’ve been following these wintry conditions for you live all this morning and instead of where in the world is carmen, san diego, where in the world is star conor cause she’s been all over mercer county this morning, Star give us the breakdown, that’s right, josh i’ve been all over mercer county this morning, i’m, still on 460 right here near the goat mart, and it is still snowing out here and it’s getting a little windy out here.

But i want to just say: it’s been one fun morning watching the snow pal in as we continue to get more inches of snow coming our way now on this morning, commute i want everyone to. You know just drive slow in this weather condition and make sure you bundle up if you have to go out in these weather conditions. Now, like i said, i didn’t get any sleep this morning because the plow trucks, the salt trucks they were out since, like 1 30 this morning, but you know it’s been fun out here and i haven’t done something in such a long time. I’M gon na take this minute and just fall back and make an angel treat. You really can’t see me anywhere but i’m waving at you right here, but you know what enjoy the studio and i’m enjoying making an angel tree out here, but you can’t see me back to you josh. I am so. I was not expecting that. Thank you. Star. Connor for that laugh and thank you for your full coverage all this morning, again heed her warnings. Folks, if you don’t, have to get out don’t get out. If you do get out, please take it slow and well right now, as you can see, it’s still snowing and snowing and snowing melinda out here on 460. and there’s. One thing you need to worry about just beside snow. If you look right behind me right here, there’s a car actually in the ditch now i spoke with some towing companies this morning to talk a little bit about how you can protect yourself from you know, making yourself spend money and getting stuck in snow, but right Now the road conditions are pretty smooth out here.

As you see, cars behind me commuting on their way to work on their way to lunch or wherever they are going about their normal day.

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