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We are going ahead with our today’s current affairs of the day. Let’S see what is happening around us slide. Number one says imf. Now. What is this imf stands over here? This imf ims stands for your international monetary fund, so international monetary fund projects, 11 11.5 percent growth rate for india and 2021 only country with double digit growth, as per imf’s latest world economic outlook update. China is next with eight point. One percent growth, china’s growth is eight point. One percent in 2021, followed by spain, five point: nine percent france five point: five percent in india’s economy is projected to grow by six point: eight percent in 2022 and that of china by five point. Six in two thousand twenty twenty indian economy contracted by eight percent. A slide number two is coming from your hsbc bank. It says hsbc inaugurates, international banking unit, ibu at gift city near gandhinagar gujarat. Sometimes they ask the question where the gift city is located, so you should know it’s in gandhinagar. Hsbc is one of the earliest global financial institution, setting up a branch at gift, city and first bank to get a license from the newly set up international financial service. Centers authority uk based hsbc has been present in india for almost 160 years. Okay hsbc’s ceo is surrendered and its headquarter is located in mumbai. Our next slide says that u.s senate confirms eminent economic economist, janet yellen, as the first women treasurer secretary of the united states.

A graduate of brown and yale jalen has taught economics at some of the world’s most prestigious universities. She is best known for her 10 years as chair of federal reserve, overseeing a period of falling unemployment and steady economic recovery from 2008 crisis. Okay, next is about international holocaust day: okay, remembrance day holocaust remembrance day, you celebrate on 27th january all right, and i already told you what is the meaning of holocaust. It means the destruction on a mass scale, okay, especially which is caused by fire or nuclear war. All right, so this is what holocaust dictionary, meaning is let’s see what is saying further here: 27th january international day, communication in memory of the victims of holocaust. Now, what is this commemoration over here? Commemoration is a ceremony or celebration in which a person or the event is remembered that is called commemoration here. It says the theme guiding holocaust remembrance and education in 2021 is facing the aftermath, recovery and reconstitutions after the holocaust. Since 1996, survivors of nazi regimes and world’s leaders are being invited to address the german bundestag each year on january 27th. Okay, now, what is this german bundestag? Those who don’t know? I would like to tell them that german bundestag is the german federal parliament. Okay, it is the only body that is directly erected by the german people. All right. Okay next slide says that nitin gadikar okay approves proposal of to slap green tax, okay on old, polluting vehicles.

So now those vehicles were old and polluting our country. They have to pay extra tax for it. It says, under the scheme the transport vehicles older than eight years okay, could be charged green tax at renewable or fitness certificate at 10 to 25 percent of the road tax week now vehicle like strong hybrids, electric vehicles, those running on the alternate fuels vehicles used in Used in farming exempted, our next news is coming in from finance minister inaugurated the chennai bench of national company law, a plate tribunal. Okay, now what is a plate here? Okay, i just tell you the meaning of this word here. This term is actually specially used in the code which is concerned with the or dealing with the application for decision to be reversed, okay, so and tribunal. What is actually related with your authority to job someone if somebody is having the authority to judge? So that is known as call your tribunal. These are the dictionary meaning of it. Let’S see what it says over here. It says the fresh appeal against the order of the benches of the tribunal having juridication in karnataka and union territories of the lakshmi band. Puducherry will have to be filled before chennai bench; okay, it has to be certified before the january bench. Our next news says that international court and advisory committee, that is icac, elevates kesha r kranti as the chief scientist, okay. So the former director of central institute for cotton research nagpur now kranti, will now lead the technical collaborative projects globally.

Okay served as the head of technical services for icac since 2017.. Icsc is a global cotton, research and advisory body, and it was formed in year 19′. Its headquarter is located in washington dc. Okay next slide says the indian goalkeeper that is prashanth. Dora passes away at the age of 45 prashanth okay made his national debut in 1999 against thailand in the olympic qualifiers. He he donned the national colors again in tournament like saff cup, okay, and what s a f stands here for s. A f f stands for south asian football federation and saf games. Okay, and what saf stands for? Saf stands for south asian federation games and earned a total of five international caps represented bengal in the santos trophy okay. He played for uh east bengal, mohan, bhagavan and and muhmedian spotting club. Okay. These are the names of the three football clubs actually for whom he played for okay. Next news is coming in from rep repco bank: okay back the three awards at the frontiers in cooperative banking awards, fsba 2020, so rapco bank renders services to rehabilitate and upliftment of repatriates from burma and sri lanka. The awards include women, leader of the year, foreign and best digital banking award and best fraud control initiative among the cooperative bank links. Okay. So these three awards it has got all right. The headquarter of ripco bank is located in chennai and it was founded in year 1969.. Our next slide says the up becomes india’s first estate with two expressway airstrips for fighter planes, with the completion of construction of a 3 300 meter long airstrip near kure bahar on purvanchal expressway uttar pradesh has become the first state in india, with the two air strips On express highways to facilitate emergency landing and takes off the fly of fighter planes.

