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The bruins are expecting big things from the tallest player in the league i’m, not afraid of challenge, just like. I said i’m willing to lead by my example of hard work and dedication. Discipline drive and i want to bring this team on winning track and once we we do that, you know i want to be contender for cup and – and hopefully you know, be a champion high slot, here’s char, with room with driving scores Applause, a five on three Goal is first as a bruin and it’s 2 2 there’s always room to improve there’s, always things you can do better and i’m, not kind of a person that that is trying to be perfect, but certainly i’m trying to be as good as i can be at What i, what i’m doing and keep pushing the limits, carl looking his drive and he scores here – come the hats. After the first career hat trick for zadeno chara and a seven, nothing bruised lead holy smokes 108. move into the right wing circle on his backhand and he scores a beautiful goal by zadeno chara, the spin move and then top shelf on the backhand and it’s. Two. Nothing you’re just not supposed to be able to do this if you’re, six foot, nine there’s just no way and at the head of the line is zidane ochara the captain, as he always is 14 years 43 years of age 14 years of ruin, it is likely The last time we’re going to see him in a bruin uniform.

I want to thank all the fans. They show so much passion over the course of years and so much support. I always be. You know very proud to call boston. My home, we made so many friends and we connected with so many families and communities and those are going to be the memories that are cherished for rest of my life. I can’t thank enough for the support and how they embraced me in boston. For the past 14 years you know it’s been tremendously appreciated and thanks to all of them, and there it is the stanley cup in the arms of zadino chara and he’ll, lift it up over his head captain of the bruins and the stanley cup champs he’s got So many different um, you know attributes about him that just really define a leader, hard work and dedication, i think, is the biggest thing with z and you know that’s kind of hard to show. I guess that makes sense, but really good leaders do and that’s that’s. One thing that you know i definitely will try to carry with me. You know, i think his presence is pretty irreplaceable, completely voice. You know the magnitude of who he is as a player and a person. People like him, don’t come around every day. You know i just uh enjoyed the game. I love the game. I have a lot of passion for it and yeah i’m excited to continue to play the tallest player to ever play the national hockey league, but you cannot measure the impact that he had on the boston bruins for 14 seasons.

He was a foundational piece that built the bruins into an elite team which led to the 2011 stanley cup title and two subsequent finals, appearances yeah, and he had to learn how to um lead. If that makes any sense, you know he came to a team that was really kind of a mess at the time, uh and and really struggled that first year, that he was in a bra in a bruins uniform but over time and some structure and they brought In julian – and you know the work that he was able to do, i think he really evolved into you, know tremendous leader uh for the bruins and – and you know one of the better ones throughout the league and it showed – and he dragged other people around with Him work ethic, outstanding, um, so well respected around the league um it just.

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Boston Bruins, Washington Capitals, National Hockey League, Zdeno Chára Facing the Bruins for the First Time