Eversource Energy, Power outage, Connecticut, Winter storm discusses preparations for nor'easter

Just to keep in your mind, if you’re a natural gas customer with eversource, we want to make sure your service stays tip top. So talking about that now we have frank pyro joining us by skype, as he often does during these storms. Frank. Thank you. So much for taking the time to join us this morning, good to be with you yeah glad to have you here uh. There is a worry, because we’re gon na get a lot of snow and with a lot of wind there could be some snow drifts. Piling up in exactly the wrong spot in people’s houses. What do natural gas customers need to know to make sure they keep their gas meters and vents in proper working order? Here you know tim. As i look on my window. I see a very light dry snow flying around and it will likely be drifting later today. What our gas customers need to know is that if snow accumulates or drifts around your vent pipe or your meter, it needs to be cleaned off for your system to work properly throughout this cold snap that we’re experiencing now to do that safely. Please don’t use a shovel use a broom or a snow brush from your car, maybe to keep it clear and open and operating properly. There are no power outages right now, which is good news, but chances are that’s going to change later and what do people need to keep in mind when it comes to power? Outages specifically with social media, well charge up your handheld devices and your tablets now uh and for social media it’s a great way to stay in touch with updates that we’re going to be providing throughout the storm.

Um updates that will will show you, where some of our some of the areas of greater concern for our line, crews and tree crews, and also uh some tips on how to stay safe while you’re. While you may be without electricity uh, when people do have the power cut out on them, is it still calling the the best way or the only way, to try to address that? Or can you go through social media for that? Well, you can go through our webpage and sign up and use your handheld devices in order to text us with uh, with your outage or with uh within concerns like that. Um social media is a great way to stay in touch with uh the broader situation on how things are going around the state and any progress. The progress that we’re making with uh restoration, uh and then there’s the you know the conventional call our 1 800. 286. 2000 line we have additional customer care people on to take your call. You can use that number to call in your outages if um, if you’re on a street that’s impacted by an outage, don’t rely on your neighbor call it in yourself, and that gives us a little more information to go. By with when we prepare crews to go out and do restoration, also, if you see a line, that’s brought down by trees or limbs, don’t go near it and call 911. and frank. You have extra crews on standby.

In anticipation of the power outages and down lines, we do we um starting thursday. We started our restoration effort on thursday or our preparations on thursday, and we brought additional line, crews and tree crews into the state to help with any uh any work. That has to be done in order to bring our customers back up and running. Those crews are staged around the state right now, they’re at our um. Our work centers, which are around strategically located in areas around the state down on shore here in the hartford area and out in western connecticut as well. Okay, frank pyro from eversource.

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