Boston Bruins, Washington Capitals, National Hockey League, Zdeno Chára Facing the Bruins for the First Time

What are the emotions that come with that um? You know pretty normal. I uh, you know i kind of feel uh feel fine um. Obviously i knew this would be coming up on the schedule, so just got kind of taken day by day and looking forward to our game tomorrow, it’s going to be a good game. Next question, with the target of this year with the athletic dana i’m curious um, which bruins were you tightest with, and have you kept up with them and what have some of those conversations been like as you’ve gotten closer to this game? Well, i i have to say that i i value um every teammate i had over the course of 14 years in boston. I i really appreciate all the friendships and relationships i created over the past 14 years with boston, so i respected and tried to uh treat every teammate with a huge amount of respect. Obviously the guys have been there for the whole time um. While i was there, you know that we we create a little bit closer bond, but uh um. You know i, like i said, um i’ve been very lucky and blessed to have so many great friendships and relationships relationships with the with the guys over the course of 14 years, but uh. You know the guys that are still there from the you know. From the beginnings uh, you know we still in touch and uh um. You know it’s been really great uh great to have them next question is scott abraham, with abc7, hey, zadeno, good, to see you uh, you know what would this start? The caps are having in terms of implementing a new system, some new faces, new lineups, basically every night so far for the caps.

Are you surprised a little bit with the way this team has started? Well, really, i i think that uh we we believe that we have a good team with a always a good system and good structure and – and i think that uh um – you know the depth of this team – is uh, obviously uh uh, probably the best uh um. You know i’ve seen or been part of uh besides some some years in uh with bruins um. So i think that uh um, you know we we we we are facing some adversity and some challenge challenges. Uh missing guys due to uh copied protocols and do do do injuries, but there is all you know also some guys stepping up and and playing big role, uh feeling feeling those spots and playing well so i’m. Not surprised by that. I think that uh, this team has obviously a big potential and we just try to do our best. Next question goes to kevin dupont with the boston globe. Kevin. Are you there hear me now yeah you’re, good, sorry good, to see you again, z, yeah uh. I i know your discipline and your professionalism i’m, just trying to wonder what it will be like for you in the warm up tomorrow, having you know, 15 years with these guys and and hard to sort of maintain that if you will veneer well, i regardless who I play um against i. I always try to prepare the same way um.

You know i i don’t think it’s gon na be as much about me uh, playing against boston bruins. I think these. These are two really good teams, uh playing for two points that are gon na, be out there for tomorrow to to grab so um i’m gon na prepare the same way uh, just like i’ve, been preparing for for many years, and many games what’s been the hardest Part of all this, i would think for you that the hockey is almost the easy part, but leaving town leaving family adopting to a new team. What’S what’s been the hardest right, not seeing my family, my kids every day. Okay thanks. You next question goes to tom golidy, with isn’t, dana just uh, facing the bruins in general. What is the challenge of going against that team and has uh has pure lobby? Let kind of pick your brain yet as far as uh, what you can give him. As far as inside information, i think that boston bruins are very good team, very deep team um. They they have everything that uh. You ask from your team and your your your players. Uh well structured team um play with a lot of speed and skill. I think it’s a great challenge for us tomorrow, night j.j reagan with nbc sports, washington, hey zadano, uh brad marshawn is a guy who’s been your teammate for many years, he’s, a guy who likes to agitate his opponents. What do you think is going to be like facing him for the first time um, i don’t think it’s going to be any different than been seeing.

Brad compete he he’s uh he’s, a guy who, who always go out there and competes and and tries to win uh for his team, so um. You know, i think that uh we had many practices against each other and we both compete pretty hard so um. I i don’t expect anything else, uh from from uh from him or anybody else uh. You know, i think, like i said, it’s gon na be a good game between these two teams. Next question goes to dan roach with wbz boston. I see, i hope, all is well and hope your family’s doing well also just uh from a bruins perspective. I think a lot of fans up here saw what happened after the goal last night. What did that mean to you from your new teammates and uh what’s? It been like getting getting to know a whole new set of teammates down there in washington. Well, it was a special moment for for me, after the after the goal. You know, i think that i i wanted to share that celebration with my entire bench: entire team uh. You know since day one they. They really helped me uh to make this transition as easy as possible, and they welcomed me with open, open arms and was very helpful to to get you know so much help from everybody from the staff members, all the players and coaches, and so i just want To kind of uh share that share that joy, um with them, and it was just a great great moment and great connection, so uh – definitely something that i will always uh cherish and marshy said that he didn’t want to chirp you, because he didn’t want to poke The bear uh that’s what he said after the game last night uh how? How much? How important is that to you? Those relationships not on the ice because we know the professional you are, but those types of relationships you’ll have with those guys like marshy and bergy forever.

Well, these are guys you you’ve been. You know. You know on the same team for a very long time. I respect these guys very much. I i love them as my brothers. You know we were able to win the stanley cup together, so it goes long ways we understand. This is a business that we have to play for our teams and and compete out there, but at the same time you know we we have something that it’s very deep and and goes uh far far back and uh. Obviously, we will cherish those those those memories and and and those those great uh celebrations. We had uh winning the stanley cup but, like i said you know, we are professionals and we have to do our jobs, ben raybee, with the capitals radio network as a dano um. The last time you would have played the boston bruins was 2006 a long time ago. I’M. Curious from your perspective. How have you changed if, at all, as a player compared to that stage, you were still in your 20s 15 years ago? Yeah i mean i i’m i’m. I still consider myself student of the game. I try to learn as much as i can. Every day uh, i think there’s still room to improve um, trying to get better and and still working on some some things that i i feel i can improve and um. I don’t think that will ever change. You know regardless.

When i played you know last games uh, you know against bruins or anybody else. You know i i try to come to the ring every day and and and be uh be prepared. You know carry myself with a great positive attitude and and go out there and give give my best effort. You know i’ve been uh very lucky and blessed to still play play this game that i love and i have so much passion for and um. You know i just enjoy coming to the ring and be with my teammates and do my job and and work hard. Last question goes to greg wishing with espn thanks a lot. Jay z, um you’re you’ve played all eight games, you’re averaging over 20 minutes a night you’ve mentioned. The bruins saw you more as a part time player, which was one of the reasons things didn’t work out there in the off season.

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