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This is tony with journey crypto, so i got another dogecoin update for you, guys elon musk, actually tweeted hinting at doge as well, and now doge is up another 300 in the last 24 hours passing five cents now is just insane. People are still calling for it to go to a dollar, so we’re gon na get into some very important stuff in this video uh involving doge and i’ll, show you guys the elon musk tweets and some other important stuff. So before we get started, i do appreciate if you guys liked the video subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already and hit the bell to be notified. When i release new crypto videos, i’m doing two videos per day on very important stuff going on in the crypto space, so definitely hit the bell if you do want to be notified. So in my last video just a few hours ago, we talked about game. Stop in wall street bets and now how does coin is being pumped elon musk, actually tweeted uh hinting at dogecoin uh. Shortly after i made that video and it’s up another 300 right now going from around two and a half cents now over five cents per dogecoin. As you guys can see up 570 on the 24 hour, the volume here for the last 24 hours is getting close to the volume of ethereum, which is rank 2, so it’s around half the 24 hour volume of ethereum right now, which is just insane as you Guys can see that’s up 8 000 for the 24 hour volume.

So another thing i want to point out here is dogecoin and google trends for the past. Seven days is just going straight parabolic in the last 24 hours, as you guys would imagine, everyone’s researching this. Trying to figure out how to buy it and following in so be very careful if you think this is a good investment while it’s up 500, you should definitely expect a crash at some point. I never buy the peaks because that’s extremely risky and basically, if you’re, throwing money into doge at a peak like that, you should just be expecting to lose all that money. It’S not going to hit a dollar overnight long term. It is possible, but the entire crypto space needs to evolve more in general, now up 634. This is just crazy. How much people are fomoing into this, because they’re uh expecting this to hit a dollar a lot of new money is just piling into this, not even understanding that uh tokenomics the circulating supply, how market cap works or anything uh just buying into it, without even looking Expecting it to hit that one dollar so keep in mind, this is not financial advice. You should always do your own research and make your own financial decisions. Never take. Anyone’S word for it, but i do want to give a quick warning about doge, hitting one dollar for those that are waiting for dough to hit one dollar to sell at that point. That would put it at a 128 billion dollar market cap and have it at third in market cap right next to ethereum.

The crypto space needs to be in the multi trillion global market cap. For this to even be possible, so uh doge was just below rank 20 and now is at rank 10 just insane it flipped by enhanced, b and b. That is just insane, because binance bnb has an insane amount of utility and constantly growing. Honestly. This just shows the power of the internet and new money getting into the crypt of space, and this is great for cryptos in general, because i think it’s gon na break down barriers, mental barriers for people in the crypto space that kryptos can’t pass a certain price Or market cap, like bitcoin not being able to break 40 000 ethereum, not able to break its all time high, and i do think this is going to be uh the catalyst that sets the crypto space off, and i think this could possibly set ethereum past. Fifteen hundred dollars, once people start taking their profits at a dose coin, putting it into other cryptos we’re gon na be seeing a lot of different altcoins pumping parabolically as well so uh. This is great for the crypto space in general um. I do want to point out the tweets that elon musk did so shortly after i did that last video he did post this uh dog, he didn’t even mention dogecoin specifically, but obviously this is referring to dogecoin uh. His previous bullish, tweet on doge, was basically saying it’s inevitable, and this was july.

17 2020 uh douche coin standard global financial system dogecoin, taking over so dosh pumped when he posted this previously, but doge is pumping way more right now, it’s just insane, especially because the wall street bets is behind this and now uh money is flipping out of the Stock market into cryptos as well and new money is just going all in on dogecoin, very risky buying at 600 percent. Just insanely high risk, as you guys can imagine. This is eventually going to be crashing off. People just buying this morning are up 500 percent they’re gon na take profits at some point, so i don’t think that this is going to keep going to one dollar over time, long term it might get to a dollar. But at that point i would imagine everything else would be extremely uh much higher than it currently is as well, so some great advice from elon musk he said, buy and hold companies that make goods and produce services. You love, definitely great advice. This is how i invest in the cryptos. I find small cryptocurrencies that have a great long term vision, a great team and are building good utility for the token that i think is going to only become better and better as time goes on. Those are the type of coins i want to buy, because i could rest assured that it’s not going to dump overnight like coins that are going parabolic like this, can easily dump a few hundred or uh fifty percent more overnight, so be very careful buying peaks, uh That’S, how people get wrecked very quickly, buying the peaks and then selling the bottoms and the dips? Basically that’s, how new retail uh investors get into markets, they buy the peak and then, as it starts, dropping off.

