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Coach well, first of all, i’m disappointed uh. There was not 15 500 fans here and uh. I know fran is a as a huge competitor. We were talking before the game. He said the same thing this this building would have been electric tonight, but uh high level. College basketball game, as as uh seems like all of our contests, are with uh with iowa um. You know kind of a strange game and it was two halves. First half was very up tempo very fast, very free flowing hard to get stops. It looked like two teams were well rested and and uh played with a ton of energy, and then you know the second half turned into you know real high level college basketball game just grinding it out smash mouth, really proud of our guys uh. We got stopped when we needed to against a team that i think’s uh. Arguably one of the two or three best offensive teams in college basketball, so uh great job in the second half on garza holding him under 20 is no easy task. Luis camp is a pro made hard made some hard shots. We gave him a couple clean ones, uh the job trent frazier did on on bohannon. You know we talked a lot about last time. He was in this building. He had 29 uh in the job that uh trent did tonight. Uh just goes along with my disappointment of him not being on the uh nate smith award list for defensive player of the year, just because he doesn’t get a ton of steals uh, but his job is tremendous.

And then you know when io de soumu locks in and guards like that tonight he is the best player in college basketball, in my opinion, so uh he was phenomenal in the first half uh trent was terrific and then the job jacob granderson did throughout with a Double double his energy hit, a big three late, uh we’re we’re, all key – and you know in the night when it was when it was tough for adam. He got out of rhythm uh, with a couple early fouls, cabello came in and and and really did a nice job and uh. You know, and then i thought georgie, especially in the second half was uh, was outstanding. So a great win uh against a very, very good basketball team and uh. It was a heck of a college, basketball game, okay, we’ll start with robert and then go with harry after that, and then matt stevens go ahead. Robert yeah coach, you, you inherited uh trent. As a recruit, when you arrived – and you know, he’s been with you through this entire build, what does it mean for you as his coach to see him have a you know, big game like this, both defensively and offensively well, trent’s a really good player, and i Mean he’s he’s, a guy that uh all he wants to do is win that’s all he ever talks about it’s, never uh it’s, never about. You know whether i score whether i do this, whether i do that it’s about what we do and there’s no eye with trent it’s all about we and um.

You know i recruited trent really hard when i was coach, stephen f austin went in there a couple of times and then illinois offered and it was over, but so i’ve known trent for a long time since his high school days, i couldn’t be happier um. You know he’s had an unbelievable week of practice. He has been on a heater uh all week in practice and uh and and to be honest, io had his best week of practice on the defensive side, uh in in some time so um i’m happy for both those guys but trent was uh was fabulous tonight. Thanks, okay, harry you’re up and then matt stevens uh jake had a double double tonight. You know 11 points 10 rebounds. This is the second game after you’ve put him into the starting lineup. Can you just talk a little bit about what it what it brings to the team when he can have a game like that and kind of still go a little bit under the radar he’s, not demanding the ball? You know, but when he gets the ball, he’s, making big shots and and just talk a little bit about what he brings to the team and as a starter, energy, his motor he’s he’s, a he’s, a quick twitch, um, really athletic guy. He doesn’t get tired. You know he’s a guy that uh takes a lot of pride in uh and being in great great shape. You know he’s a he’s, a guy that tries to tries to outdo trent on the mile run for being the best conditioned guy and run it the fastest, and he plays that way.

He plays at a at a kind of a a pace that helps us and uh he’s turned into a very, very good shooter. I mean we ran the play for him on the back side of the zone, um just spot up and uh. You know shoot he knocked that sucker down and uh uh. So you know his activity on the boards he’s hard he’s, a hard guy to block out so uh. His energy is, is a real positive force and it’s. Just as a follow up, it seems like he’s kind of since coming to the starting lineup filled that that role of, as you mentioned, energy and toughness that andres felice had last year. Do you think that uh with having that role in the starting lineup is, is making guys like io and kofi and kind of helping them just feed off that energy a little bit because it seemed like you guys got off to a pretty quick start? These past couple games with jake in the starting lineup, not just about the start, it’s about the you know the overall 40 minutes and – and you know i think, it’s it’s. It was just a change that that helped demonte has been uh. You know he’s had some ankle and achilles stuff that he’s been fighting, uh and jake stepped in and has done a nice job and and we’re gon na need demonte and uh, and – and i like the versatility that both of those guys give us because they can Both swing uh, as they did a lot in the first half uh.

We played a played a good amount together, so uh they can. They can both guard guards and they can and they’re they’re big enough and strong enough. They can guard uh some some fours in this league, thanks coach, hey, matt, stevens and derek piper are going matt. Okay, brad over the last seven minutes, i’ve got iowa for four of 14 from the field garza with two points: weiss camp with three and they didn’t shoot a single free, throw just. We talk a lot about teams, switching it on and off on offense. What? What? In your estimation was allowing you to just kind of flip that switch defensively over the last seven months, this game. I think it was a winning mentality as much as anything that’s. What we have been talking about is is understanding that um, you know as you get into this time of year and you you get into post season, play and it’s down the road uh. You have to have a mentality of of finding a way to win a game and, and then the ball doesn’t always go in and uh uh. How are you going to win that and how you, how do you, how you go about that you’ve got to take great great pride in what you do on the defensive side and when you can do that against iowa, you know fran mccaffrey, doesn’t get enough credit For how good a coach he is on the offensive side? Yes, they have very good players, but if you can stop them uh you, you know, i feel like we can do that against anybody in the country and uh i’m really proud of this team.

