The reason people are asking the fed about it on national television we’re, going to talk a little bit about game, stopping amc, bb, all kinds of them out there, the ones that i talked about yesterday, as well as the ones i have today and i’m going to End with some good news, i’m going to bring out a couple stocks that did very well today that are in the normal portfolios, so stick around. I think you’re going to like what i got for you. If you’re new to the channel, i am stock mo i’m. An old financial advisor and educator who now does youtube, so what we have today is a bunch of craziness, but before i get into it all all i want you to do is hit the subscribe button hit the little bell notifications all and that way, every time I put a video out there. You’Ll get a notification, i also have a link down below to. We will get four free stocks and you put 100 bucks in there. They’Ll give you four free stocks worth up to 21, all the way up to 3 700. All together, i get one free share because i’m affiliates how you help to support the channel, and i also have a link down below to my patreon, with a private discord with thousands of members. We talk stocks all day and night. Long definitely a great place to go it’s another way to help me out so now, we’re going to get into today, we’re going to talk about all the craziness.

Just what happened out there i’ll tell you what i watch a lot of tv, but this is the best show you could watch today, it’s just getting on there watching a certain amount of stocks in the watchless, seeing how they’re moving the pre market was crazy. You know gamestop i doubled again. I think i mean all these stocks are just going crazy and it’s really interesting to look at so we’re going to go ahead and take a look at it. We’Re going to look at the portfolios i’m going to show you some stocks that did well and i added a few stocks. I bought some i’m going to share those with you right. I guess he didn’t like that. So before we get into the stocks, let’s go ahead and take a look at the portfolios. You will see that today we ended into the red for the year for the youtube portfolio. We have one stock that’s still in the green, which is neo neo, always coming on strong. I love this stock. I feel good about the ev industry long term. That is one that i have no problem holding and then, of course, we have three stocks in there. We go in order of when we added them. Crisper was the next one. Now down 14, the genomic space is not doing well, and this is taking the biggest hit out of all of them and we’re down 100. Oh we’re down 562 from that one.

Then we have tattooed chef, not bad, only down 1.98, since we added especially after what happened in the market today and, of course, plug another one. I really think is going to do well, but we gave up all those big gains. We were up like 14 15. Now, even now we’re down 324 for the year, but this is a long year and i do think i’m going to tell you something right up front. I do think that the second quarter on is when we’re going to be getting out of all this craziness and a lot of the pros out there saying hey. We need to have a correction just to straighten up this market a little bit get ready for that. Next big bull run and that’s what we’re looking at right now, so you see that red out there, you see the market dropping down two and a half three percent. That is something we need to see before we get into that next, sustained bull run. I do still think we’re gon na have some choppy waters through january. I’Ve said this multiple times january is going to be a tough month. I feel like once we get through the middle end of february. We’Ll start to begin into that next nice bull run, but right now we do have a little bit of red out there. It was a buying opportunity for those who have the cash on the sidelines and for those into the big crazy stocks out there we’re going to be talking about them in one second.

The next thing we have here is my high risk. I made some changes. I want to get into this real quick. This is my high risk don’t get into it. Just watch this for entertainment, just kind of like you watch some of these stocks today, this this can go all over the place. This is my penny stock portfolio. I have growth portfolios that i these were for the long term. I put my family’s money in i’d, really do that. This is just a little side money i like to have fun with and just high risk daily i’m trading. It a lot you’re going to see lots of trades in this, and i do this all over the patreon, but this one i did make some moves today. I did sold infi after it got down about 10 percent a little over 10 to 15. It came back by the time a little bit by the time i sold it, but was down 491 altogether, and then i did sell half of abml to lock in some profits. I did that at a certain time when it ended up being a profit of 1903. I sold half of the shares so and then i locked in the rest for the long term. I do that once i get stocks up about a hundred percent, i like to do that roughly. Unless i see a continuing gain because you somebody can say the same thing about c bat or let’s, see g n – u s up 117 saw that going.

