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Cleanup continues from this latest round of winter weather. We’Ll show you the latest road conditions, if you need to head out good evening and thank you for joining us i’m john carlin, i’m, brittany mcgraw in for lindsey ward. This snow has been sticking around today and while we didn’t see anything new, we still had to dig out our cars and clear off the driveway. Throughout the weekend, you sent us pictures of your snow day fun with the kids and the pets, but it did cause a bit of damage over in lynchburg as a tree was uprooted and crashed into a power line, knocking out the lights to a few homes. For a bit and some overnight, precipitation did cause slick spots on the road, but no major accidents were reported, so that’s good news. Today, crews were back out clearing roadways and looking for any potential trouble spots. 10 news reporter jessica, jewell joins us, live in roanoke tonight. With the very latest jessica yeah, many of us saw several inches of snow over the weekend and it may be starting to melt, but if it dips below freezing tonight, we could be dealing with icy conditions in the morning. For now, though, most of the roads look pretty good and here’s. Why let’s show you some of the work that crews have been doing throughout the day today? A lot of the focus today was on unpaved secondary roads. These are lower priority, but crews got to them.

Today, after clearing primary and secondary roads, that’s all thanks to an aggressive plan of attack over the weekend. After all that work, crews everywhere are now preparing for that threat of refreezing. Our folks in our counties know where many of the cool spots are for their assigned snow routes, so they go back and recheck those roads to see. If there are icing conditions overnight, they will apply some additional salt and some abrasives to provide traction. The nrv saw some freezing rain overnight, leading to some slick roads this morning and bond says that’s a big area of concern for them, leading into tuesday so be sure to keep a close eye on the roads tomorrow morning. What vdot crews have told us is that if you see anything that is shiny, you should assume it’s icy live in roanoke i’m jessica, jewell, 10 news working for you and your local weather authority is keeping a close eye on the temperatures as they start to fall Overnight, meteorologist jeff handlish joins us now, so jeff more snow showers, actually on our horizon. There is, with overnight lows, falling into the 20s to near 30 degrees. Overall, we are looking at most the snow right now. Staying in west virginia kentucky also into tennessee and north carolina, but the spoke of energy is going to kind of pivot through here, as we head into the overnight tonight, bringing more scattered snow showers mainly towards the mountains. But we could even have a little bit farther to the east as well same system.

Different result: mammoth lake california, over the last roughly three to five days, has seen 107 inches of snow okay in roanoke since february, the 12th of 2014 we’ve seen 107 inches of snow, so they got what we’ve seen in about the last six and a half years. In mammoth lake in three days, so you think we saw a lot of snow not as much as california expected road conditions. Tonight. Beware of some re freezing, especially on those secondary side, roads that’s why we have yellow highlighted there tuesday, the roads should be fine, as we’re going to warm up tuesday night, though potential is there for another re freeze. In addition, we also have a wind advisory. In effect, from now through 7 a.m, wednesday for areas along into the west of the parkway down limbs possible spouting power, outages possible as well, and your tuesday planner, showing temperatures starting out in the 20s to near 30, with highs in the upper 30s mix of sun And clouds tomorrow, but no doubt very, very blustery, john thank you. Jeff we’ve already started to see some schools close and delay for tomorrow. You can find those on the wsls, 10 weather app and also at now to lynchburg, where a post from liberty, university, snowball fight is causing a fight of its own. These pictures are going viral because people don’t appear to be following covid 19 guidelines. You can see hundreds of students standing shoulder to shoulder and many not wearing masks.

