Everyone welcome back to my channel, i hope, you’re, having a really good tuesday. This is your first time on my channel. My name is sebastian. I welcome you guys with open arms. I do tea videos vlogs story times i haven’t performed for you in the beginning of every single video, so make sure you hit that subscribe button. I would be so grateful trying to get a 10k before my five year anniversary next month on youtube. So if you want to help a out that’s how you can help me out all right, you guys, so we got some tea right. This morning i told you guys very early that jeffree star allegedly got robbed well jeffree star, went on instagram and twitter and talked about the situation so here’s the video that jeffree star uploaded to his instagram stories, and then we can talk also just to clear up Any rumors i woke up to people saying jeffrey: did you get robbed again? Did jeffree star cosmetics get robbed? Now? If you don’t know, in 2019, we had a very serious robbery um, it was devastating, it was horrible and since then people have created conspiracies that it was all fake for attention which is disgusting to even think about. But i woke up today, and there was an audio uh recording of a dispatcher saying that there was maybe a potential robbery at my warehouse. So what really happened is this? If you listen to the dispatch call, she says that a silent alarm went off, which is true.

One of my employees sent one off on accident and it’s always protocol to come and check and alert the police that there may be something wrong, obviously so um. Thank you to the police of chatsworth for checking on us, but nothing happened and it was an accident so for everyone that was wishing it was true, you’re sick in the head, everyone else. I love you. Thank you for checking in mwah. So, as you guys can see, it was false, but the whole internet was talking and what they were saying girl. It was not good. Okay, so listen come closer. I don’t bite. Okay, so basically what happened was the whole internet was like. Oh here we go again here we go again and they were claiming right. They were saying that this was like um, that he was doing what fraud for the insurance company, because his makeup wasn’t selling that it’s a lie like the one in 2019. Like listen, they went in and that just goes to show what the public, not all of them, of course, because he still has his fans, but what the a lot of the public thinks about jeffree star and it just got. You know i like very carrie bradshaw. I can’t help, but wonder: can jeffree star actually still be successful again? Do you know what i mean because damn like people instead of saying like oh, i hope no one was hurt. They were like fraud.

You’Re just doing this for the insurance money you can’t sell pounds to save your life. Your pounds are getting up in ross and marshalls like to buy one get two free blah blah blah. I was reading so many twitter tweeters. I was reading so many messages inside when people were like not having it. You know what i mean they were like. Well, first, his company warehouse gets robbed in 2018 or 2019.. Then his ex boyfriend brought steals from him, which you know it’s the um andre guy, and then this happens. So i don’t know you guys, i think honestly, the he has his fans again. I will always say that, but i do think that people are just kind of getting over it and i’m gon na do a video um after this one on that exact topic, because i just honestly feel like instead of people saying like oh girl, you know that Sucks they did not care, they were like for rod. You know all this, but anyways you guys, so we can lay it to rest. It was not true and honestly, like. I also read this very interesting, um tweet and it was like he did not expect the backlash he got. He probably expected, like sympathy and that’s, why he then confirmed it was fake. I wouldn’t go that far you guys, because i mean the police were involved. You know jeffree star has money honey, but i don’t think he has that kind of money right or that kind of power.

But you know what girl hollywood is crazy. So anyways you guys. Let me know what you think in the comments below i love you all. So much had he been robbed. Would you have believed it? Let me know in the comments also, what song did i perform in the beginning of the video huh girl? I got ta go film, some more videos for you guys. I love you subscribe share.

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