Only yes, it’s, the repeat today, i thought i’d do a quick video. You don’t see this every day this one’s gon na be on what was happening today. Talking about the stocks out there, the game stops. The amc, the express blackberry and even nokia we’re going to talk about them, real quick because they are going crazy in the after hours and, like i said you don’t see this too often i thought i’d. Do a special episode share. Some of what i think is happening and what’s going to happen and where to go, and what would i do if it was me investing in these so stick around. I think you’re going to like what i got for you if you’re new to the channel. I am stock mom, an old financial advisor, slash, broker, slash teacher. I did a lot of things in my life. I did college of the high school level classes in education and now i do this on youtube uh. All i ask in return for what i’m doing hit that little subscribe button bell up there, notifications all and every time i put a video out there, you will get notified. I also have links down below to weeble, where you sign up, and you put 100 bucks in you, get four free stocks and that’s good, because i heard a lot of people are having issues today with some of their brokerages and that’s. Why? I have four different ones set up for me personally in case you can’t get some because i know some places don’t have the otcs.

Some of them are not allowing you to buy certain ones so that’s, something to look at as you’re moving forward and it’s good to have different brokerages weeble’s, giving you the four free stocks i get. One free one and all you got to do is put 100 bucks in there. You can get 21 20 21 guaranteed up to 3 700 possible, so there’s, some good things there to take advantage of. I also have my link down below to the patreon and you can come over and join us there, and i have a private discord. All my portfolios there that you can see and just watch them update, live. I put them in google sheets, which is a nice thing to see and it’s just a good way to help me out now, let’s get into it today. Right now i have the high risk penny stock portfolio. You can see right here and it ended up. 14.34 percent up for those that didn’t see and we did make some changes with the certain places changing things i i a lot of these stocks we had were going crazy. Nokia was one of them that started dropping rapidly for anybody that follows my channel. If i have a penny stock – and i put it in my penny stock portfolio – which i do share on youtube – i get out of those if they drop more than 15 percent, sometimes i’ll. Let them go a little bit more.

This one dropped all the way down to over 30. Something percent cost me big time and that’s it. So i sold out at 12.99 and gnus was another one. It went up over 100. I still think i like this long term but i’m going to let it settle a little bit see what happens. You know there is a great chance. It could go back up because i do think it’s a good, solid company, and i got into this one way back on the 20th before there was any action like we were seeing on it. So that is when we locked in a 1900 profit altogether. We sold and made two thousand dollars since we started this on the 20th of january, which is a week ago, a little over a week ago. So we’re doing well and i’m happy with that, and we got some big gainers over here and i’m watching them and, of course, the two newest ones id e x and bingo. I still have high hopes for and i’m thinking, they’re going to have a nice comeback, but we’ll have to wait and see on that. So we are up 5 488. over overall and i’m liking it and, of course, the youtube portfolio putting in a new stock. On monday, for 4 000, but right now you can see the only two that are profitable are neo and plug uh tattooed chef’s, going close it’s doing all right and of course, crispr had a little bit of rough time here down 12.

But i do see some good things: we’re going to watch i’m going to hold these for 52 weeks, no matter what i’m going to hold these, i should say until the end of the year now let’s get into what i wanted to talk about today, and that Is going to be these stocks gamestop in the after hours unbelievable? I did not think this would see this kind of growth again after some of the places were taking it off that you couldn’t trade it and that just blew my mind, and so i do know. I went over and i can say i wanted to see if you could buy something, so i bought one share of amc after i found it, you couldn’t do it over at robinhood. I was just curious because somebody was writing me. Hey, i heard you can get it at weeble and i didn’t want to give anybody bad information, so i bought one share of of amc and i think i bought it, for i think it was nine bucks. I got it right at the end of the day. So it’s probably yeah nine bucks, so i got it right there just to see and to see if it can do it. I love amc because i go to the theaters there. I have one about a couple of two or three blocks away from my house here and they have a slushie machine and i love cherry slushies and you get one and but it’s on the outside, where all you have on the outside of the the food place.