Acting president jerry privo is also pictured standing arm in arm with students. One lu student says she is not surprised. She claims guidelines are rarely enforced. It’S really like we’re, not allowed to talk about it and there’s. This unspoken rule that no one is allowed to talk about. Why they’re necessary ask people put on masks the university declined to comment. We are following breaking news for you tonight after after we have learned that the former rocky mount officers who were inside the capitol during the riots are now facing new charges, a grand jury indicted, thomas robertson and jacob fracker on charges of obstructing an official proceeding and Aiding and abetting, as well as disorderly and disruptive conduct in a restricted building, the two are also indicted on their previous charges. They are scheduled to be back in court tomorrow. This is a story. We are continuing to follow. We’Ll bring you the very latest on air and at new at six, the former rockbridge county regional jail superintendent faces his own time behind bars. On sunday, john higgins pleaded guilty to multiple charges related to civil rights violations and public corruption. According to the district attorney, an inmate’s family gave higgins at least three thousand dollars. In return, he gave the inmate unsupervised visits, ice, cream, upgraded cable tv and jail access to anywhere, including his own office. Evidence during the trial also showed he didn’t allow a physician to see another inmate who was potentially seriously hurt.

There’S been no date set for his sentencing. There’S, a newly proposed piece of legislation that’s trying to reduce the risk of suicides at gun ranges, but as it makes its way through the general assembly, not everyone is on board 10 news. Reporter annie schroeder is working for you to break down the changes and the potential challenges that this could bring. It is not a common occurrence, but after two men took their own lives at the same gun range in virginia just weeks. Apart last year, lawmakers are looking to create some preventative measures. Anything you do to interfere with that anything you do to slow that down that plan down, gives you a better chance of saving that person’s life senate. Bill 1250 patron by senator creeds, would require a state background check before renting a gun at any shooting range. In the commonwealth, neither of these young men would have been able to buy a weapon because of their mental health backgrounds, and but they were able to rent a weapon safe side tactical owner mitchell. Tyler has been following the bill closely: statistically it’s it’s a you know: it’s an imperceivable number of instances, but for those families it’s all that matters safe side, tactical trains, staff, to look for warning signs about potential mental health issues and has even had to turn away Customers over those concerns, tyler says, while he sympathizes with the families, the bill leaves more questions than answers. You can’t test someone’s mental frame of mind in a snapshot with a background check.

Ultimately, the bill would need to be passed by both the house and the senate before being signed by the governor, annie, schroeder 10 news working for you, doubling your money and helping the community how you can join in and why you’ll want to act fast. A new program is launching in the star city to help drive business downtown. You can double your money with the gift card incentive program. If you buy a 25 downtown roanoke gift card, you’ll get an extra 25 dollars to spend at 51 participating restaurants and shops. They must be used by march 14th. The goal is to help businesses during the slower months. You want to make sure as many of these businesses as possible can survive and an easy way to do that is to incentivize people to come downtown by you know giving them extra money. So we figured that would be a good way to hopefully drive some business down here. However, there are only a thousand certificates available. You can get yours starting wednesday morning. We have all of the information at Music, the new call for the governor to pardon seven black men executed after being accused of raping a white woman more than 70 years ago here in martinsville i’m shane dwyer i’ve got that story coming up next tonight. A group of people in south side is asking the governor to pardon seven black men executed for rape more than 70 years ago. The martinsville 7 initiative says that these men never got a fair trial and they suffered due to systemic racism.

10 news reporter shane dwyer is live in martinsville tonight, shane, a virtual vigil, just wrapped up john and brittany that was on zune this evening because of the pandemic. At this point, they’re also asking people to take time on the individual days for moments of silence. When these men were executed now the martinsville 7, as you said, were all young black men accused and convicted of raping a white woman here in martinsville in 1949, but reports from black news outlets back then say the entire thing was a sham and the investigation and The confessions were extorted all 72 jurors on the case were white and the trials only lasted a matter of days. The initiative’s director says they never even had a chance that could have been retrials later or maybe dna. You know how dna helps in situations nowadays. Okay, there could have been possibilities had they been exalted or, if not insulted at least imprisoned, but they were killed period now the group is also asking people to call the governor’s office this week to request pardons tonight at 11. I’Ll show you what they did in that virtual zoom meeting this evening and the message they want you to know again: i’ll have that story coming up for you tonight at 11., live in martinsville, shane, dwyer, 10 news working for you, your local weather authority, always watching And tracking for you from the jes weather center tomorrow, of course, is groundhog day.

