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And I want you to leave. Welcome back everyone.. This is going to be my full Wandavision episode. 4 video in Marvel Easter eggs.. There were so many references here. They confirm most. My theories about what’s really going on with. There were so many big reveals so we’ll break it all down., If you’re brand new to the channel and doing videos for all the episodes. Be sure to subscribe to get everything were also doing a Disney plus giveaway for memberships. All you do to enter is be subscriber and just post all your theories in the comments below careful for spoilers.. If you have not seen the episode yet, but all just number these as we go along and talk about Easter eggs.. So the episode basically replace the events of the first three episodes but from swords perspective is basically a sort of Monica Rambeau episode. But it felt like a 30 minute Marvel movie like give me the 30 minute version of Avengers infinity war and Avengers endgame, because it starts with Monica Rambeau, remembering the events of her childhood. Like the dialogue scene. Here you hear Brie Larson’s voice that she was credited in. The episodes of the reason why she was in the credits is because they were playing. Dialogue directly from the Captain. Marvel movie is basically her as a child, remembering the events of the film. She’s waking up in a hospital next to what she thought was her mother’s bed., So that’s, where she got snapped, revealing that she was snap like a lot of other people during Avengers infinity, War.

, So what were seeing here is basically the events of the blip as they play out in real time. Like you see, people like literally just coming together in pieces it’s like a reverse version of being dusted, literally just play it in reverse. The hospital room that she’s in his room 104. That’s a bit of an Easter egg for Avengers number 104, where Trask from the X, Men comics is keeping scarlet witch trapped using her power to set up this big solar flare, which he believes will sterilize the entire earth of the X gene, getting rid of all mutants and the Avengers and vision have to save scarlet witch. I think that’s a bit of an Easter egg for what happens with the dome as they talk about her reality. Warping powers her cosmic radiation later in the episode all get into that to because they reveal more about how her cosmic powers worked, that just her comic book reality warping ability they really are taking scarlet witch OP. During the series Kevin Feige said they were joking: around she’s gon na go full comic book, scarlet witch she’s running around people and chaos.. Even the doctors going crazy like I have to call my family., I don’t have time to treat patients.. We find out that her mother, Maria Rambeau, that they reference several times in the episode, has actually died of cancer in her old age. That’s. The reason she was in the hospital, but even though her operation was successful because she wasn’t snapped.

, She survived, but the cancer came back to she want to die a couple years later during that five year time gap. This whole opening scene, though, is sort of an answer to the questions that everyone were asking. The Russo’s went, Avengers endgame came out like what would happen if all the people who were snapped while they were flying an airplane 30000 feet in the air, when the hold also be snapping them back 30000 feet in the air, with the rematerialize with no plane, and Then just fall to their deaths than a three week. Time jump later after the events of Avengers endgame, we pick up a swords headquarters on earth sort of like the sword, version of shield project Pegasus base and the answer a lot of questions about how long it’s been around how it was created, how it coexisted with Shield this whole time., Even though we know that Monica Rambeau was a sort agent from all the trailers. Months and months ago we saw the symbol on her necklace back during episode. Three with scarlet witch went off Thanos on her, with their very careful to let the camera linger in the lobby on this giant version. of the symbol just to help people make that connection.. The also spent a lot of time explaining what sword does exactly and how it’s different from shield and a lot of what they do is in outer space and how that’s changed. Because of what happened during Avengers infinity war with the snap Thanos and then Avengers endgame and the blip you see all these orbital launch platforms, because they were largely a space agency before the events of Avengers infinity war.

But they made some changes during the five year time jump just because things got so crazy on planet Earth. But this is the connection to Nick Fury’s sword space station with the scrolls from the Spider Man far from home post credit scene that just another part of their facility.. They have in space where they conduct missions from the acronym stands for sentiment, weapon, observation and response. Division, their very careful to leave that up on the TV frame, so people can read it for a long time and then Monica Rambeau also later references it later when she’s talking to him about their new weapons. Research like wait, a minute. What happened to the observant response? Part he’s, like all things, got tough.. We had to start making a whole bunch of weapons.. You also keep in mind that beings like scarlet witch vision, mutants cosmic beings like galacticus Celestial’s, Thanos eternal’s, which will meet hopefully later this year.. Please Marvel don’t, keep delaying your movies anymore.. Those are all the senti and weapons that they’re talking about.. You also notice of the monitors, the lobby sort of helping you chart the timeline. You see all the news broadcast of people celebrating the street. You see that WHIH news broadcast there, like Marvel’s in universe version of CNN, that showed up through Marvel phase 1 phase 2 and phase 3 movies. Monica Rambeau enters to have a meeting with the new director and they sort of explain what her relationship with sword was before this point.