There they put it on the outside like a soda refill, but it has a slushie there too. So you get all you can drink slushies for the entire movie when you’re there, and i love it – it’s one of the best things in the world. So you go in there of course, they’re expensive, like five bucks for a cup, but then you’re drinking like six or seven slushies throughout a two hour movie, and i love amc. So when i heard that they were in deep trouble, i was actually really upset because it wasn’t so much this the stock. I didn’t want to see my movie theater closed down because i go there all the time and i was really upset about that because it’s one of my great memories with my my kids and everybody else – is going to amc and watching the movies. And you know star wars, the the avengers all that good stuff and i was kind of heartbroken. When i heard they were in deep trouble, then they had a fundraising though, and i actually had amc written down on my list as a possible. I call it a penny stock because of the risk, but you know when you look at how much they’re worth the market cap’s actually 2.93 back, then it was close to that one billion mark that i call a penny stock. Anything under a billion i like to call a penny stock. I forget what the definition for micro caps are.

I don’t know if it’s 250 up to 1.5 billion or up to but there’s a number uh for a definition for what a micro cap stock is. I just call anything under a billion or around there a penny stock, so this was in my penny stock numbers and i was going to buy it. But then this whole wall street bets things blew up and then we got into what we’re in now and this stock is up 41 in the after hours. I made two bucks now i am not. Personally, i do not own gamestop. I do not own amc. I do not own express, i do not own blackberry, i do not own nokia, i did have nokia, but nokia was a different one. So when you look at nokia, you can see this company actually has a positive, p e ratio of 29.67 even after it was all the way you know, even at 469 has a decent one, and i always say 15 is a solid, p e ratio. So if you actually go back five days ago, this stock uh, if we look at around four nine 417, takes it down a little bit lower in the 20s, it was a decent stock. The buy is a penny stock moving forward and i had that one written down and that one we got into hoping that people would see the same thing that this company actually could be a very lucrative investment moving forward.

Just because it has a good positive pe and i thought it would continue, it has a nice dividend, it was a good stop and then all of a sudden, i found out hey and we got into it with. I got into that yesterday hoping that it would have a big blow up moving up, and that did not happen for me and it ended up having a huge loss and uh. That was one that we, i ended up selling and it is what it is. So no complaints there now moving on, as i said just so, you know, when you look at my penny stocks, you can see. I sold nokia there. That was one that we ended up taking a hit on and it was disappointing because i really thought that would be a great stock for that one and i hope to momentum. But a lot of things changed and you couldn’t buy and sell certain stocks and certain brokerages and it was just changed out all over the place. So i did find out that amc you can buy over at weibo. I don’t know about gamestop, but anyways express i just heard there’s a lot of issues out there. We look at express it’s, another one, i didn’t think. Would it take off or anything after hours, up 32 percent and then blackberry? Look at this thing. This is 14 higher but of course, look at the loss. 41 percent and nokia same thing down almost 30 up 5.

So if we look at these big losses and then it goes up in the after hours i’m starting to see a pattern with this – and it makes me nervous – remember i don’t own any of these i’m just doing this because it’s interesting, i laughed with my wife And i said, look they’re going to be making a movie on this and they are going to make a movie on this someday. I guarantee it because there is no doubt in my mind that there are so many people out there. That would want to go see this movie and we will find out i’ll be the first in line. If i can be. This is interesting. Billions of dollars were trading hands easily in the market. Based on all these stocks put together, it is incredible and fortunes were made and lost all based on a reddit sub, a group and no i’m, not a part of that, and i wasn’t even aware of it. I don’t i haven’t even been in there to see it. I probably should go over and check it out, but i heard it was closed or is it open or i don’t even know, what’s going on with it i’m so busy working on my research and stuff? I don’t have a lot of time. I just get messages back and forth over our discord and the messages people send me just asking me about it, so i do like gamestop and amc.

These are kind of the childhood, the blackberry or the nokia. I should say – and you can see a lot of these – these companies that were there. So what do i think about all this? A lot of people ask me: what do you think’s going on? I had like a thousand messages on my phone, hey what’s, going on with this gamestop. Should i get in? Should i get? Should i not? At the end of the day, this thing is getting pushed up to 318 dollars a share and i invest in fundamentals. You got to look how much income is coming in. This is a short squeeze play and i understand that that’s a that’s, a strategy for investing. You find people who are shorting a company and if you have enough buyers come in, they can force those people who shorted the company and they want the company to fail to actually see that price go up and there’s margin calls. They have to go and put more money in or they close their position and they can keep putting money in. But when it’s a huge short squeeze like this, that can be into the i’m guessing millions and millions and millions of dollars and tens of millions of dollars, if not even more i’m, not sure i didn’t look at the actual numbers on this for how much it Is well the market cap of 13 million now, and i heard they had over 100 short at the time they started this uh.

