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So when we look at black history month, what’s important for us to realize is that rights for african americans didn’t happen instantly america gained independence in 1776, and the declaration of independence declared that all men are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights That cannot be taken away with things such as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But when we look at african american rights throughout history, it’s important for us to realize that it has been a fight, um slavery, didn’t end until 1865.. Segregation legally didn’t end until 1954., so every month in february, especially the second week in february, it’s important for us to take time to reflect on um black history within the united states and the contributions that certain african americans have made and predominantly the main reason why They chose february for black history month was um. It was the birthdays of abraham, lincoln and frederick douglass, two of the biggest abolitionists in history. So what we’re going to do is first watch this video that goes through the background of black history month and how gerald ford officially wanted to make it a holiday and now we’re going to look at six key african african american figures keep in mind there’s. So many to choose from the first one is frederick douglass. So when we look at frederick douglass um, he was born a slave and then eventually becomes one of the first african americans to hold government position.

But frederick douglass did so much more than that. What he did was he was able to put a name, a face and a story together with someone who experienced slavery at the time the country was divided between free states and slave states, with northern states predominantly being against slavery, while southern states were in favor of It so once frederick douglass is able to escape slavery, he’s able to share with people who were also against slavery. How it really was the atrocities of it not only in america but in european countries as well, so he was able to fully articulate what was going on so watch this video about frederick douglass and his influence. The next one is harriet tubman, um, harriet tubman escapes slavery herself and helps establish the underground railroad. Her story in freeing hundreds of african american slaves is a tremendous one, especially overcoming a difficult injury in her youth to then leading and freeing slaves herself be on the lookout for this they’re. Looking to add her to the 20 bill here soon. So watch this video about harriet tubman, the next one booker t washington, um after african americans, gained slave or gained freedom from slavery. Uh they were on their own. I mean slaves weren’t allowed to read, they weren’t allowed to write, and now you have freedom, but they weren’t sure what to do with the freedom and booker t washington growing up in the south knew that one of the biggest things first he had to do was Advocate for african americans to receive education for former slaves to receive an education, but through an education it’ll be able to allow african americans who are formerly slaves to live a more elevated life and, as you can see here, he sets up the tuskegee university and what’s Remarkable with booker t washington is when he sets up this university um.

He had 30 students and literally they’re, just two barns and a chicken coop, and these 30 students, along with him, built the school by hand the school itself, the desks, everything they built, and these people just wanted the opportunity to learn when we look at other ones. Other figures: we have jesse owens, who won gold medal in the olympics, um going against uh hitler and his theory of the aryan race. We have jackie robinson, the first african american to play major league baseball and we have third grade marshall, who ended segregation with winning brown v board of education. But it was hard for african americans to sow into white schools as told in the little rock nine.

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