State of emergency, New Jersey, West Orange inter Storm Update Winter Storm to evolve into potential Nor"easter

Looking at our overview, we’ve got a major winter storm crossing through the midwest right now. The power from that glow will be transferred into a new coastal low, which will, in turn strengthen into the nor’easter. As a result, we’ve got major metropolitan areas that are expected to receive half a foot of snow out of this system and, as you can look in the winter storm severity index out, look we’ve got a very large swath of areas that we’ll be seeing, especially major Cities like dc new york and boston that would be impacted by this, but looking more in depth at who will be receiving what kind of impacts you’ve got major impacts for chicago aurora and rockford illinois we’ve also got some fort wayne. Indiana and yonkers new york. We’Ve got moderate impacts for indianapolis indiana columbus, ohio, philadelphia, pennsylvania, baltimore, maryland washington dc and new york. New york that’s a lot of big cities in that one in our minor impacts, we’ve got cincinnati, ohio, state college, pennsylvania, williamsport, pennsylvania and boston massachusetts and those receiving limited impacts would be detroit. Michigan peoria illinois, lexington kentucky syracuse, buffalo and albany new york, as well as concord new hampshire. Looking at our accumulation threat, which is basically going into the specifics that make the winter storm severity index, we’ve got accumulations that will be ranging from moderate to major, depending on where you are major spots, aren’t, really that there extreme the fact that this is mainly in The midwest right now, at least for day one.

There could be major impacts along the mid atlantic, especially in southern pennsylvania and into new jersey and is yet to be seen, but we’ll probably be in future updates. Looking at our blowing snow threat, it’s really limited and any minor impacts are confined to south of chicago and west of that city. Our ice accumulation threat again mainly in the mid atlantic. This time around and it’s, really where the rain snow line sets up that’ll be giving away who will be getting ice and how much ice in terms of impacts on that spectrum. Music. Our blizzard threat is really limited and is confined to areas that are going to be seeing the strongest winds out of the system, so not much of a blizzard threat with this storm. So, overall, when you put those together, this is what you get for the map. Just taking full screen this time, you can see the large swath of oranges there. That means we’ve got millions of people that will be in this swath of moderate to major impacts and obviously that’s going to be severely limiting travel on the roads. Our snow accumulations. You can see how we’ve got gfs predicting about a nice flood of snow in about pennsylvania in northern maryland. He sees a little spot of foot plus snow totals in central new jersey. I should note uh that, because of the uncertainty as to what will happen once it becomes a nor’easter, there’s models are depicting different scenarios and i’ll be reviewing them here.

So as well as the gfs we’ve also got the european model a little bit more of the uh expansive than the gfs. As you can see here, which includes southeastern pennsylvania’s and northern new jersey in the 12 inch snow turtles and more there in the burgundy colors. The canadian model is somewhat similar, but they’re going a little bit aggressive there, as you can tell here by those other colors in the orange, which pick two feet or more in terms of snow totals. This is one of the probably the worst case scenarios and i don’t see this happening, but this is just one of the main malls that we’ve been seeing Music and in terms of our freezing rain accumulations uh most of our freezing rain will be impacting areas in Virginia and the appalachian mountains, as well as southern ohio, and into the midwest in the northern states, of those looking at our future cast from the gfs. You can see how the complex system that we got here begins to transfer its energy into a coastal low, located off the carolinas before rapidly strengthening into a nor’easter and pretty much pounding north the northeast. So, as you can tell as long as we don’t have winter storm impacts in the winter storm severe index scale for the northeast, that means it is not going to stay that way. There will be impacts there, it’s just not until around late, tuesday and wednesday. That will be the worst.

So looking at our winter weather overview, we’ve got our three cities in the major here chicago fort lane in yonkers, and if you can look, if you’re in the risk you’re pretty much in the snowfall risk as well. Ice is really limited to the mid atlantic regions and blizzard impacts are just not expected from this at least not much. Our complex system is becoming a nor’easter which is going to be impacting Music. Millions of people, significant snowfall, totals of half a foot or more are likely for the populist cities like baltimore and philadelphia new york. All those areas could be saying: half a foot of snow. More and more. You can find for some of our outlets at You can find our twitter at www.twitter.com13 us. You can find our main website at, our patreon at patreon.com13 and our store at it’s, going to be a big one. So if you’re in it stay safe and we’ll, see you on the next video update. This is xavier burns from force 13.

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