Evan Rachel Wood, Marilyn Manson win's Generation is CANCELLED… it's all over

I mean i would consider him an internet friend of the show uh. Definitely somebody that i’ve talked to behind the scenes before not a lot. I don’t really talk to anybody a lot behind the scenes, but he is somebody that i have uh had private calls with and dealing with every now and again so you know, let me put my biases up front first, but that shouldn’t dissuade you people from the Arguments i’m about to make – and really i don’t have much to say, that’s groundbreaking i’m, just here to say that the attempted cancellation of him it’s just downright ridiculous. It feels like people are really just reaching for something that’s not there. So let me explain the drama. Essentially, edwin uh went on the nissan tv documentary series and well uh. This series ended up using the girls, the victims of onision stories. Without their consent. They had specifically said that their stories were not for tv and that they didn’t want to be on the tv program. However, the producers at discovery ended up using their stories anyway, without their consent, it’s simply just slightly blurring their pictures and names out, but still showing their tweets, which was against their wishes and yeah they’re still allowed to tell their stories. I mean it’s, a public narrative. They said their stories publicly before anyone’s allowed to talk about them. However, these girls said said they’d. Rather, this not have happened and for a company that claims you know, put the victims first and even for a company that uh employs chris hanson, who has called me, and my friends re victimizers before it’s, absolutely rich, that he backstabs the same people.

He so claims. He’S trying to help edwin had initially turned down going on the documentary, because he knew that they were going to use the girls stores without their consent, but then he had vetted them and discovered that actually that wasn’t going to happen, at least according to him at The time so he then agreed to go on the interview and even give some criticism to chris hanson, something that was much needed in the program. What ended up happening, however, was his criticism towards chris hanson was really cut down and really edited and, of course, as we know now, the girls soros were used without their permission. So a bunch of people got mad at edwin for going on this sinking, ship of a documentary and look i’ll be the first to say it. Alright, edwin, probably a little bit too trusting of a sketchy corporation like discovery id and going on a documentary that’s made to make chris hanson look as good as possible is probably not a good idea. So he’s a little bit gullible yeah for sure, and you can have your gripes at them there, but ultimately he got screwed over by discovery id because they told him one thing and he was given another. He went on there to challenge chris hanson, but his challenges were cut short and chris hansen, even on him in the interview itself, so i can get why people are calling up a little bit gullible, maybe a little bit stupid or whatever.

I can kind of understand that criticism, but i don’t really care because at the end of the day, he’s the one that got screwed over people are saying that he went on there to you, know, get subs and get money and they’re not able to substantiate their Claims at all, because that’s, just you, know, they’re pulling these arguments out of their ass. He went on there to get a bunch of subs as if he was gon na get a ton of subs on a program, that’s locked behind a paywall there’s, no way he was gon na go on there because he thought he was gon na get a big Boost to his youtube channel that just doesn’t make any sense so to make things worse before the documentary even took place and before edmond was getting a lot of for that. A hacker logged into his twitter account kicked him out of the account and screenshotted and recorded all of his dms with everyone now after he’s getting a bunch of for the documentary, the hacker is slowly trickling, these dm’s out and apparently plans to leak these dms over The next few months, you know, instead of just releasing them all completely just to pound edwin in immediately he’s, just gon na trickle it out, so that everyone has to sit there and torture while he waits every day for new dm’s to leak and people. You know using these dms to paint them as bad as possible, and you know it’d be one thing if these dms were incredibly incriminating, but so far none of the dm’s that have released have made them look bad at all.

The hacker even threatened to leak. Edwin’S dms with nick diorio, so nick diorio leaked his own dms himself and nothing in there was incriminating. The hackers know this they’re just doing this because they want to torture edwin. They want to try to cancel them. They want to. You know put this thought into people’s heads that ooh, the big bomb is coming edwin’s about to get exposed for something horrible and yeah. This clip might look bad if edwin does end up getting exposed for something horrible, but if he was going to get exposed, it would have happened now. Why is the hacker leaking all these piss poor dms that don’t even make him look bad at all. Why wouldn’t? They release the big juicy stuff. First, it just doesn’t make any sense. Then you got channels like this guy who have just been milking. The out of these dm leaks like every day going live for one hour, two hours, sometimes even four, to five hours. Reading off these dms, this guy is deity of youtube, he’s, a bit of a low cow and we kind of goofed on him last year, and i forgot he even existed, but now he’s back in the news, because he’s now the number one uh channel, exposing edwin’s Dms, if you really want to see edwin’s dms, i guess this is the place to go. How pathetic look at all this dude. Imagine dedicating like hours of your day to to reading another man’s, dms and it’s, not even like funny or damning or interesting at all.