Her mother helped create it after the events of the Captain Marvel movie in combination with Nick Fury and shield. She had to think of sword as a branch agency of shield, and she was just working with Nick Fury. Her mother was the former director of sword.. They reveal that Monica Rambeau grew up at this facility., Obviously of the earlier version of it.. The price changed over time with new technology, the Tyler Heyward director character.. She meets with the just a former colleague who did not get snap, so they kind of explained that she probably would’ve wound up taking her mother job and becoming the director sort. The new version of Nick Fury at sword had she not been snapped a lot of people wondering if this guy is gon na wind up secretly being a skrull in disguise, because they have the Nick Fury, Avengers secret invasion series coming up, which the be a lot Of sword, stuff happening during that is always possible, but we don’t know much about him., So we’ll see what they reveal about his character in future episodes. There any clues about that. You notice the sign with all the different areas inside the base.. They have flight crew operations, life systems, thermal systems, mechanics lab maintenance area, avionics, integration mission, control mission, operations. Visitors, viewing area flight dynamics mission simulation that just remind you that is kind of like a shield version of NASA, and mostly at least before Avengers infinity war.

. They were concerned with spaceflight missions, but now, as he says, they’re moving more to artificial intelligence stuff, which is getting into more Iron Man and Avengers tech like he says they lost a bunch of their astronauts training because they got the lift and when they came back There, like hell, no I’m, not doing anymore the space missions anymore, but when you talk about robotics AI, that stuff, like visions, technology there now in the business of creating literal and metaphorical, senti and weapons as well., Some of you also probably notice – is really cool. Easter egg for Avengers infinity war here when they’re walking past the construction of all the spaceships and this technology lying around here, look at this engine part here.. This is the same advanced engine that Iron Man had inside the Avengers base during Avengers Infinity war.. Some of you may remember this a couple years ago there was a big joke about this item, because the Russo brothers tweeted this mysterious picture of it out before they release the first trailer and the entire Internet, myself included, were going crazy, trying to figure out what It was supposed to be like is the supposed to be a new weapon that the gon na use during the movie. Nope. Turns out. It was just a really advanced engine that was sitting in the background in the Avengers base. Then everyone of using a during that movie, but apparently here the gon na be using it was sword.

. So this just confirming the sword got their hands a lot of Ironman and Avengers technology after and game when he talks about enemies and threats from outer space. He’s. Talking about Thanos, mostly Enos and the infinity gauntlet is also a bit of foreshadowing for all the fantastic four galactic Celestial stuff is good to be happening.. Obviously, the Thor movies are very cosmic to threats from outer space., But when she talks about friends and allies from space. She’s also talking about for the skrulls, because most of the skrulls are good within the MCU right, now. I’ll get into more that. When we talk about the secret invasion series, because there will be skrulls that are doing bad things during that per Kevin Feige, so not every single skrull is going to be a good character or office. Inside. Here’s room 101 that might be an Easter egg for Avengers 101, which is another scarlet witch and Quicksilver Avengers story about them having to save the world from this all powerful person who goes around killing a bunch of innocent people, thinking that he’s saving the world Doing a good thing, but secretly winds up being the villain. The whole time., I think that’s a bit of foreshadowing for the reveal that scarlet witch is the villain of this episode, at least the villain of the series Wandavision.. So far. Ultimately, I don’t think the idea is to demonize her as the true villain of the series. They could beat more complex things and play people manipulating her, but right now she’s meant to be the villain of the series and when he talks about the FBI case, the missing persons case.

You remember it’s only been three weeks since the end of Avengers endgame that this is started. That explains why Jimmy Wu shows up from San Francisco like what you doing all the way over here.. Oh, what you had somebody in witness protection who just disappeared and nobody even his family remembers who he is, does even know. He exists. Anymore. That’s, the crazy thing that kind of lets you know how powerful scarlet witch is and how much her ability is affecting everyone’s. All talk about that in the second to he also uses her Captain name when Monica Rambeau takes off that just another reminder about her origin. As the second version of Captain Marvel in the comics. Remember, she was Captain Marvel long before Carol. Danvers became Captain Marvel in the comics and over, but is wondering when she’s gon na get her powers will happen during Wandavision will happen during the Captain Marvel two movie because that’s, where she can show up next. My assumption is, though, just tease that and then they’ll pay that off a little bit more during the actual movie. But then she has the West you. They confirm that it’s in New Jersey, not too far from the former Avengers base and the New York City area, because most of the bigger events on earth and the MCU take place in and around this part of the country is a lot of West Coast. Stuff happening during marble phase for over on the other side, the United States.