For for their defensive uh effort and commitment, late thanks, brad appreciate it: okay, derek piper you’re up brad’s sturdy on deck, hey coach! I know you don’t like to put too much emphasis on one game, but how important was to come off of the break to win this game against iowa, knowing the impact on the big ten standings and going into february uh with that momentum? Well, i think, just beating a very, very good team was it was important for us and and again uh. You know you, as a coach you’re a little apprehensive, because you don’t you like to get in a rhythm and we haven’t been in that and uh being off 10 days, you’re a little unsure of uh, or at least i was today a little unsettled as to To what we were going to look like, i thought we’d play really hard, but again you know you don’t want to make too much of it. It’S. You know indiana’s next and uh, but we’ve um. I like a lot of the things we did today that allowed us to win. You had curbelo out there a lot down the stretch. He got a steal on mccaffrey made a shot with the right hand near the hoop. What did you like about what he was giving for you down the stretch? Well, i mean he did a lot of good things tonight. He shared the ball. He sprayed it around. He kept his dribble alive, which was a major improvement uh.

You know from from a couple of games ago when he you know, killed his dribble on the baseline and got a got a big basket. He made two free throws. Uh dre is a good and andre such an active defender, and you know in a night where uh i probably would not have liked to play trent so much and and – and i owe so much but uh uh, you know adam – was in foul trouble and kind Of out of rhythm and uh, you know we kind of went with that group and uh. You know they were terrific tonight, thanks: okay, brad sturdy, you’re up brandon on deck. Go ahead. Brad coach kofi only shoots two for seven, but he is. He makes big a big steal down the stretch block shot uh. How is his maturation on the defensive end? The ability to not let it you know, let us an offensive struggle – affect him on the defensive end, how’s his maturity, how’s that show as maturity over the past two years did pay attention. Last year, i’m really impressed um, no it’s grown a lot and and last year you know, i think that’s that’s, where kofi has grown so much is. Is you know he knows that his impact isn’t just about you, know making a basket? His impact is what he does on the defensive end and uh. You know just the the the hidden guards the the putting his body on him and and all those things over the course of 40 minutes become um.

They wear a guy out and kofi’s impact is so much more than just uh. You know catching a lob, dunk and and uh. They ran the kitchen sink at him a few times and uh, and and played really good defense on him. It wasn’t, like we were trying not to get him the ball, but uh again, you know his impact is goes beyond the points, because you know we put some fouls on garza and talk piggybacking on the jacob grandest and talky. How does it show the culture of your squad that he’s able to fight through um playing like one minute or zero minutes? You know less than a month ago and now he’s playing 30.? How does that show uh? You know just the culture of your team yeah. I hope it’s that patience, understanding, work and practice all pays off and uh. We have an unbelievable locker room. We have unbelievable character, we have unbelievable guys committed to to winning and um uh. You know, jacob’s character was never wavered. He’S always been a team guy uh. He he was continuing to get better and you know he set out a year took him a little while to get uh kind of both feet in and and and get a feel back and and now he’s doing that he’s he’s really impacting our team. Okay, we’ll! Go brandon joey and jeremy go ahead, brandon, hey brad, uh, aside from kofi, would you guys kind of do collectively to slow garza down? Well, i think that you know i thought georgie did a really really solid job on him.

Georgie made one bad play as kofi did in the first half just trying to go for a steal, but uh. You got to throw different things at ed garza and you know i think, he’s a good offensive player in the poster as i’ve seen since, since i was able to coach michael beasley and uh, but but uh, you know we gave some support uh from some different Areas uh, we we supported off of uh did some things on the back side, uh coming low on the baseline um. You know again, we got. We got pinched a couple times in the in the first half when they, when they hit a couple threes off of it, but uh again it was. It was just trying to give him different, looks and uh uh and making things uh, uncomfortable and and hard you’re. Not gon na you’re not gon na hold luca under 20 many nights: okay, joey you’re up jeremy on deck, hey brad! I think io called him no hesitation trent and they both talked about him in practice this week, and obviously you did too did you know in practice that it was going to look like this in a game. Did he have some sort of tell today that you could kind of see that he was going to go for you know 25 or whatever it was? I i think that in the history of coaching trent, when when trent gets on heaters and practice, you want him shooting balls in a game uh.

