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A winter weather advisory is ending for most of us as we speak, this wasn’t a huge snowfall, but it was enough to cause some slick, roads and cause some traffic troubles. Here’S, a quick look at some of the snow from earlier today on the far right, that’s a live look outside from one of our tower cams this afternoon the snow may taper off, but the cold is not going anywhere. Then bailey joins us now with the very latest. Where do things stand? Well, karen you’re right anything that causes it to get the shovel out of the garage is a decent snowfall around here and we still have flakes going, at least in the northern section of the area, and this could still add to some accumulations. Maybe another half inch to an inch on top of what we’ve already got, but if you’re not seeing snow right now, chances are you’re, probably not going to see it as we go forward. There’S still some activity on the west side of the state, but you can see that that’s thinning out pretty quickly, so the stuff that’s over the top of us is really our only concern and it’s going to start wrapping up here by seven eight o’clock tonight. So winter weather advisories have been extended for lapeer, santalac and sinclair counties. This is where the snow will hold on to the the longest, and that should be until i think, 11 p.m tonight, so it may hold on at least close to the lake.

A little bit longer in some of those areas, the rest of us are going to see a dry evening again. Past 8 o’clock tonight temperatures down to 27 by midnight tonight and that is just getting started. In fact, that’s warmer than a lot of the high temperatures that we have in the coming forecast. So we’ll look at a much colder seven days at our next snow maker, which is already in sight in a few minutes. Karen, the wickson man who’s, facing charges connected to the siege at the u.s capitol, is being transferred out of michigan, as his case continues. Michael foye remains in custody. At this hour. Federal investigators say they identified him through photos and videos. From the january 6 attack he’s accused of striking a capital officer with a hockey stick. The defendant and the legal proceedings are being moved to federal custody in washington d.c. In this local 4 update we’re learning more about a deadly home invasion over in harrison township. This was breaking news just 24 hours ago now the macomb county, sheriff’s office say the intruder. Once dated a young woman who lives in the harrison woods lane, condo complex investigators say that woman told them 26 year old, brandon williams of redford was trying to break down her door yesterday, just after 12 30 in the afternoon, she was inside with another man who Has a license to carry that man according to police, shot williams after he broke in both people inside the home have been interviewed and released, as the investigation continues all right.

We have this just into the newsroom. The biden administration says it will boost state’s vaccine allocation for the next week by about 17 percent. Meantime, the michigan legislature is a step closer to considering governor whitmer’s coveted recovery plan. We just got word state: senator curtis, hertel, jr of east lansing, introduced senate bill 52 to implement the governor’s plan designed to boost the economy. It includes expanding food, rental and property tax assistance to those financially affected by coven 19.. The governor will have to negotiate with a republican control legislature to get anything passed today. The state is reporting nearly 1500 new cases of the virus in the past 24 hours, along with 79 additional deaths, bringing the total to more than 14 thousand four hundred and frustration is mounting as people who want the cova vaccine, just can’t find it paula. Tupman talked to a local woman who basically wrote the book on how seniors in oakland county can navigate finding services, but even she hasn’t reached her destination this time, paula we’re hearing from so many people who are just frustrated with this process, absolutely uneven, i think, is The word that we’re hearing actually that’s the nice word we’re hearing, because a lot of people just find this absolutely excruciating as they try to navigate finding a shot for the people are actually eligible for the shot. Right now, the hands of mary miller have touched the lives of thousands upon thousands of oakland county senior citizens.

As the founding director of opc, the older persons commission, her life’s work has been helping anyone more than 50 years old navigate. All life throws at them. Mom has so much purpose and joy to give the rest of us and we don’t want to lose her, but now as her hands clutch her walker for her three times a week visit to dialysis, she has finally met her match. She cannot navigate getting a covid19 vaccine. I have friends in florida that aren’t even sick they’re of the age, but they’ve already got their vaccines. Her daughter kim has taken on an additional full time. Job hey. I saw that several people were getting vaccinated at the fire department here in rochester and i’m trying to get mom on a list. I can’t get her on a list trying to get her mother scheduled to get the vaccine before it’s too late and worry is starting to turn to desperation she’s on several lists, but still no word back well. When i go on the website, it just lets me, it says not to call that they have no vacs okay three weeks and that dialysis they don’t know either they some of them gals haven’t, even had the shot that took you up to dialysis. Mary was actually very sick last year and in a care facility. The irony is against all odds she rallied and got back to her home, but because she is no longer in residential treatment.