They panic and then they sell the bottom uh, which is exactly what these whales want in big traders. So this is great advice here from elon musk and definitely a great way to think about investing. He also posted here. The dollar is shorting itself, which is pretty funny, so gamestop posted this six hours ago, as well. Uh really funny here, they’re, referring to robin hood posting. Let the people trade back in march of 2016, ironic too, that their name is robin hood and basically they’re siding with the major corporations and institutions instead of the people, so gamestop posted this, since they uh stopped the trading for gamestop today. So i think today is a groundbreaking day for cryptocurrencies and that’s, because uh this really opened everyone’s eyes to how uh manipulated stocks are and how cryptocurrencies are much less manipulated, and i will get into more in that comparing stocks to cryptocurrencies in my next video. So i did post what’s happening to dogecoin. Right now is exactly what the crypto space needs: it’s only proving the power of the internet and the masses. This type of thing removes the mental barriers. Many people have with crypto and will spark a rush of new demand which we’re already seeing with doge and that’s the starting point. Now people are going to be taking profits, flipping that into other cryptos. I really think we’re going to be seeing a lot of cryptocurrencies start moving up very soon, dogecoin up 850, now as i’m, making this video up another two hundred percent getting close to uh, seven and a half cents.

This is just ridiculous, so something else major that’s coming up very soon, which should be in the next couple months, is paypal launching crypto merchant payments, allowing millions of merchants to accept bitcoin, ethereum, uh, bitcoin cash and litecoin as payment on their stores. For the first time ever, this is going to create a flood of great news, uh stores online stores, accepting these cryptocurrencies as payment for the first time ever so they did announce, they will be launching this in quarter, one which will be ending end of march. So i do expect that to be launching sometime in march. I do think cardano is going to have a huge february as well. I keep seeing uh hints about this as well so litecoin i’m, very bullish on for that launch of crypto merchant payments for paypal, because it is the cheapest cryptocurrency coin on paypal, and i do think a lot of people would be buying this. Just because of that. So i do recommend signing up with multiple crypto platforms if you haven’t already it’s, always good to have multiple platforms ready to go and verified. So when you do want to cash out, there’s, no restrictions, um we’ve, also seen coinbase and other platforms actually getting overwhelmed with traffic when people actually want to sell and they’re just not able to log in and sell. So it is good to have multiple platforms ready to go and spread out your cryptocurrency. I do recommend binance us here.

I just talked to their ceo today and basically uh they’re, hiring more people and uh they’re working to improve the wait times for verification. So there is quite a bit of a weight for binance us, so i definitely recommend doing this as soon as possible and getting verified uh. There is a link in the video description. I do appreciate if you use uh those links if you’re not in the united states, you can also sign up with uh, very low fees to buy cryptocurrencies, which is why they’re so backed up. Everyone is signing up on these platforms and they just uh weren’t ready for this russian demand all at once, but they are working on that. So i just wanted to give you guys another quick update to explain what’s going on with dogecoin with elon musk talking about it. The richest person in the world mentioning this coin at the same time as this wall street bets, stuff and gamestop all of this stuff. With robin hood and censorship, even the uh discord band, the wall street bets group, so we’re, seeing a lot of censorship and a lot of people are becoming aware to the fact that cryptocurrencies are much less manipulated than stocks and a lot of people are jumping into Stocks, so my next video i will be going over cryptocurrency versus stocks and we’ll, go into detail on that and i’ll explain why i’m so bullish on cryptocurrencies and why i think it’s much better in the short term than stocks coming up uh very soon as well.

So, thank you guys again for watching. I hope you guys found the video useful if you did a free way to support the channel is like the video comment below and share the video anywhere on social media or with friends and family and don’t, forget to subscribe and hit the bell. I will be keeping you guys updated with at least two videos per day on major crypto news, uh, hidden gems, that i’m looking at i’m, actually starting a hidden gem series, one video a week on hidden gem of the week so stay tuned for that as well. Again, thank you guys.

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