Groundhog Day, Punxsutawney Phil Art Lesson – How to draw Groundhog Day Punxsutawney Phil for kids

If the groundhog sees its shadow, there will be six more weeks of winter, but if it doesn’t see its shadow, then spring will come early well, first and foremost, friends, i like to start with two fingers down to make sure i leave space at the top first I’M gon na draw a line in the middle kind of with the curve. This is going to be the top of his head i’m going to come down and come down with some diagonal lines and then i’m going to go across, bring it out. More then i’m going to go down short line down short line down and then i’m going to go straight across. I always like to give my hats a shine spot so i’m, just adding that rectangle shape there now phil’s shape of his head it’s, almost like an upside down heart, so i’m, going in i’m, trying to find the middle and then i’m going back up and around And again friends, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Myself never is now. I am going to draw this loop for the ears on both sides and then i’m just going to make Music almost like a backwards y. There we go for our woodchuck’s ears. Did you know that groundhogs are extra woodchucks, interesting stuff, all right now, i’m gon na stop and i’m gon na come right here and i’m gon na go down, so i bring it down about two fingers down and i draw the top of my nose and i’m Just making almost like a rectangle shape, but with curves i’m, also going to give the nose a shine spot.

So there i go again that space now from here i’m, going to give an arch i’m going to come over to the other side and give an arch and stop there. We go now bring these arches down just a little more there we go and now i’m going to come and curve on this side, i’m going to curve on the other side, make a curve it’s. Okay, if it’s not touching, just bring the points down now. I’M. Drawing me some big eyes just like that: i’ma color those eyes in just a little bit still gon na add my shine spot. Do the same on the other side and let’s get feel some eyebrows. So i start off with these arrows and then i just go back in bubble. It another arrow bubble, it all right. Now, friends i’ll go ahead and color his nose too. So you can get the whole effect Music, Music. So there we go now for the teeth. All i’m going to do is come down and i’m going to do a curved line and another curved line almost like a w shape for the teeth, and i am going to draw the shoulders i’m going to draw some shoulders i’m going to stop i’m going to Draw some shoulders on the other side and i’m going to stop you. I take another piece of paper and hold it straight across to measure i’m going to go over about one finger, draw a hump and do the same thing.

Keeping in mind where that finger is the dot all right and i’m going to draw another hump, okay, now i’m getting rid of this paper, i no longer need it and i’m going to continue drawing my woodchuck’s paws by doing three under curves one two, three i’m Doing two more humps in the middle another hump on the side and another hump on the other side – and this is going to be the heel – shape form that our groundhog is popping out of and now in the spirit of february, i am drawing a beautiful heart In the center, as my woodchuck’s stomach area and now i’m, adding a line and another line on each side for my groundhog’s arms now i’m, going to add some wiggle lines for some grass wiggle wiggle wiggle and then in the back i’m. Just going to give a heel like shape there, we go my sun and i just do a lot of angle line then i’m going to add the cloud, and it is time to color and add your designs. I stick to a traditional black hat i’d.

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