Okay, so that is up, has become now number uh in this first in this, the lucknow express highway in up also has an airstrip okay. Our next news says that election commission is coming out. Election commission rolls out the digital voter id cards that is e, epic, okay, the e epic is a secure portable document format, pdf version of the epic which can be downloaded on the mobile or the self printable form on the computer. The voters can store the card on his or her mobile upload it as a pdf on digital locker or print it in self laminate, and next news is coming from rbi. It says: rba extend rupees 7 000 crore special liquidity assistant to dbs bank okay, and what is this? Dbs dbs standard for development bank of singapore funds will be used by dbs banks, india to meet its short term funding needs after the acquisition of lakshmi village bank lvb. This funding may be charged with interest rates close to or linked to the repo rate at which the rbi usually lends to banks. Next news is coming from the bullet train project of india. Uh soon we may be able to see the bullet train in our country. Also so it said, cons consortium, okay. What is consortium here? Consortium means the association of two or more companies when two or more companies work together or the partners work together. That is known as call in english. We call it cons consortium, so it says: consortium of lnt, japanese, iha infrastructure systems begs rupees, one thousand three hundred and ninety crore contact for steel, bridges.

Okay, it is estimated that about the seventy thousand empty of steel will be used for the fabrication of four point. K, kilometer bridges for a mumbai, ahmedabad highway, speed rail corridor in total 28 still bridges, okay with the individual spans varying from 60 meter to 130 meters, will be constructed. Let’S look at the next one. It says india among the top 10 countries most affected by climate change. Okay, so german wedges global climate risk index 2021. It says the eight of the ten countries most affected between 2000 to 2019 are developing countries with the low or lower middle income per capita. India ranked as the seventh worst hit country in 2019 and due to cyclone uh – cyclone, mozambique, mozambique and zimbabwe topped the list. Our next slide says: undermine lieutenant governor flags of the 14 electric buses to control pollution. The project of 40 electric buses is being executed to ntpc, with vipar nigam limited a 100 subsidiary of ntpc limited a psu under ministry of power. The buses will help cut down tail pipe emission and provide comfortable public transport, and lg of andaman is dk joshi. Our next news says: operation sardava by border security force, concluded it aimed to increase security on the borders in jaisalmer. The operation will continue till january 27, with an aim that there is no intrusion. The and this enhance the security came ahead of the republic day. Special police checkpoints along the borders will also be set up.

Bsf runs the same operation that is called gurmhawa in summer season. Also, okay, our next slides is coming from west bengal sundarbans. Here it says sundarbans home to about 428 species of birds records jed s. I okay now. What is this zio is a geological survey of india and this was established on your first july 1916. Okay, so the birds of the sundarban biosphere reserve, it says sundarban covers four thousand two hundred square kilometers of area. Okay is the part of the largest mangrove forest okay. So let me ask you: where is the largest main group forest is located, sundarbans, okay in the world, and also the world heritage site uh and a ramsar site? India has 1 300 body species, okay, how many 1 300 bird species 428 birds include: mask fin foot and puffy fish owl, which are recorded only from the sundarbans. So in india we have total 12 species, okay, 12 species we have and out of 12 nine are almost nine are found in a sundarban area only so guys. This is the last slide of our day. It says that maharashtra launches jail tourism initiative from punes yeribada jail. Okay, it says the initiative was launched in a move to help students okay, to learn about the historical experiences. Now this jiravada jail is about 150 years old, where the several freedom fighters, including your mahatma gandhi, lokmani tilak, were imprisoned. Okay puna pact was signed within the premises of it.

Okay, so guys that’s all for our today’s uh current affairs session.

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United States Department of the Treasury, International Monetary Fund, World economy, Janet Yellen, Economics Bitcoin Era Begins!

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