The question is: is punxsutawney phil going to see his shadow and say we’ve got six more weeks of winter, or is he not going to see a shadow and say we’re in store for an early spring time will tell of course, he’s not always accurate, but we’ll See what he says here as we head into tomorrow morning, phil’s prediction tomorrow morning, is going to be amongst some very cold conditions, pretty cloudy pretty overcast pretty cold temperatures. Hanging tough looks like in the low to mid 20s. There could even be some snowflakes as phil comes out of his hole, all right, here’s, a look at the radar you’ll notice that we’re starting to see more flurries and snow showers, extending now from craig and giles county south into portions of, say, pulaski with grayson. Even carroll counties, the snow showers are going to become a little more widespread for us here, as we head into the overnight tonight. Certainly the highest probability of seeing them will be in areas along and west of the parkway, but we could see even a couple extending farther to the east as well tomorrow. The best chance for snow showers will be along the favored west slopes. Otherwise, we’re going to be partly sunny as we head into tomorrow, night skies are going to clear and wednesday will be mainly sunny from sun up until sundown temperatures stand for us right now: 34 in lexington 32 in blacksburg, 29, withville, 37 martinsville, but 41 in danville.

Everybody tonight falling into the 20s and lower 30s, which means you have any sort of wet roads, especially on those sides secondary roads, that’s, where we have the potential for some re freezing and temperatures all around us are on the chilly side. So it leads me to believe that we’re going to stay pretty chilly here as we head over the course of the next couple of days highs on your tuesday 30 in the nrv low to mid 30s across the highlands upper 30s roanoke you’re in the lower 40s. On tuesday, in lynchburg and south side, the jet stream is going to take a big old dip way to the south, and what that means is we are in store for much much colder air likely pushing in as we head into the latter part of the weekend, Especially into early next week, temperatures are going to crash down and this will probably be the coldest air of the season so far. The european model actually wants to bring temperatures sunday night down to between like two and six degrees for lows, but not sure we get that cold. Wind speeds right now in the mountains, anywhere between roughly 10 and 25 miles per hour farther to the east. Winds sustained five to 10 miles per hour, certainly going to be a timeframe force here over the next 36 hours, where we’re going to be incredibly blustery, sustained winds, 10 to 20 miles per hour, gusting in excess of perhaps 30 to 40 miles per hour at times.

Hence the wind advisory, in effect until 7 a.m, wednesday for everybody, along and west of the parkway cold, breezy tonight mountain snow showers too, overnight lows in the mountains in the 20’s, everybody else upper 20’s and lower 30’s for tomorrow very cold windy at times in the Mountains, 20’s and lower 30’s outside the mountains are looking at highs. Upper 30’s lower 40’s extended forecast showing that we’re dry wednesday dry most of thursday, then late thursday, thursday night into friday morning. We’Ll have the chance for rain, maybe ending some snow showers in the mountains. Going to have to keep a very close eye on late saturday, saturday night into sunday, as we could have another chance for precipitation, as temperatures fall from the low to mid 40s on saturday into the 30 sunday. Some of us may not get out of the 20’s. Next monday, so as we check the top five, including villanova at three, their loan loss is to virginia tech, other notables, uva and virginia tech leading the way for the acc. The hokies are seven and two in the conference. That is their best start since joining this conference west virginia down to 17., and i put drake in there not duke drake. At 25, the missouri valley school out of des moines iowa, making some noise. They are undefeated at 16 and 0. b.c roster crushed by covid right now. They’Ve got four scholarship players for their game. Tomorrow, night, denny, hamlin and fedex have a new multi year agreement with joe gibbs racing and tonight’s action: number nine oklahoma, number 13, texas tech, pretty good dunk yeah.

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