I don’t know how many million that got to, but if they kept putting more and more money in that big that this grows and i it could be a lot so that’s a strategy of squeezing out short players. And i get it because the opposite end of that is make a movie pass, and i talked about this before moviepass was a company that they shorted to death. They kept shorting, they kept piling in short and short and short and shortened, and no one stopped them. They allowed it to happen, they allowed it to get shorted down to the point that they couldn’t raise capital and they were done because the price was so depreciated. I like that company, because that got me to be able to go to my amc theaters. I had an unlimited pass. All i wanted, i don’t know if any of you had that movie pass little card, that you can go to the movies i like that company and it got shorted to death and of course i do know they were trying to do it and then some of The other companies started making their own little program to do and that’s a story, so you could see both sides of the equation. No one complained then, and now they got a little bit of complaining now, because people are squeezing those short players out, and i i just don’t know how to feel about it, like i said i’m not involved, except for my one share of amc right now and I’M not saying i wouldn’t get involved, but right now, i’m sticking to a lot of my typical high growth, uh they’re risky enough for me and of course, my penny stocks, which are pretty risky, and i do have my more solid fundamental place.

I have a dividend: portfolio that’s, pretty pretty boring. If you really want to be honest, but i do have it up to about an annual payment of a little over five and a half to five point – seven, five percent, with a little bit of risk in there and that’s that’s, one of my more fun ones. But that’s over the patreon and i do i’m i’m thinking about making a value portfolio very soon, and that means pes between uh anything under 20 for a pe, no stocks that don’t have a positive pe. I thought that would be a fun portfolio if that’s something somebody’s out there is interested in. Let me know in the comments, because it’s a ton of research for me to do, but i really like that because it’s not a growth, one you’re not going to see all these spacks in there. You won’t see one spat because they have to have positive earnings, and i want to make sure that i have a portfolio made of them and i thought that would be good to do. It’S not going to be one that can go up like 100 in a year unless the market does it’s all it’s going to it’s going to be very similar, but should i’m hoping out perform the market as time goes on. So let me know if that’s something you’re actually interested in so there’s. My update, i just wanted to do a quick video.

I thought it was interesting and yeah i’m watching this, like i said, even in the after hours it’s, like my reality, show i have them all up: i’m watching and i’m just blown away by this and how much the the real uh, i would say, the common Investor can team up and actually make a difference out there, uh it’s it’s impressive, and i would have never thought it would be possible, but it is that is the power of social media you’re, seeing everybody get together, communicating the power of communication working as a whole. So i think it’s changing the name of the game here. I think a lot of people out there who are are ending them. Big companies, these hedge funds, they’re a little nervous now, if you’re gon na go out there and start shorting stocks, because this could destroy a company if you put billions of dollars in there, and this team comes over and buys that stock, it up buys that stock Up and short squeezes your company, it could be. It could be very detrimental so as a regular investor here, i’m going to sit back and watch this, but i am taking a ton of notes, because if this is going to become the new norm, i want to make sure i’m able to do what i need To do in this to try to make money for my portfolio and not risk it remember. These stocks are up tons, but if they’re not based on solid fundamentals, eventually people are going to sell because they can’t go up this quick forever and if they sell whoever’s buying at the top, and when that stock starting to come down are going to be the Ones that are left holding the bag – and i don’t ever want to be the one holding the bag and so i’m just going to say this.

Please be careful! You work too hard for your money and i don’t want to see it giving back to anybody out there. I just want to see you put it in some good. Solid stocks sit back watch it grow over the years. You know the old saying i used to say: get rich slow with mo and that’s to me is still my my main method of doing it. For my money and of course i do have a little bit of fun out there and trying some more risky. Some of the specs and some of them other penny stock stock uh i buy i put in there, but i do feel good about them. I do think they have good technical and fundamentals put together so we’ll see what happens. I do appreciate everybody’s time hope you enjoyed this extra special uh show. If you want to call it this video and things will go right, get those four free stocks at weeble. It always helps to have an extra account and that’s all i got for you.

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