Boston Bruins, Washington Capitals, National Hockey League, Zdeno Chára David Pastrnak's Status & Facing Zdeno Chara

Yesterday you said that you know when facing zadeno again when you first got into the nhl he you know he helped you more than you helped him in a way, and i was just wondering if you could expand please on the types of things um that he I don’t know taught is the right word, but but helped you with yeah. What essentially meant by that is he you know he was well along in his career. So most of the stuff he learned to get to turn pro to stay in the league was probably done years before that he was a captain in in this league and helped create a culture here. So um you know. Basically, what i did for him is to try to grow his game in other areas, but, like i said he was well along that path and the flip side of it was. When i came in uh. You know i hadn’t been a head coach in the nhl. For probably i think it was like 16 15 years so to lean on him and bergy on direction about running the dressing room. I had you know my plan in place. How i wanted the hockey team to play in the style of play, but getting his assistance from you know leadership in the room uh practice times how i wanted to practice and to buy in from them. I guess is where he he was excellent for me. Uh times he came to me when you know, if we had stretches even if we played well or one where you know, i was pushing the guys where he would say listen.

This is probably the time of year where you can. You know, take your foot off the gas a bit. Let us take over those areas where you you know where we can help you in terms of getting the players ready to practice better or start on time, whatever those little things that he could take over, where i could still obviously run the show so that’s how He helped me a lot early on um and, and it became a really good relationship for both of us, where we’d sit down periodically. Almost it just grew organically, when we just both knew. We needed it to talk about the group so that’s. What i meant by that uh and – and i appreciate i’ve, always said it all along the players – go out they’re the show they’re, the ones that play so any direction you can get back from them in terms of how they’re feeling or what they need. You know from the coach is very helpful as long as the coach is putting the plan in place and you know preparing the team and, i think, it’s a great mutual relationship. Great excellent. Thank you so much yeah. Next to joe mcdonald, uh, hey butch, um david said apostas said that he feels 100. He feels ready to go just what what’s his status for tomorrow. Well, he’ll he’ll get final clearance, whether he can get in tomorrow. I’Ll get that in the morning he’s going to go for morning, skate with us he’s been participating with us sounds like he’s checked all the boxes joe, but tomorrow we’ll make that decision so trending very well.

Uh. I think today was a very light day for him. They pushed him this week, so if he wakes up, no residual effects feels good. My guess is: he’s got a good chance to play tomorrow night. We said that he would go on the road and um. He would join us sometime on this trip. Uh. You know the medical department will make that decision tomorrow, but we have the intention of playing him. If, if we get those clearances tomorrow and it sounds like we have a very good chance, we will thanks butch sophia. Did you have another one? I did not. I’M. Sorry, i didn’t lower my hand. I will do it no problem. We’Ll go to the next uh matt mature, bruce how? How would that affect if you can put pasta knife back in how about affect your lines as of now? How are you planning on uh without getting too far ahead of myself? He will go back the simplest uh. I guess answer that is he goes in with bernie and marsh. So then it becomes uh. Do we stick with coil smith and frederick a line we? We sort of put together and we liked and keep crutching richie together and and then figure out who goes in the right side. Don’T think jake will be ready to go tomorrow. So uh is it coolman who was on the taxi squad? Um jack was off the ice today got hit yesterday.

Will he be ready to go um? Do we move bjork up and then mess with the fourth line? We had a great game the other day, so there’ll be a little domino effect there, depending on the availability of a couple players but uh to answer your question as best i can right now, pasta, if cleared and healthy, you know i’m cleared period.

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Boston Bruins, Washington Capitals, National Hockey League, Zdeno Chára Facing the Bruins for the First Time

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