She no longer has a direct pipeline to get vaccinated. One guy up in the upper peninsula he’s just a young kid going in to visit his mother in the nursing home. They gave him the shot, and i don’t know why we’re not getting it down here. It doesn’t make sense to me at all and i’m willing to wait, because i know that i mean it’s it’s, not my time yet, and i want everyone that really needs this vaccine. That is compromised to get it first it’s like what can you do you can’t? Do anything and you keep calling and calling – and nobody even tells you when it’s possible yeah, you know – and this is somebody who is expert in navigating these kinds of systems. Well now the expert needs some expert advice and you can imagine if she can’t figure it out how much trouble everyone else is. Having, however, for every sigh of relief or rather sigh of frustration, there are some signs of relief coming up at five i’m going to take you to a nursing home 99. Karen 99 of the residents have just gotten their second vaccine wow, and they are ecstatic so i’ll see you back at five. Oh we’ll, look forward to that good news report. All right! Thank you. Paula! Well, detroit’s mayor mike duggan is starting to face a more crowded field in his bid for re election. Today, former deputy mayor anthony adams kicked off his campaign during a facebook streaming event.

Adams worked in city hall during the kwame kilpatrick administration. He says: there’s a need for change and more transparency at detroit’s city hall be sure to stay with local 4 for more coverage of the race and the candidates in the coming weeks and months. Election day is november, 2nd the pandemic isn’t. The only thing president biden is taking aim at during his first full week in office today, biden signed several executive actions aimed at racial equity, kimberly gill in the newsroom and kim today’s actions address one of president’s key campaign promises karen you’re right and good afternoon to You, president biden, said racial equity would be one of his first priorities when he took over office. The president hopes the four executive actions are the first step to create a more equitable society. President biden ordered the justice department not to renew contracts with private prisons. Biden is also directing the department of housing and urban development to take steps necessary to promote fair housing. The new orders will also recommit the federal government to respect sovereignty and consultation of tribal governments and combat discrimination against the asian american and pacific islander community. In light of the coronavirus pandemic, president biden says the time to act is now. We must change, and i know it’s going to take time, but i know we can do it and i firmly believe the nation is ready to change. But government has to change as well. We need to make equity and justice part of what we do every day today, tomorrow and every day i’m going to sign these executive actions to continue the work to make real the promise of america for every american.

On his first day in office, president biden also signed an order directing every federal agency to review its state of racial equity and deliver an action plan within 200 days to address any disparities in policies and programs. We’Ll have more coming up on the news tonight at five and six karen until then, we’ll send it back to you all right always appreciate it. Thank you kim sure. The united states senate just finished its first skirmish over a new impeachment trial for former president donald trump. The process started with each senator signing an oath book to serve as jurors during the trial. You can see michigan’s debbie stabenow, coming up to the table right there. Now trump faces a single charge for incitement of insurrection, accused of rallying the crowd that attacked the u.s capitol on january 6., senator rand paul argued it’s unconstitutional to hold a trial, since the president has left office. That measure failed by a vote of 55 45. Now, if this vote is an indication of how the trial will go, the democrats are far short of the votes they need to convict. The actual trial is set to begin on february 9., still head first at 4.. Millions of americans are being told to be very careful when they use their new iphones we’re, going to talk about that warning from apple also, a deadly tornado, new video shows the damage left behind and we’ve learned how a teenager lost his life during the storm.

First, an international role reversal why russia is accusing the united states of spreading fake news. We’Ve got news from around the world. Next, a new strain of the coronavirus is hearing, but the good news is the vaccine is here too tomorrow morning, at 6 30 dr mcgeorge is here to answer your questions.

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Federal Bureau of Investigation, Florida, Sunrise Local 4 News Today — Jan. 26, 2021, 4 p.m. update

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