Illinois Fighting Illini men’s basketball, Indiana Hoosiers men’s basketball, Indiana, Big Ten Conference, Ayo Dosunmu Luka Garza – Illini postgame 2021

Anybody have questions. My class go ahead. Look up um, were they uh? Did you have any qualms with how they were calling the files against you and and just in general uh? You know i’m, never for one to make excuses so i’m, not gon na go that route um. I got ta be better for my team and not be able to put myself in positions uh. You know uh to be in foul trouble um, but this is a very physical game and when you got a guy like kofi, you got a guy. Like me, um we’re, we’re, really gon na battle, um, so it’s unfortunate that you know i put myself in those positions and you know i wasn’t able to help my team and that’s tough. You know it’s it’s, always tough, to have to you, know, watch on the bench and not be able to go out there and help them um, but i tried to do what i could when i was in there um. You know i just i got to be better for my team and make sure that you know i’m out there as much as i can be. Uh rob mccauley, go ahead, hey luca uh versus the last game. The last game of last year, obviously uh a huge story coming into this one. Did it live up to your expectations with the the matchup with kofi and the the game? Overall yeah, i mean it’s it’s us versus illinois, it’s a physical games, another night in the big ten um.

You know we we’re two great teams, uh, you know they’re they’re, a really really good team and well they were better tonight. You know we had stretches, but we could have won this game and we know that we reflect on that and that’s unfortunate, because we only get to see him once during the regular season. But hopefully we’ll be able to see him in the big ten tournament or you know past that um, but you know um yeah. I think we did some good things. We were right there and uh. You know for us to have cj and for me to be on on the bench a lot in the second half and for us to be, you know, taking a leap with two minutes left or whatever the case may be: it’s it’s good for our group. You know it just hurts um when you, when you have an effort like that, you come out. Can’T come out with a win. We know we got to be better, especially in the first half from the defensive end. Um. You know i was getting whatever you wanted in transition um and then, especially when i started giving foul trouble it just really uh prohibited me from trying to protect the room as much as i wanted to um and um. You know i try to do a couple times in the second half um, but you know we we just got to be better overall um and we’re going to be um and and – and you know, i’m proud of the effort we put out there tonight.

We know this it’s a long season. We got a long way to go. This is it’s a journey for us it’s, a big time. You know we’re on the road and to leave a building like there’s. No, you know feel like we should have won and it’s it’s it’s a it’s, a bad feeling, but we’re going to use it as motivation going forward luca. Does this kind of feel almost like last year in that game just losing at the last? Second? Is it a similar feeling for you uh? I don’t know, i think you know it’s it’s similar. You know at different points where we had a couple. You know chances at the end to be able to, you know, send the game to overtime, and we had. You know, but i think we never really, you know, lost the lead as bad as we did in the first game. You know last year we were down by 16. and i don’t think we were down by that much at any point during this game. It was always close, you know they had a good stretch at the beginning of the first half when they went up like seven or eight, and we battled right back into it. So it’s a little bit different feel and obviously you know uh. I was on the bench for a lot of second half, so you know it’s a it’s, a different feel for me to to have to watch it instead of being able to be a part of it, and that just means that i got to be better.

For my team and and and not you know, try my hardest to get not giving foul trouble, and then i really have worked on that throughout my career and have tried to do the best that i can and staying out of it. You know quite honestly, i do a really good job um, you know i’m, not trying to foul and all of that and tonight i just you, know wasn’t as good as i should have been: chad, lexco, hey luco uh. What explanation did you hear about the goaltending call, and do you think that’s a? I guess, just your opinion on the ruling when joe gets a a put back immediately, but then two points are taken off the border for you guys, yeah. You know i don’t understand you know what happened there um. You know i i’m not gon na complain about the officials, because there was a a lot of other stuff that you know we we could have done uh to make sure we weren’t even in that position and that we had to leave. But you know when you look at a play where you know, because the ref missed the call and he was able to change it. You know we lose a point that we would have had um. You know kofi blocked the shot right into joe’s hand. He scored it, you know it’s just unfortunate, but that’s, that’s basketball. You know there’s nothing. The ref can do in that situation.

You know they. They have to go review that um if they’re asked to and – and that was the call so it’s it’s. Just you know. If anything, it’s unfortunate, it’s, nobody’s fault, it’s, just a game of basketball that’s how it is you see things like that, all the time and that’s just you know, it’s, just unfortunate um, you know we, you know, we thought you know we got the two and you Know either way we would add the two, but you know it’s, just just how it works and that’s just how it is sometimes. So. You know it’s incredibly unfortunate, but you know it’s it’s, no one’s fault um and i think you know we could have done a better job. Tonight would be down four in that stretch and when we took the lead – and we left one – you know just 30 or 40 seconds before that tom caker uh luca go back to the uh. That last you guys are down three get the ball back. Was that the play you guys wanted did that get executed the way you wanted it with with jabo getting that shot? Yeah you know jim. I just did one um, so we were trying to be able to. You know the first to play for me. You know he was curling and trying to scream me. Kofi did a good job of getting through the screen um and i had no space. So you know i tried to you know, be able to set a screen for jr for jabo.

They switched the last one. The possession before on the one that he hit um, so we kind of thought they were gon na switch again and they did it um. They fought through it and made it tough on them to get a good look um, but you know um, you know he’s he’s proven that time and time again what he does in late games. So we obviously you know wanted you know. We went to different guys at different points and we went to wheezy a lot demonstration went to me a lot. You know when we could um when it wasn’t on the bench and obviously we went to shape on that last play. But you know, i think we we have full full confidence in jaipur and his ability to hit big shots. You know you know you got to run to play for that guy at that point, so um um, you know he he didn’t get the best. Look that he wanted, but we know in the future that he can make that shot, even though he shot it. You know, you know that’s the shot he can make. We all know it um, and it was just unfortunate. We weren’t able to help him out and get a rebound there um, and i tried to crash as hard as i could, but you know i think the game wasn’t lost at any of these late game calls uh late game. You know situations all of that stuff.

I think you know we could have the game one couple minutes before that and we go up one and then they hit a big three in the corner: that’s that’s a possession we’re going to look back on as one he didn’t stop there uh, because we’re gon Na stop there, he changes the whole game and credits granted. He had a big shot. You know they were posting coffee and you know makes it tough on me in his own to be able to you know, you know i’m not leaving to go to the corners. You know he’s in there so i’m trying to do my best at controlling him and shutting him down. I think for when i was out there. I think that you know, i think our team did a really good job of slowing him down. He wasn’t able to get comfortable, looks in the pulse and you know he’s going to score at different points, just because how big he isn’t skilled. But you know we had to do a better job in the first half controlling i o and better transition defense. But there’s a lot of things to look back on um, but you know you know we’re going to take this as motivation and use it going forward. Tyler did you have a question tyler divine uh, i’m good tom uh tom asked my question: okay, good enough.

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Illinois Fighting Illini men’s basketball, Indiana Hoosiers men’s basketball, Indiana, Big Ten Conference, Ayo Dosunmu Underwood – Iowa postgame 2021

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