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Today i did about 95 trades. Today i had another update, uh january’s a great month so far and uh well, it’s over friday. The first month’s gone and february monday is uh february, 1st, so january’s in the book soon. So nokia was the leader in the leaderboard. I have a put in nokia that i sold apple was up a little bit. Gamestop uh blew up and after hours i think it hit 250. uh. I did not touch gamestop. I will not get involved in that don’t want any piece of that. I actually have two puts. I have a 13 and 25 put from calendar spreads when gamestop was at 35 and it was moving high and i thought it was overpriced. I imagine at 250 dollars anyways my my lottos are there. I didn’t do anything with them. They’Re still, there amc, i have a put in amc. I closed down my amc put in february and i opened one in march and if i’m, not mistaken, amc had a huge move after hours. Yes, it did up 3 325 up huge uh. Probably you can see it better here i wan na say it was six something i saw it on the on the ticker. Can you see oh actually, i’m wrong? 8.20 wow? Well, anyways. I have a position in here. I sold the um, ah see what i got. Amc, i sold the so i closed out february this one and i made 50 and i went ahead and opened march and i opened uh four.

I opened up the four. What did i collect for that? Four i’m gon na check for you here, i’ll make this video about amc and then i’ll do other ones. Oh, why is it taking so long it’s taking um, okay, uh let’s? Do i think i did the last seven days, yeah it’s right here, so i bought back the the february for 55 cents and i made a 50 profit and then i sold i sold the march 4 put for a dollar fifty, so i should keep should be Able to keep that premium, uh so show amd amc, so yeah and uh stocks all the way up here crazy. So i should be able to keep my premium. I mean, i know there’s still a lot of time, but i think uh the premiums should fall and i should i i should i’ll try and buy it back for cheap or maybe maybe roll it up and collect more credit. I’Ll see how i play, but anyways um i’ll make this video about amc, huge move after hours and i’ll do some other ones here. On on um on a on bar chart, i’ll do one on space. I did a trade in space. I have no position in tesla. I did a training work course. So i’ll do a video for you guys on that one. You guys know. I have blackberry, i saw the put in there uh. I actually did a a bearish trading nicola.

I think that’s garbage, but whatever uh facebook has earnings soon. I closed my facebook put credit spread for fifty percent today, bed, bath and beyond. I could not do anything there and i’m not interested in doing anything. I couldn’t sell anything in there on to the call side uh that that squeeze is just being played like like gamestop i i could not get a credit on the on the call side to try and go bearish at all, so i stayed away plugged it good. I think i have a i put credit spread and plug drive kings. I have no position ford. I have no position amazon. I have no position tell ray, i close. My credit spread uh. I open the put credit spread in fuel cell. I have a put in fubo in a position in jnj anyways.

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