I let it go because that one i don’t i don’t like just selling right when i hit 100. I like to see it pop and see how far that pop goes before i do anything so this one i i’m just astonished, because at 141 now, 306 i’d like to see that pop again tomorrow, we’ll see and just watch how well we do with that. So that was a nice surprise. Game today did not expect that uh, but i do like to keep the portfolio pretty similar in position. Seven percent around here, as you see, but this one’s now at 15.. So i like to rebalance it and it’s some people say you’re taking that out because you don’t like it. No, i love it if i didn’t, like it i’d, get rid of it and that’s what i did with infi, because we lost about it, got down to that 15 mark and every time in penny stocks i don’t mess around if it gets down to around 15 Percent down i get out of it. I move on. I find other positions which i did find some. What did i get into today? I thought i’d have a little bit of fun and i do like uh. I did like the chart for idex nice sustained chart, but we’ll get into this down the road that’s. Not for this video. I will go over. Why i’m buying these? I did jump in on bng0 as well.

I thought after it had a nice high. Today. Came all the way down. I was trying to time the daily and obviously i missed it a little bit because it dropped another three percent after i got in, but i do like that. The genomic space is still good and i still think bingo after raising all that. Capital has some opportunities moving forward, but we’ll see and, of course, nokia and everybody said you know hey. Why are you getting in on that one because you know there’s, always the questions when i purchase them. This one is a dual kind of thing: i’m, trying to ride that wave. I want to see if i can catch a little bit of that upswing, but for a lot of the stocks we talk about, they have negative earnings. Nokia has positive earnings, so they’re going to have a positive earnings this year and you’ve got a stock that’s down in the in very small, very tiny uh, the price i’m thinking. Okay, we can take this stock and maybe with that positive earnings and getting some attention. Finally, people will notice it and it should start to pop a little bit start to climb. So these are my high risk penny stock plays, as you can see. Overall, we are now up 10. 717 dollars. I started this on well, i started this last week, so we are doing very well we’re up 23.11 percent in a little over a week.

I think it started it last wednesday at around three o’clock. So i have no problems with that. I do expect the market to be all over the place, but my job is to capture gains and then reinvest them and and diversify. More so now we went from 10 positions and now i’m up to uh 11 positions. So not only did i capture some of the profits got rid of one of the stocks that were very red and then moved it into some positive numbers, i’m liking. How i’m going to be able to grow this and that’s? What i’m going to continue to do through now? I have abml in there locked in half the property, i’ll profit and i’ll. Let this go and we’ll see how we make out now let’s get into some positive news today. Before i talk about the the four a couple of the stocks that went crazy today, airbnb nice little stock today up 4.42 – i know they’ve been doing well. If we look at the one month, you can start to see that trend line and i’m liking that and then, of course, p l t r. This is another one. I was in this couple: people questioning it. Why are you getting into that? I i told a lot of things about this stock is that i saw it with positive earnings. Doing very well – and i said this stock could continue to grow through time and, as you can see over the last month, it was kind of stale and all of a sudden, now it’s pop from 25 all the way up to here, and that is a massive Gain and so i’m loving that little ride and if we look at the six months, it’s even better – and you can see in here – we were talking about this back here and then it starts to build more and build up.

And so we had good news there. Carnival another one, a lot of people did not expect, but this stock trying to dropping down kind of popped a little bit today after that big drop of the last few days, even during all the red we had a day to day where it was up. 1.’ percent and, of course, the one i really liked the most workhorse workhorse is just crazy stock. A lot of people wondering why it’s popping right. Now, though, there was no decision on the usps contract, but biden came out and said he would like to have his entire federal fleet in evs, clean energy, so uh i like that, and i think after you saw that you could see. That report had to be right here at night and then the next day it popped and then boom and that’s today so two straight days. So that tells me that most likely they should get a piece of that contract to usps during the second quarter and that’s. Not gon na be until let’s, see april may or june we’ll find out about that so i’m, hoping that that that would come out and they would get some of that contract to get into that clean energy. The last thing i want to talk about is tesla. You can see that here right here in the chart and what we see is they they released their earnings. They were supposed to have anywhere from 90 cents to a dollar too positive.

