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We do have now some statements from robin hood and interactive brokers about restricting trading on some names. Gme, amc, bb short, squeeze infinity, squeeze clear manipulation. If you don’t know what i’m talking about, then, where have you been i’m just joking? We are in what i think is a once in a decade opportunity for a massive transfer well from the fat cats of wall street to the average investor, joe and without question. I do not see this ending by this week. What on earth is going on? What do i think will happen, and what am i doing about it? Stay tuned to get in on the know: Music. Keep it yolo, okay, no time for intros, but i have to highlight that i am not a financial advisor. So please understand this. Video is all for entertainment. Only no more plugging let’s start drilling. If you haven’t been following the market and are wondering what the heck is going on huh, then let me give you a really simple overview and bear with me here. Okay, so wall street bets is a subreddit group where members discuss all things, stocks and options trading. They have been all over the news for piling into stocks and generally they go all out on options and they recently acquired a target in the form of game. Stop. So here’s, where the madness starts game stop, was a stock heavily shorted up and over 100 of the total flow that’s.

Just ridiculous. You may ask: how is that even possible, or even legal, well it’s possible? Because if you go short, essentially you are borrowing the shares at a certain price, hoping the price goes down and when they do, you buy the stock at the cheaper price and return it back to the lender and pocketing the difference. Well, this lender could, in theory, be lending out the same stock to multiple parties which in theory, doesn’t seem all that legit. But i am no expert in this field, so this is clearly what happened to gamestop now. The catalyst that sent gamestop into hyperdrive seems to have been a post made by the famed short seller andrew left of citroen research that came out on january the 19th and said they were short gamestop to 20, with five massive reasons: lol the wall street back guys. Then literally went crazy and yolo’d into gamestop, sending it up 65 within three days, but then the hype was real. As the squeeze continued due to these guys buying, holding and refusing to sell, we can see the squeeze in a parabolic move as the proceeded to explode 434 percent to close at 347 on wednesday. Immense the whole market on wednesday was red. Look at the dow down two percent s p down 2.5 percent and the nasdaq down 2.6 and my shocked or concerned not at all on a pure logical play. The whole market is selling off and in part it has a lot to do with the pumping up of these stocks.

Like gme and amc people are selling their positions in other stocks to load up on these hyperdrive stocks. Then we have all the short sellers literally running for cover, which means they are also buying these hyperdrive stocks, meaning the snowball effect is in full motion as i’m recording this on thursday. The whole market is green, a complete reversal from wednesday, where everyone was selling today. Everyone is buying because the prices are just too enticing and i’m sure it’s, not just retail investors, buying i’m sure loads of institutions are taking the opportunity to buy more stocks at discounted prices. Okay, i think this could go on for at least another week or two or heck who knows with the famed infinity squeeze of volkswagen. It became for two days the most valuable company in the world. Think about that now. The market cap of gamestop is currently around 24 billion at the time of recording the most valuable company in the world is apple at 2.2. Trillion dollars trillion dollars. Think about that to say gamestop can top. This is certainly unthinkable and probably impossible. They do say, though, history tends to repeat itself, but if this were to happen, then, based on my rough calculations, the gamestop share price would have to hit over 34 600 per share a further 100x from its current price at recording of 347. In order to overtake apple and their 2.2 trillion dollars, i just don’t think – and i just can’t see this happening, but nothing is impossible and if it does, this will literally go down in history and i can see the whole market facing armageddon.

Okay, probably not the best analogy, but you probably get what i mean: there’s, certainly going to be repercussions throughout the market and the sec, and the government are clearly going to step in this may go on because this time we are not seeing one target like back In the vw infinity squeeze, we are now seeing multiple high shortest stocks. Seeing huge moves, ups and squeezes could be coming from all fronts. The panic on wall street is real and several hedge funds are seemingly in extreme trouble. When i piece together, all the clues, such as several huge brokerages, not allowing us to buy these stocks and how these short sellers, such as melvin capital, have come out and declared that they have closed their positions, even though they actually say they wouldn’t disclose their positions. That is just suspect at best, and then you have all these fake news outlets calling the wall street bets community as a gang of retail investors with no clue and doing illegal things come on. Something is very fishy about the whole thing and it just doesn’t. Take a genius to start piecing together. What moves must be going on behind closed doors? Then we have people like elon musk tweeting about the whole situation and check this. We have the legend himself jamal pali, hapatia, jumping on the gme bandwagon and buying calls listen to this. I think that what you’re seeing is um, essentially a push back against the establishment in a really important way.