We’Ll take a look at a clip in just a second, but you know i want to point this out. Uh cordway did the math here. From this screenshot alone, 21 hours have been dedicated to reading edwin’s dms and giving analysis on it like that’s 21 hours. In one week that you’re dedicating to one man like talk about living, rent, free dude and, like i said before again, these dms are not damning or interesting. At all, eddie says: i’ve been doing a video on the shiloh drama mess for my side channel, and i mentioned that she unfollowed you. Can i also say that she told you off, or would you rather not daddy reps? Can i please have permission to include your side of the story, so i can spice things up and what is that? What is that interpretation you’re trying to make this out like it’s like oh dude? We got him edwin crawling on the floor, begging, ripsey on for a clip for his video he’s, just asking a dude if you, if he wants to submit something in the video or if he’s allowed, to talk about something in the story that involves other people. But then you have sparks like this guy reading these dm’s out making out like it’s a big deal like. Oh, we got them boys look at them crawling to repsion begging for conte it’s, just like anyone can make these wild interpretations that they’ve really played with their imagination hard enough.

What is the damning part of these dms all right? Why do i have to sit through four to five hours of this boring ass to find like the supposedly awful things that edwin has said behind the scenes so far, edwin’s dm’s getting leaked has been so uneventful that his cancellation has failed. So now the spergs are resorting to what they do best painting him as the worst things in the book uh. According to today, you know things like being an anti semite and homophobia and racism. Although those last two, i haven’t, really seen you know, get thrown at uh towards edwin, certainly they’re trying to label him as the number one uh anti semite on youtube: that’s right, edwin generations more like edwin’s base generation holy bro. This guy edwin is a super big uh bass and red pill, gamer that’s right so apparently there’s this picture of edwin wearing a shirt and and the picture on the shirt is the last jew in vinitza uh it’s, a photograph according to wikipedia it’s, a photograph taken During the holocaust in ukraine, showing a jewish man near the town of vinitsa, about to be shot dead by a member of and i’m, not even going to try to pronounce the name. Ultimately, this is a very grim picture right here and you might be wondering wow dude. Why is edwin wearing a? Why does everyone have a shirt of that? Why is he wearing it and posing for the camera with it? Well, apparently, it’s just a t: shirt for the popular band american head charge.

Edwin went to a concert, picked up the t, shirt and had it on for a picture randomly like this is what we’re canceling him for buying merch of a band and and wearing it. Like oh boy wow, we got him dude he’s wearing edgy merch cancel him dude. This is this is insane there’s no way as if this picture here at all is harmful in any sort of way. Yeah it’s an edgy shirt, but it’s not like edwin was like dude. You know what i love the holocaust bro. Let me just get a picture of a jew about to be shot put it on my t, shirt and pose for the camera right that’s a little bit of a different context, a little bit of a different context than edwin buying, merch and wearing it. But, of course, people like this will try to take the smallest things and make them huge look at how he words this? What why how why on earth would you wear this shirt man? Why? How, in the hell, can you celebrate the murder of millions of people based entirely on ethnicity, religion, etc? Where did you get that at all? What do you mean he’s celebrating the holocaust. Are you, of course, he knows that’s, not what edwin’s actually doing he’s just being intentionally dishonest it’s bait this folks right here, if you’re not used to it, is called concern. Trolling, he’s, pretending to be scared, he’s, pretending, like there’s, some deeper evil or context to this.

