Boston Bruins, Philadelphia Flyers, David Pastrňák, National Hockey League Gets 9th Career Hat Trick vs Flyers

The bronzer were doing pretty good without david postmak, but it’s amazing. The start he’s had he’s firing on all cylinders. His timing, you see this when he chops it in to tie this game up, made a beautiful move to start the game 12 seconds in scores, a goal off a nice bounce afterwards, but the move he made at half speed that’s. What amazes me? He makes moves. Defenseman you he doesn’t have to be at full speed, like you think: you’ve got him and he’s just so elusive and behind the back. We know so much skill from these top players, but he does it at different speeds and we know the terrific shot and the perfection line is back and yeah are absolutely uh beautiful to watch. I i like what you brought up there: the ability to switch gears and i think, that’s something that some of the best in the sport are able to do utilize and then it creates that deception, because guys don’t know what’s coming, but speaking of deception. For example. Here we go mcdavid as a defenseman, i’d, be horrified because he’s, the fastest player in the planet and you you’re kind of shot on your knees. Well, you think you’ve got david poshnike he’s kind of gliding in gliding in and he still beats you because of his elusiveness and his hands and his thought process. But what a start? Three games? Five goals. Seven points bruins are going to be tough.

Yes, they are. This mass mutual east division is insanity, but you know what i’m totally here for it and we’re here for this still to come david in overtime, i think everybody’s expecting you to shoot that one timer. What made you decide to to go into uh, patrice there uh yeah? Definitely i i saw um, so the d was really close to us and it’s it’s, a pretty hard play. Uh, usually uh. Both of three killers are playing really high. So it was a split time decision. You know, but i said i i just saw the d uh really close to me. So you know didn’t want to risk another block, shot david, just a thought on your night, how uh, how much fun was that and, more importantly, how much fun was it to get a another comeback win as well yeah. You know those are always feels good. You know we obviously can’t do that forever, but done in last couple. Games and and uh feels good. You know we we believe in in the room and – and we know uh uh. If we play full 60 minutes, we can uh make things happen and turn the things around. So you know obviously huge belief. Those are always feels nice, but i said um obviously rather be winning up 3 1 after two, but great great, every no great character, wiener and you know, bleeder – had a big block with the head played the first game after year.

You know so overall, a great car serving just wondering you know. Did you think that you could get off to the start so fast i mean what, when you were coming in, you were hurt you’re, recovering you’re working in rehab and you’re. Trying to get back. Are you even envisioning that this could happen this fast? Are you just trying to get back and get healthy, uh yeah? Well, always there’s a lot of things. You know happen um. You know teammates line mates, helped me out with it. You know playing st mine uh. Many years you know now so it’s always a chemistry there. There i don’t need to build that new chemistry. You know or or stuff like that. So obviously uh, you know the lineman’s uh berrien marsh. Helped me a lot. You know come back the summer where i know it and obviously uh the recovery was really really long. You know something that i haven’t had in my career, so it’s been a long wait and long itching to get back out there. You know and and that’s probably the two main factors and and if i thought i can you know i probably didn’t but as soon as i stepped on the eyes and i felt like uh i did after the surgery, then i knew i i can get my Conditioning up and and be feeling great and just a follow up, did you miss not having hats go on the ice for a hat trick or no uh yeah? I did obviously you know if your army’s fans uh it’s.

Unfortunately you know we. We all can’t wait to get the fans back and you know hockey is not the same without them so i’m sure all the bruins fans was watching and we thanks uh for all the support you know going through the tvs thanks man. Thank you, michael lewango. Go ahead, thank you, uh david, when you get a game like this one and a game in the back in a game where you cover behind how much more special is a hat trick at a 4.9 for you uh. Well, you know, i said it’s every night uh can be different guy. You know today was me so obviously uh it’s funny. You know, especially coming back from the injury to to get this couple games in a belt and get the couple goals on the board. So it’s good, but i said uh, you know huge great plays on power play by bergy and then the second one was marsh. So uh you know, got ta got a lot of help and and uh those are always fun, but uh how i said it.

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Boston Bruins, Philadelphia Flyers, David Pastrňák, National Hockey League Trick In Win Against Flyers