Boston Bruins, Philadelphia Flyers, David Pastrňák, National Hockey League Trick In Win Against Flyers

For david posternock, it’s, safe to say, he’s, not feeling a hundred percent he’s feeling 200 percent evan yeah the 200 – i think he nailed right there. Uh he’s been great and what’s funny is bruce. Cassidy was saying after the game. You know you’re saying he was joking with him saying that you know when guys come back the skill isn’t there, the hands aren’t there. You know legs might be, but everything else isn’t and he said well. He showed me uh and he did. He showed everyone um. You know it was kind of you were a little worried. Everyone was a little worried of how he might return uh, just because you know you’re coming back into the weird season you were injured. You know you had. I think i believe you had two surgeries or two procedures done um, so you do worry how that affects things. I mean that first goal was slick that first goal where he just undressed shane goss despair. I mean good god like that, is not something a guy who missed a ton of time, just comes out and does um he’s he’s been money and that’s and i think, like that’s, the biggest thing it’s funny, the first three games for the bruins. When there was no five on five scoring remember that where it feels like forever ago um the whole thing was like they need posture, knock back in the worst way and ever since they’ve gotten the scoring.

But you see – and this is so obvious, but what astronaut can do – and i mean it really goes to show you know – he’s missed so much time. You forget the caliber of of talented, he is um and where he ranks among the greats in the nhl i mean i i don’t think it’s a exaggeration to say i mean last year. I didn’t think he should be a finalist for the heart just because of how good the team around him was. How good paneran was you know, carrying the rangers and dry seidl was carrying the oilers without without mcdavid and uh. You know mckinnon, but he is absolutely a top five or six player in the nhl like i. I believe that um and you you know at least for sure top ten and i think marshawn would probably be in there as well um, but the astronaut continues to show just how impactful he can be on a game um and just the scoring touch. He has you know, and i think that’s that’s, the crazy part is like you know, just his goal scoring ability that innate goal scoring ability, um is maybe the best in the nhl i mean obviously matthews ovechkin uh, drei, seidel mcdavid, but good god, david pastrnak holy Crap seriously, and now, if he keeps us up, how likely is it that he will once again be up top with obi leading the league in scoring this year? Yeah it’s very good, but it could no.

I think it absolutely can happen. The 50 goals stuff i’m. Not in on yet i’m not um, a lot of people are too condensed of a season too condensed. A lot of people are tweeting out. You know. Oh posh rock’s gon na hit 50 goals. We would all love to see that happen, especially after last year. You’Re passing up goals for assists and stuff, like i legitimately don’t know how 50 happens this year. Maybe that clip comes back to bite me. Maybe someone tweets that when poshmark does have 50 goals this year, but i think the point yeah 40 sure 50. No, like i, i think, that’s out of i hate to pop the balloon there, but i don’t see that, but i you know absolutely can, can he go up to the top of the league in scoring yeah, i mean he didn’t. He missed what eight games nine games, like, i think, there’s a chance. He could um, but you know again five goals in the in in two or five goals in the three games, because it’s been three games but he’s had five goals. The past uh two games specifically he’s been money since he came back um and you know there’s always that debate, and i always say this like maybe posture would be better next to krejci, just to spread out the scoring. But it’s nights like these when it’s like the first line, just carries the whole team right and they do all the scoring and it’s like.

Sometimes you just need a night where they just dominate and that’s sort of what the benefit of having posture knock with marshawn and bergeron is is like you just have these games where they dominate the second line. Doesn’T do anything, but the first line just does everything whereas, like in the playoffs, i think come the playoffs like the games, where the first line isn’t doing everything you do need posh knock on that second line. But again you don’t want to. Then you don’t get, you know you do get the possibility of having the score on the first line, so it’s always that dilemma. Yeah has bruce cassidy mentioned anything about. I obviously, like i just said the guy’s playing at 200. He seems completely fine completely healthy. Is there any sort of caution around him in his health right now? No, there hasn’t been it’s just he came back and he’s on doing everything, that’s really what it’s been there hasn’t been much talk about him and his injuries um. You know marshawn obviously said he felt 80 the past couple years now: he’s 100 percent. You see it. You know greg wishing espn saying that he’s, basically a heart trophy candidate through you, know nine to ten games. Um. The the talk with injuries has obviously been around de bruyne squares like stanika and kasha. Um poshnak has shown no signs of injury like that’s. The funny part he looks fully healthy looks like surgery, looks, fabulous, looks fabulous, so you know again.

The scoring touch is just there, like the guy, just scores goals consistently, as always, so no there’s been no real concern about his injuries. Now again, you know the fact that he escaped tom wilson and the capitals, not you know, hurting him is a big deal. Um. You know again, we saw it last year in that december time frame where pastrnak just erupted for a bunch of goals and teams started targeting him. I remember that canadians game where he scored the goal where he was. You know he scored that beautiful slap shot over carrie price’s right shoulder like insane goal. That was the game they just kept targeting him. The canadians did so. Um teams are gon na start. You know shut trying to shut him down. I think maybe there was a little lapse in there where teams kind of forgot, david pastronok was a lethal goal, scorer um, but again yeah. I i don’t think it’s. Any uh worry with injury yeah. Well. If those teams forgot about them, they certainly haven’t anymore, especially. I can’t now you you can’t, miss it so uh at least 40 goals for pastanak this season i’m saying it book it that’s how i broke it. Mine as well right mariah, said 40 goals for pastrnak this year, boom i’m. Maybe i’ll eat my words. Maybe i won’t, maybe i’m going to say 30 i’m going to say 35. i’m gon na say 35 goals, okay, 35 goals.

Well, we will revisit this conversation at the end of the season and see i’ll write that down. I said 35, you said 40. on uh. What is it february february 3rd at 11, 45 at night uh? We we booked our astronaut predictions? Yes, oh yes, perfect all right! Well! That will wrap it up for us here tonight for all of our bruins coverage head to clnsmedia.

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Boston Bruins, Philadelphia Flyers, David Pastrňák, National Hockey League Gets 9th Career Hat Trick vs Flyers

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