When there really isn’t – and then you have this well documented uh – loser steve to leave here – here’s some more anti semitic fun times from a boy, mr edwin costa, damn let’s take a look at these super edgy anti semitic statements. So here we have between 2014, where he’s uh commenting under brock baker, saying shout out to hitler for the emo hairstyle, okay, that’s that’s, not too bad. It surely gets worse. Let’S see the next one uh again for 2014. Germany is so excited to add something positive to their history. The holocaust is still fresh. All right: okay, it’s got ta, get worse right, right, let’s, see, let’s, see the final example. All right. People are playing pokemon at the holocaust museum in auschwitz, and someone said it’s not like we came here to play but got ta catch them all. These are your number one. You know examples of edwin being anti semitic. You know on the scale of one to ten of holocaust jokes or jew, jokes or hitler. Jokes. I mean these are like a three in the level of offensive. I mean come on now. You know nobody it’s not like that. It’S not like you know, i’m. This some super extreme guy and what i consider to be edgy is way past what normal people consider to be edgy. You know i’m, seeing everybody on twitter react to these and nobody’s. Looking at these, you know, jokes, is you know, indicative of edwin’s uh, secret hatred for jews or his secret celebration of the holocaust.

I mean it’s, absolutely ridiculous. These jokes are just they’re. These are the most normy. You know jew, jokes i’ve ever heard in my life. These don’t even come close to being offensive. I mean, i guess you know, maybe i’ll bump it up to a four. Maybe i’ll be conservative and bump it up to a four, but i mean come on now like who’s looking at these jokes and you know shocked and appalled and in horror. I can’t believe edward said that dude, and these are all, of course, from six to four years ago. So it’s, like wow you’ve, really got a lot of examples dude. If these are the worst, you could pick from it. You know stunning job dude. Obviously i i’m convinced you know what you’re right. Edwin does hate jews, but you know it’s funny, because you have people like steve to leave calling people out, for you know, being anti semitic or whatever, when here he is in a much more recent example calling somebody a and here he is responding to it today. This is this tweet is dated today, uh yup. I said that whoever i said that to deserved it, wow as if this guy is in any position to be judging people for offensive statements. Now i don’t care. You guys know my stance right. I don’t care about slurs. I don’t care about cancer culture. I don’t care about offensive. All of it is a okay to me all right, i’m, the most extreme person on youtube when it comes to that uh.

That being said, you got ta love that these are the people so openly canceling other people when they have. You know much more obvious and recent skeletons in their closet, and i mean how you know: he’s celebrating it he doesn’t care. So why should i care about any of these jokes steve? Why should i give a if you so obviously don’t and he’s down here in the comments arcing like oh well, i was talking about anti semitism, not homophobia, dude it’s, all the same, and you know it. You’Re just being dishonest, all these people are just being dishonest and i hope that all of you, people just see through their blatant lies and their blatant concern. Trolling all right. This attempt to cancel edwin is just i mean these people have nothing all right. They thought they got him on their nissan documentary and people were sympathetic and understood. Edwin’S perspective. They thought they got on with the dms and so far the dm’s have been boring as and just entirely uneventful, and nobody wants to sit through five hours of deity of youtube slumber. His way through these dms, as if it’s you know, some sort of as if it’s content, all right, so the dm’s failed. The tv show narrative failed so now that you have to resort to their last possible. You know if it ain’t broke, don’t fix the strategy and you know show all those edgy jokes, and even these even these jokes, like nobody is buying this.

Nobody is nobody, is reading these and coming off with the unironic perspective. That edwin is some sort of hidden closet, nazi it’s, absolutely ridiculous and it’s falling apart, and these people are coping and they’re molding, because they’re trying to character, assassinate them so hard, but they’re. Just failing in the process so to all these people, i have to say you lost all right people liked people like edwin. They like people like me and beau, blacks and nick, because we tell the truth and we’re honest about you know what we believe in and uh what we find funny or not. You know you guys try to throw this cancer culture we’ve been through it before all right and it’s, just not gon na work, so you can sit there and try and mold harder and stream to your ten viewers but it’s. Just never gon na work, um it’s. Funny to see you try, you know it’s funny to see these people. You know throw together these threads as if it does something, but ultimately it just doesn’t work so i’m. Making this edwin didn’t ask for me to make this video i’m making it entirely, because i wanted to. I don’t like seeing my friends get treated like this, and i think the cancellation on edwin so far has just been entirely mishandled, and you know i thought i’d. Take a moment just to poke some holes in their arguments. There goes my discord that wasn’t your discord um.

My name is all urc i’m gon na get out of here.

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