They ended up with 80 cents positive, but that was based on 180 570 deliveries. In q4, which was just incredible now that surged 61 percent that was led by the model 3 and, of course, a revenue of 10.74 billion so i’m happy with tesla. I see where you know they missed their expectations for the earnings. That was a little shocking and that’s. Why you see this action here, but in the long run i think a lot of people see the same thing. I see that this company’s still solid and it gave everybody a lot of people a buying opportunity, because this thing dropped down to 800 and now it’s already back up to 837. i’m. Not going to be surprised to see people read into to see how well they’re doing and see this continue to grow, and i i can see this popping back long term. I still stick with the 950 to 1250. I think dan knives put out there. I think that’s a solid estimate for the end of this year and we’ll see how we go. So i did a video this morning on four crazy stocks and i recorded that way before the popping. I wasn’t sure how they’re going to do, but i did see a couple articles out there discussing them and i was curious to see how they’d make out and lo and behold, gamestop did go up 134 again today, which i don’t know what to say at this Point like i said, i’ve never seen anything like this before and i do understand the the whole thing.

If you have a 140 percent short interest, which doesn’t even make sense to me, but that’s, how it is well, then you’re going to have a short squeeze if everybody comes in and starts buying it, but you’ve got to look into both sides of the fence. On this, if you’re shorting a company you’re hoping it fails and if it fails and it goes bankrupt, people lose jobs, there’s a lot of negatives to that, and, of course, if you are on the other side of the fence and you buy the stock you’re trying To help that company and have it, you know, give it an opportunity to have that share price, a little higher and keep itself afloat. So i do see both sides of it, both from just investing that you know the the fit survive and those who don’t don’t and but i also see this so i know some people are like hey, that’s, that’s kind of crazy out there they’re buying all these Stocks and they’re pushing it up and remember when somebody’s making money they usually mean somebody else is losing money. So when you see stocks, this high that’s scary, i wouldn’t – you know i don’t know. I wouldn’t know what to do with something like this. Do you short it do you buy it? Do you think it continues to go higher? Looking at the aftermarket, you can see it down five percent. I said to short it back when it was 70 or 80.

I was talking with my buddy. She said, what do you think i said: i’d shoot shorted at 80.. Now i didn’t touch this thing but i’m going to tell you something at this point. I know i was wrong and i would even hate to guess now what to do so. I would warn people, i did see a lot of things out there on the internet with fake tweets from people. They would just make fake ones and send them out and say: hey look what they just said and i’d go check out, the official uh twitter and they weren’t there. It was a lie, they were lying about it and they were just spreading lies out there trying to push these things higher, and so i would be concerned with anything you read out there online, even videos. Even my video, you should always go out and do your due diligence about what you’re hearing here and never just take somebody’s word for it. Now i am giving you a warning saying before you act on anything you read out there make sure it’s legit make sure you can trust it and that it’s all safe, because i don’t want to see anybody holding the bag on this. If this thing goes back down to 50, 40, 30 20, a share remember: somebody would have to hold that bag and somebody’s losing that money or every time somebody sells somebody’s buying it can get. It can get dicey.

