Metropolitan Transportation Authority, New York, MTA C MTA Bus Plunges Off 50FT Overpass!

Cbs 2’s corey james has more everton. Beckon’S mouth is nearly wired shut, but the bus driver with a broken jaw was very clear in his words about a drug and alcohol test. Mta officials say he did not take. I want to set for record straight. I did not refuse a drug test and did the drug test on how the paper had to prove it. I didn’t like the result yet beckons union also speaking out, supporting the driver, who drove this accordion style bus off an overpass sending part of it onto the cross bronx expressway, while making a left turn thursday night. We have documents to show he took the screen and just inside of the hospital. This document, claiming the driver, took a urine drug test around 10 30 friday morning at saint barnabas hospital. However, that is more than seven hours after mta officials say they sent a technician to the hospital to get beckon to take their required federal transit administration, post incident, drug tests, adding beckon declined three times within 41 minutes, but beckon says that did not happen. Only three persons came in here to me: the police officer, a dispatcher and my union rep. No one else came in while no one was seriously hurt. These three passengers are recovering from their frightening ride that left them with multiple bruises santiago pasquel brought to tears. Telling us he briefly lost consciousness and thought they were going to die. As for how the crash happened, the bus just took off on its own, the mta says beckon, who had a good safety record prior to the incident, was going five times the speed limit.

When making that turn officials say, he took a breathalyzer test and passed, and the union says beckon’s results from his urine test that he allegedly took on his own at the hospital are still pending. But the mta says that is not in compliance with its protocol.

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