You have a lot of people and i would encourage anybody who is dismissive of this thing to go into wall street bets and actually just read the forums, and i think that you’re going to see three kinds of posts. The first kind of content are a lot of people, doing some incredible fundamental diligence on companies trying to think about long term value and, in my opinion, many of them are doing as good and, frankly, a better job than a lot of hedge fund. Analysts that i work with that’s number one, the second for a lot of people who believe that you know coming out of 2008. What happened was wall street took an enormous amount of risk and they left retail as the bag holder, and a lot of these kids were in grade school in high school. When that happened, they lost their homes, their parents lost their jobs and they’ve always wondered like. Why did those folks get bailed out for taking enormous amounts of risk and nobody helped and showed up to help my family and then? The third thing is a realization that, instead of having idea, dinners or you know, quiet, whispered conversations amongst hedge funds in the hamptons, these kids have the courage to do it transparently in a forum and i’m not saying all of it is perfect by any means. But i think it takes an enormous amount of faith in the system to be that transparent to talk about things and then for each individual to make their own mind up and to do things whether it’s to buy and to sell the risks are quite obvious.

The sec could suspend these stocks for up to 10 days, which would mean, if you do have options, they could expire worthless, which would just be sickening. I don’t really see this happening, as this would literally mean the end of freedom in the markets, but there is a danger, especially as we see platforms, shutting down social media shutting down, and essentially a lot of this clearly is playing out in the background. Okay. So, for me this is a once in a decade, if not lifetime opportunity to get involved. I mean look at the gun wall street bets who turn 50 grand into 10 lifetimes worth of wealth. These are extreme high risk maneuvers, but i mean the opportunity to ride or just be part of this movement against the establishment is too good for me not to be a part of it. I don’t agree with everything wall street bets, but i admire the movement against these hedge funds, who, for years, have been profiting on retail investors by manipulation of markets it’s time the little guys rise up and the most important thing is the stock market is in sell Off mode, which means i can also pump up my portfolio stock positions and look to ride the yolo okay, so i’ve set aside a small amount of money which i’m perfectly okay to lose, and i have to use the phrase yolo’d into amc and bb stock. I’M. Just gon na think of it as donating to the cause and if anything comes out from this in the aftermath, such as changes to short selling, etc.

Then that, for me, would be a positive at the very least, and stop us retail investors getting raped by the big boys in the future. Now, if these do explode like gamestop, then it’s an instant win win for me if they don’t, then i’m, just gon na put these stocks away and look at them in like five years time. There are some reasons to be optimistic for me, though, and here’s my quick summary for both amc and bb. I believe long term. Once the pandemic is over and it will be over someday, then amc will come back to life as things return to normal. Then people will go to the cinemas to catch a movie hell. I know i will so long term. I see no issues and recently they did announce. They have sufficient capital to at least survive through 2021. If we look back at 2017, amc was trading around and over 30. Now, if and when the pandemic is finished, it may spark a huge sudden demand for things like going to the cinema simply because we’ve been deprived of these for so long that’s. Just my speculation, of course: well what about blackberry? They were once the high roller in mobile phones and at their dominance. They were a 130 stock back in 2008 and although they haven’t caught on to market trends and thus not been a force, they once were. They are now starting to use and find niche uses for their patented technology, especially in autonomous vehicle applications.

This is exciting for me, and they just announced they have expanded a partnership with baidu for autonomous driving technology. This could be big moving forwards with the overall stock market seeming to enter a correction period. I will not be selling any of my current stocks in my portfolio and instead, like i’ve already mentioned i’ll, be looking to add more shares, especially if the slide continues in the market. Remember this stock market drop is a once in a lifetime opportunity of transfer of wealth, as the big boys need to sell their long positions in great stocks to cover their shorts. This is when you can go shopping for tesla, google, amazon, etc at great discounted prices. For me, it’s a win win, so i think one way or another now is a great time to be building up your positions for sure i’ll be picking up more neo and palantir, but that’s. Just my game plan and let’s see how the market plays out in the next coming few days with supposedly a lot of the options expiring on gme and amc. Thank you for watching and remember that i have gone yolo into amc and bb. So please do your own due diligence and only risk what you can afford to lose in these hyper. Stop plays speak to a professional before you look to invest any of your money. If you are interested in other huge growth stocks that i have in my portfolio, please check out my other videos for more huge growth topics, analysis and updates.

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