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But before that guys, you guys can hit that like button let’s go for 100 likes on the video let’s. Also get the youtube algorithm running helps out a lot on the channel. I appreciate all the support again if you want amc to moon it’s in your best interest, to hit that like button, so more bots can go ahead. Scan through the video know, what’s happening again subscribe if you’re new and turn on notifications. I have been right about 85 of the time on the channel. One of my best uh records would be um telling you guys to buy b and g at 1.3 it’s currently sitting at over 13 dollars. So again you guys can check out my previous videos. Then i’ve been right about 80 percent of time, had my fair share of mistakes and if you can have some rockets in the chat for amc, that’d be dope again, if you guys are still trading on robinhood. This is your calling to change the weibo. You get complex charts, you don’t have to use them if you don’t want to. But again everything is free. You can trade in the pre market and post market get four stocks for just signing up and depositing 100, using my link down below eight for your first rep referral and six for a second referral, so that’s about two hundred dollars in free stocks. And if you guys want to know when i trade stocks make sure you guys go ahead, join the patreon, but today i’m just going to be focusing on emc and why? I think a big squeeze is happening um in the next couple of weeks.

It will happen at least, and again, this is going to be a combination of a short squeeze and a gamma squeeze so it’s going to be very interesting to see how the stock will behave in the next couple of weeks. Again, i just want to preface this video by saying i am very heavily invested in the company and i’m, not one to take wall street betsy’s advice, but i think this is a really solid move to invest in this company right now, just because the way um, The short interest is working out as well as how many options expired on friday, the call options that were sold – and i believe, they’re gon na be uh they’re, obviously gon na be in the money, because the maximum was nine dollars. Anyways to recall about friday, there was solid volume, 600 million, and you guys can take a look. There. Were these uh very well, timed drops in um in the stock price um almost like every like 20 minutes. A certain amount of the of the stock would just be sold off and it would drop an exact amount. This was actually hedge funds, most likely trying to sell up the stock one by one, even short, it further just to go ahead and scare off the regular investors, but they stopped towards the end of the market when they realized that most people are still buying the Stock, they really don’t care and i’m one of them i’m still going to be holding my positions.

I my average is exactly where it ended at so i’m, breaking even on the stock but i’m still holding my positions. I think we are due for a run up very soon, and the reason for this is the potential gamma squeeze that’s going to be occurring very uh soon. So this this uh wall street bet article again. They might not be the best for timing your place, but they do have really solid research on the subreddit, so make sure you guys go check it out very soon or obviously i’m sure most you guys are already on it. So anyways i wanted to go ahead. Compare gamestop short interest recently for you guys you guys can take a look. They actually been dropping in interest lately, and this was also right when the stock was going up a lot and uh the um. The hedge funds realized shorting. It would just be a very dangerous place to add on more to their short position, so it’s, just gon na go look um. I just wanted to go ahead, correlate the movements with the game stock stock, so hedge funds have driven this had driven game. Stop down around 40 times under value, it was like a 40 times, undervalued company and so again, bible doesn’t do a very good job with the graphs for the past couple of days. Gon na go ahead, open google stocks and you guys can go. Look the first time it actually, the short interest went to 80 was right when it doubled or more than double.

Actually it was about 80 dollars and then, after the sudden jump shortage really literally stopped shorting the stock and again melvin capital said that they would stop. They did stop because again, they cannot undertake so much risk good for them. They didn’t, because they would have been even more under than they are right now and so the risk the the um. Obviously, the the short interest started going down and the fees obviously went down is less short as we’re shorting the stock it’s very unpredictable and again they realize how much reddit was driving it up. How many people were actually investing in the company and they realized? It was just a dangerous play, so i would actually say: gamestop is practically gamestop is practically free. Right now i mean there’s there’s, nothing against the stock. That’S going on the hedge funds have stopped shorting this one and i think it’s, just gon na run up until people start taking their profits and that’s when it’s just gon na dip. So congrats to everyone that held um anyways amc is the mo uh the target for this video. I wan na go ahead and say that these two stocks have been moving very um. Similarly, except amc is like lagging a couple weeks behind, so you guys can take a look. The short interest went from three percent to about 32 right when amc jumped for the first time to like 20 and it’s been that way for, like the last couple of days, about 22 percent, not too much compared to gamestop but um.

What i’ve noticed is that the interest also has been pretty steady, so hedge funds have not just been continuously shorting this one they kind of have gone back and are relaxing a little bit, and the reason for that being shares available for shorting went from 10 million To less than 200 000 within a couple of days, and if you guys want to make sure that your shares are not shorted, go ahead and put a sell limit for like a thousand dollars or or just go ahead and opt out of shorting. And this decreases the amount of shares that can be shorted by other firms and obviously helps raise the price for the company. So again, there’s not too many negative factors moving on to next week and that’s, why? I was confident in holding amc there’s, so many there’s, like literally no shares available for shorting, that the price cannot be driven down unless um uh firms that already hold this company are gon na, go ahead and sell it. But the reason why i believe they’re not gon na sell amc is because a lot of these call options sold were sold by hedge funds. In order to make free money, they thought they could just drive the price down as well as sell calls on them, so they could go ahead and get free money. However, when people started pumping this one, they realized they couldn’t continue doing that. So a lot of the call options that expire friday, literally all of them, were in the money.

The maximum was nine dollars. So what happens now is that again, most of these calls were bought by individual investors, and so when these calls expire, these companies will be forced to sell people shares of gamestop at those individual strike prices and they don’t hone. Those many shares so they’re going to go ahead and have to buy the stock again and drive the price up further again. The short interest has increased so much that peak shortage are going to have to cover which will also drive the price up. It’S asking a look: there was 71 short interest on amc um based on the website. However, uh reddit is updating us and saying it’s over 100, so either way these numbers are way too insane and the amount of shares available for shorting are so less that the short squeeze and gamma squeeze that’s going to be happening in the next couple of weeks. Can drive this up to 50? According to me, this is a very safe stock to play right now. I know it’s surprising, but i don’t see too much downside with it and i see a lot of upside, so i obviously am heavily invested with this one and i think it’s going to do very good in the next couple of weeks. Also, if you guys want to know when i sell my shares or when i go ahead and get them make sure you guys join the patreon down below it’s super cheap um and i go and i’ve had a solid record again.

Most people do make money on my patreon, so that’s just that um i’m. Just looking for any other potential articles that we could talk about, but really that’s it. There are no more shares for shorting available, so they’re going to have to cover very soon, and these these rates have also gone up, because there are literally no shares that drove the short prices. The interest rates up so a shorter’s cover and as well as more uh hedge funds go ahead and buy the stock to go ahead and um sell the shares for the specific strike prices that um they’re, obviously assigned for the stock, has so much upside potential. I think it’s going to really go up. The only thing that could drive this price down would be that people sell their shares as soon as a jump happens in the stock as long as people are holding their shares. This stock has absolute potential to go to 50, even more so as long as the people are not selling and taking their profits early. This company is going to do good and again the reason why i say don’t take your profits early with this one. You guys can take them slowly, but don’t take all of them as soon as the jump happens is because all this money is literally just going to come from hedge funds and again there’s unlimited upside potential. With this one so that’s all, i really have to say guys, like the video, if guys have not already done so subscribe if you’re new turn on notifications join weeble, if you haven’t done so and again join my patreon.

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