So I believe that Westview, the name is also a bit of a reference to West Coast Avengers like what happens after the regular Avengers. Well, you have the West Coast Avengers.. We find of the Jimmy Wu has perfected his close up magic release, gotten better at it. That’s. What five years with of online magic courses will get you. I’m hoping if they pay off my theory about Doctor Strange showing up on the series crossing over, because the doctor Strange two step that he’ll have a scene with him and also try to show off. For Doctor Strange, like oh, your sorcerer I’m, something of a magician myself to it and boom kind of magic, a card of forum there, a lot of record drop, jokes like that, would Jimmy Wu during the episode. I felt like he was edgy, pretty fantastic.. He and Darcy together. There’s some great scenes., But then they reveal how scarlet witch is alternate. Reality is affecting everyone else mentally trying to keep everyone out the sort of effect where it basically repels people as much as possible sort of messes with their minds to make them forget that Westview even exists.. So like post, all the means Westview, no, no, no. I’M. From Eastview they revealed that there’s 3892 people living inside the town., The dome itself, like the barrier, is about a 5 mile radius was actually really big Darcy also later in the episode talks about how it might wind up getting bigger, to which I think is more Full blown house of M references that they’re making like oh no, this could get much worse and eventually cover the entire planet.

When she’s pulling out the drone the license plate for her car., I believe that’s a bit of a reference to the Wandavision funko pop that they made for the show, because the one provisions character is number 718. That’s right.. They are selling pops for the Wandavision series, of course, are gon na sell toys for all the different Marvel Disney plus series.. The also confirmed that the blue drone that she tries to fly in is the red drone that shows up during episode 2, and it just changes because of the way her reality. Warping powers change to make it fit the scenario of the 1960s.. The also sort of pay off that reference with the beekeeper from episode 2. As well. You find that he’s just a regular sort agent it wearing a hazmat suit and when he crosses the barrier, scarlet witch’s reality. Warping powers just change him to fit the scenario.. So he looks period specific. like the lifeline that he’s hooked up to changes into a jump rope, and it also exists on the outside to I keep talking about this, but it’s, more confirmation that the fake things that she creates with her reality, warping powers inside this Alternate reality will continue to exist in the real world, more of a reference to Wiccan and speed Billy and Tommy her children existing after the events of Wandavision, like yes, there fake, but they will continue to be real and go to a young Avengers crossover’s in future.

Marvel Disney plus series., But then they can for my theory about her touching the barrier getting sucked in like she’s, literally and metaphorically, getting sucked into a TV show through the TV screen and 24 our time jump later. The rest of the sword bases gone up and we check back in with Darcy welcome back from all the for movies.. She starts talking about cosmic microwave background radiation, which is just another reference to comic book scarlet witch powers of reality, warping and chaos magic, like literally altering things on a massive massive scale, that., So OP scarlet witch in the MCU is now, though, get into that more. In future episodes and explain how it works and just exactly how powerful she is. That’s, where you start spinning up and the big Doctor Strange level stuff. But when Darcy says that that radiation is only contained to this area for right, now.. She sort of implying that eventually it might cover the entire earth., So the entire earth might start changing reality everywhere, for everyone will start warping according to what scarlet Witch wants. So they’re, taking the MCU full blown house of M. That’s, where you get to the reverse.. No more mutants of it all like potential for her to create mutants all over the world with her reality, warping abilities., Then she detects the TV waves that are superimposed and they start watching the naked night episodes play out like wait. A minute. What’s happening here.

. They keep referencing the hexagon pattern. Like you see, Jimmy was whiteboard here like what’s, going on. Why hexagons? She reminds us. The vision is supposed to be dead., Not look back, which is foreshadows the big twist at the end of the episode that vision is still dead and scarlet witch has been weekend and burning him walking around with his body like a puppet. This whole time. We’Ll talk about that in a second too, that was one of the biggest moments of the episode and the series. So far that they have the montage of them slowly, identifying all the townspeople putting their pictures and their IDs up on the board notice. That Agnes does not have an ID she’s. The only person here that they can’t find a name for that’s. Why she doesn’t have a last name. He just reads Agnes the. We all believe that she’s going to be a version of Agatha Harkness from the comics it. If she is, that would imply that she’s also magic user like Doctor Strange and she has some sort of ability, low level powers that help her counteract what scarlet witch is doing, which is why she’s one of the few people that seems like she’s not totally affected By what’s happening., It also seems that she’s been manipulating scarlet witch ever since the events of episode 1.. So maybe she has something to do with helping scarlet witch, create this alternate reality or at least convincing her that it was possible and she could do it that I love how they all flip out when they see Monica Rambeau, all Stepford wives.