You can see the market today was just crazy and even even the growth funds and stuff i have over there. We took a hit today, but overall for the year, we’re still up it’s a good year so far, i think we’re still up in the double digits. So i have no complaints over since january 4th now i don’t like having these red days either, but there’s something else. Let’S take a look at another one. I also had bb in there didn’t realize different company than the old phone company. Now somebody straightened me out a little bit because i didn’t look into these i’m just going by the news. Like everybody else, i see that’s down 11 in the after hours of 33. I did think this one had a little bit better opportunity. It did not like. I thought the graph was going nicely already before, like all the interest, and i still think it could have a big pop moving forward. We will see obviously down 10 in the after hours. I think some people get nervous once the market close and they just want to get out. They don’t want to leave their money in there. They want to secure their gains and i don’t blame them that’s. What you see me do once in a while, and then you take that money and you just run with it and another one. What was the other one? We talked about amc i like amc.

I was hoping for this one to get a pop out of it because you know they have. I have a movie theater right down the street from me and they give you unlimited free, slushy refills, and when i heard that they were, some people were murmuring out there hey, there could be a bankruptcy. You know they’re they’re not being able to open people aren’t going and then i know they raised some funds lately and they did very well – and i don’t know if it was around 900 million dollars worth of funds. You have to check on that, but they raised funds and they were good for this year now and i was happy and now you got the share spiking. What i’m seeing here is that they have an opportunity, it’s down 22 percent in the after hours, but they have an opportunity to go ahead if they wanted to and sell direct shares and raise capital more to really secure themselves over the next 24 months until everything’s. Back to normal people are going back to the theaters i’m, getting those unlimited, slushies and that’s. The good news so we’ll see how this makes out overall uh, like i said, if you’re in these just beware, remember any given time these stocks can go back down now and the last one was one called express, as i don’t know the ticker symbol for this One e x, p r. This is another one. I did not even check today and i just the first time i checked this one up: 214 percent holy cow.

There you go. That was another one that we discussed. These are ones that had big short interest that people were talking about out there, the wall street bets – and these are names that were thrown – that i found that they were discussing and you can see all four of them had huge gains. I didn’t realize this one was up 214 percent. I think this one mixed with uh. What do we got here? Gamestop and amc were your biggest movers and i’m. Not gon na lie to them a little shocked by all this and, like i said this one’s, the only one that’s still green in the after hours. So you know if you’re out there taking chances – and you remember when you see the when you see it going up like that, and somebody told me having a little rocket ship out there on a quote on a message board. Isn’T due diligence make sure you know what you’re getting into and remember at any given moment. You could lose all your investments, so it can be dangerous out there. So this is my update. I gave you some good news on the stocks gave you some. We talked about the wild ones. Tesla did well missed their earnings just by a little bit but tons of deliveries. 180 000 cars – that is wonderful, so there’s good things happening out there we got to get through this wild stuff. Then i think we’re going to have a nice little ride through a new bull market.

So as i look at this, if we do have a sustained sell off over the next few days, which i’m not going to be surprised, there’s, so much action out there, i haven’t seen so much volatility trading everywhere. People going crazy that it’s due to usually have a sell off when that happens, when everybody’s buying, we should be selling when everybody’s selling we should be buying and in the long run, be patient, find the best stocks out there. Good fundamentals and just hold on and eventually know that they will come out and they’ll do well remember we have a big stimulus coming and there’s going to be some other things. The fed has the low rates that’s going to be held throughout 2021 and that sets up for a nice year this year. I stick by my s. P. 500. I said it will be up 15 to 20 percent. I still think that’s gon na happen and we’ll see, because if we have any problems in the market, you know they’re going to come out and do everything they can to prop it up and allow that to happen, especially with the change of administration. They don’t want to come in thinking that everything’s bad, because they’re here so they’ll do everything they can to make sure the market stays propped up and business is spending and people are working, so we’ll see how it makes out, but it was definitely an interesting thing. The after hours are already starting to look real interesting with some of these big name stocks, so we’ll see how that all works out, thanks for stopping by remember, take advantage of the four weeble stocks down below.

I get one free because i’m affiliate helps us all out. You got to put 100 bucks in there and then you come out and try some of these stocks and then what’s the other one. We have come over to the patreon. You can join us. We have a discord over there.

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