It carries over and trent spent a lot of time in in this week, uh getting extra shots and and and not hesitate. He turned down one tonight and they ended up getting it back and bearing a three in front of our bench, um and – and he tries so hard to be such an unbelievable teammate and uh. Sometimes, prince unselfishness hurts our team because we need him to take shots and and make shots, and when trent gets going like that, uh with with io and and and the other people that we have, we become a really really potent offensive team and – and we need That lift from trent was there a conversation at all. I mean there have been times where you’ve seen him get under the hoop and spray it out. I mean is that just something he found on his own and through practice, all of us of coaches have been. You know, telling trent shoot the ball shoot the ball you’re a very, very good perimeter, shooter you’re, a very good offensive talent, shoot the ball. Don’T turn it down and and uh. You know it hasn’t been any one specific thing other than just keep shooting and, and we need you to shoot when you’re, open and uh i’m just telling you this week in practice was uh was electric for him. Thanks brad, hey jeremy, scott and then shannon go ahead. Jeremy, hey brad, you’ve, said the phrase high level, basketball game and i agree with the last three you’ve had against iowa.

What? What is it about these two programs? These two teams, these players, that bring this entertaining. You know style college basketball out of each other. Well, i think we both like to play. You know up tempo. You know i think we’re we’re, both comfortable in the fact that uh you know pace of play is is something we both like uh. You know speaking of fran and uh, but so i think that that that leads to kind of a free flowing game uh. You know there’s going to be some more possessions uh in in games with iowa uh. You know they played kind of like we thought we, you know, we they’ve been playing about 60 40 man and uh 40 zone, and and we thought that they would flip that uh tonight, uh because of kofi and and try to protect luca a little bit and So we were prepared for that uh which, which slowed the game a little bit in the second half but uh again we’re competitive. I mean i’m i’m excited because fran’s done an unbelievable job there for 10 11 years and got his culture established and they’re good they’re. You know they’re legitimate final, four contender and uh. You know to be competitive and win games with them. Uh shows our growth as well. Thanks brad go ahead, uh scott glad you mentioned you’re being disappointed that there weren’t 15 544 people here to watch this game. Just were there moments where you felt like that would have been a huge pop from the crowd.

You know if they were there, maybe that last minute, oh there’s, no doubt i mean there’s uh, not just the last minute. I i mean there’s there’s periods of a game when, when the home court advantage can can really spur on and keep momentum going and when you’ve got the best fans in college basketball, you want them there if they could be there and uh sure. Do we miss that absolutely so does so do other schools, but again we’ve got the best fans in the country and and tonight would have been one of those special moments that uh a lot of people would remembered uh for some time, and you talked about trent’s. Shooting, but you know he attacked the basket, maybe more tonight than he has kind of in years, at least in terms of making shots at the rim. Just how important is that to his game to have that as well? Well again, that was one of the things that we felt like we had to do against their zone was, was not just just settle and play catch was we had to drive gaps we had to, we had to create opportunities and and all of a sudden, trent’s Driving and he finds himself uncontested at the rim and – and you know, trent pound for pound might be as good athlete as there is on our campus and and uh. You see him uh, you know his quickness, his explosiveness. You know he dunks balls in practice.

All the time and uh you know that’s a guy that um is very, very capable and, and tonight it worked out great for him. Thank you. Okay, shannon, then we’ll circle back with joey go ahead. Shannon! Okay, thanks yeah i’m kind of derek asked about momentum and i’m wondering you know even beyond the next game or two can a game like this um kind of propel, a team for longevity of the season, a long run or just that belief um. Can it have that kind of mental edge? I you know, i think every year, there’s there’s defining moments. I i think there’s games that uh that help you and and again that’s been the uncertainty of not playing and uh, and then the the non uh just competitive juices and the positivity you get from it from a game, and this is a game against a a Great basketball team, not a good one, a great one that um you know we we found a way to win it. We and we did it our way. We did it with great defense and – and i hope that continues to uh to propel us forward uh. You know we’ll see how it works out, but but in every season, there’s always a moment or two uh, both good and bad, that you kind of look back on and say that was that was that was one of those moments, just if i may, with with Trent and the practices he was having is there any little nugget you can share about how many shots in a row he made at once, or just a particular something where you your eyes, lit up a little bit the day we scrimmaged and and i broke the Teams up pretty even um and i don’t know the exact number he made in a row, but i will say this: it didn’t matter.

If it was io corbello de monte, whoever was trying to guard him. Uh failed miserably and uh. You know when trent gets on those streaks and his pace and his speed and and and his range increases and uh. You know he was and it wasn’t just the day we scrimmage it was. It was the days up in in preparation. I mean he didn’t miss shots against against the zone and that’s that’s awesome to see it’s fun. Okay, we’ll go uh with rob, go ahead, rob we can’t, hear you rob. You must be muted, somehow, okay, all right! Well! Thank you! Everybody that’ll be uh, wrap it up thanks everyone.

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Illinois Fighting Illini men’s basketball, Indiana Hoosiers men’s basketball, Indiana, Big Ten Conference, Ayo Dosunmu Luka Garza – Illini postgame 2021