During the events of episode 2, like wait, a minute issue pretending it sort of explains how powerful scarlet witch is ability are and that it alters people’s memories to fit each different scenario through the different decades. Then they show you the other side of the scene of Jimmy Wu and Darcy, trying to contact her using the radio in the events of episode, 2. Wanda. Wanda. Can you hear me who’s doing this to you.? You also notice. In the background, you can hear that Help me Rhonda beach, boys, song. That’s, also a song about a guy trying to get over his former girlfriend with another new girl seated also called their use of this song, specifically another reference to scarlet witch trying to use this House of M scenario to process her grief over losing vision. Then they watch one of scarlet witch is real time. Edits happen where she rewinds things only for them. It just plays out like a TV episode, jump cut like wait, a minute. What just happened and they revealed the Darcy and the other sword agents in the real world can see the commercials just like we would see in a normal TV show, like there’s, actual commercial breaks in the broadcast feed they’re getting from inside the alternate reality.. The reason the commercials are playing out and the sitcoms are happening. This way like a TV broadcast would is because it’s all coming from scarlet witch is subconscious and that’s why the events of the commercials are mostly references to her past.

Her origin, like they talk about stroker stroker, will make time for you. That’s her sort of processing. All the things that have happened to her. The major events of her life, but because is a bit of a subconscious. Thing. She’s not totally aware of the way that it’s happening and how it’s manifesting for other people like she doesn’t know that the people in the real world are watching this play out like a commercial than the jump forward to the events of episode. Three and they start wondering why the decades of TV, why the 70s 80s 90s and 2000s also they can age her children up to adults and they can go crossover with other young Avengers characters in Marvel Disney plus shows. Then they finally revealed the end of episode. Three would really happen where you see the aspect ratio change from 4 by 3 to the movie aspect ratio that’s to let you know when you’re no longer quote of quote in the matrix like simulation like this is really happening in everyone sort of come to their Senses they start talking more about Ultron, and then she talks about her being this interloper, your trespassing in my home, and I want you to leave and she kicks her a boom concert through the barrier. Like you getting punted out of a TV screen., I love Elizabeth Olsen’s performance in this ending scene here, pretty much everything that she does is just fantastic.. They should give her an award for this is really horrified at what happened because she’s come to her senses like wait, a minute all these terrible things that I came here to escape.

I’m thinking about them. Again. She slowly starts to pull yourself back together at the side of her children, but not before.. The big vision reveal big reveal that he still very much dead, make all the Weekend at Bernie, jokes and the reason why he’s speaking like that – and she sees him that way – then changes back immediately is because she’s changing things on the fly with her reality. Warping powers and desires. So when he walks in because she still kind of shaken from the Ultron Quicksilver reference of Monica Rambeau, she’s thinking about vision being dead and why she came here in the first place.. So literally, he manifests that way until she quickly recompose yourself and change them back to his regular parents, and they make it very clear that vision is pretty much the only person inside here that has no idea what’s going on.. He doesn’t know that he’s dead and every time scarlet witch is changing things to sort of reverse him and make him go back to normal is to prevent him from learning that when they make a reference about going anywhere and she’s like no, we can’t go anywhere.. This is our home. That’s, because scarlet witch probably doesn’t know that her reality, warping powers will eventually potentially cover the entire planet, like she doesn’t know how big it’s going to get that. I love the way she goes out to.. She says I have everything under control. Like she’s deftly gone, full blown, crazy town but that’s just more comic book, scarlet witch references about her losing her mind so to speak and is probably pretty obvious.

Why they’re, making the Jimi Hendrix voodoo child reference with the song track, the lyrics reference, superpowerful person, chopping mountains and have seen people. After they died. So scarlet witch is the voodoo child in the metaphor, but if he spotted any big Easter eggs in the episode that I didn’t mention the video just write them below in the comments. There’s, so much happening now. I feel like this is probably the best episode. So far and it’s only supposed to get crazier and bigger, bigger, Avengers level stuff happening the rest of the episodes. My full episode, 5 video will post next Friday like normal, but I’ll do more bonus videos about what’s, going on and scarlet witch in the MCU going forward. All the X Men, the mutants stuff, is going on the background. All the big Doctor, Strange crossover stuff, where you wait for everything. Click here for my brand new Wandavision Doctor Strange to crossover, video and click here for all my other Wandavision episode. Videos. Thank you.

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