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My name is derek ray and with me in the comedy position is the arsenal legend lee dixon and the focus is on the bundesliga live action coming up. It is hereta berlin up against bayern munich yeah. Thanks, derek my advice to the players out. There is try and get off to a quick start, be accountable for your own performance, but above all, go out and enjoy yourself should be a great game. A look at the haircut starting lineup. You know many in the media have been talking quite loudly about the style of play and not everybody being kind about it. There are many who suggest it’s negative. How do you see it lee? Well, listen: derek takes all types of play: different formations, coaches, try and adapt to system soaking up the pressure, getting everybody behind the ball and hitting teams on the counter attack, he’s, probably on the cards for this team today, and so they start at 11. For bayern manuel neuer stands between the posts david alaba plays with jerome boateng in central defence. Serge gunabri plays with kingsley coleman out wide and leading the line today, robert lewandowski Applause here – and they kick off here – alfonso davies lewandowski, now good, visualization and execution. Have you dealt with that ball played in rather well a former champions league finalist in his dortmund days, robert lewandowski, one of the best in the business when it comes to scoring girls? What do you like about his game lee? Well, i just love watching this guy play a little bit old school center forward stays in the middle of the goal.

He gets left foot right foot and he scores headers as well. What a player and the keeper deals with the danger alibaba now come on Applause. This is alaba and he might be through here and the challenge crisp and clean and he’s fired over the corner and fisted away Applause, david alaba. Well, he likes to run at them outside a tight one, he’s protecting it well clinton and stuffing out the danger. Applause alfonso davies and taking it away Applause Applause crossing opportunity. Oh, it might be what a vital intervention, Music and a useful cross it comes to nothing in the end and here’s. Your kimmy chimney easy one to cut out really sustained pressure and they have the ball. Now tremendous ball played through not out of the woods yet and couldn’t keep himself on side, lewandowski, Applause, quick thinking to dispossess his opponent and the conditions. Look pretty good for the counter attack; Applause, alfonso davies, Applause and lewandowski, waiting cleared away, but at the expense of a corner; Applause and now the delivery, the keeper making sure that was pushed well away from danger lewandowski now with kimmy serge canaverty, and this is just Cleared away in the nick of time, bayern enjoying the bulk of possession here, but that doesn’t lead to goals necessarily they haven’t created enough too slow up front midfield, very average. The coach he’s not happy at all. He wants more from this team lewandowski, Applause and the ball with alfonso davies, now let’s see about the cross high degree of difficulty to hit it on the volley like that, and it was close well it’s all about timing.

You’Ve got to wait for the ball to come down and he’s, very, very unlucky when doozy that’s, very good refereeing to let the play flow referees are rightly praised for giving advantage. But when there is no advantage, it has to be a free kick and the save made following the free kick and he was able to hang on to the ball now in terms of added time, a minimum of one minute. Applause, a real opening now really important tackle, so the whistle then we’re at the halfway stage in this match. Well, whatever way you want to analyze things, this hasn’t been a happy experience for robert lewandowski, lee well it’s strange he’s, almost a bystander at times. He never looked to get in the right position, as you can see. He’S, certainly not picking the ball up in the right areas where he can do damage he’s a very important player for this team. He needs to to consider based on what we’ve seen so far as the second half begins thomas mueller and running it back Applause to saar lewandowski. Applause. Can he put them in front? Yes, is the emphatic answer and you have to say it was on the cards. Well, here’s the replay – and they do say a keeper – should never be beaten in his near post and he’s made that error and he’s been punished. Big mistake for me: Applause, so back underway, bayern leading here opportunity, Applause and looking very comfortable here well in this replay.

You’Re going to see a 2v1 against the keeper, how does that happen? He’Ll be asking his defense why he was left exposed nothing. He could do Applause, it’s, a substitution for bayern Music Applause available lewandowski with it in the middle, insufficient guy on the crossing front. You’Ve got to Applause, say: fine i’ve had all of the ball. If you don’t control the ball in midfield it’s, very difficult to have enough of the ball to create chances for your strikers and really has been a dominant performance. They have elected to go to the bench at this stage of the game lewandowski, what a vital intervention and firing it into the area. Quite simply not clinical enough with the head early well, headers are always difficult. It’S. All about timing and you’ve got the timing completely wrong there inside the box, and he did what he had to do defensively. This might be ideal for the counter so 20 minutes to go robot lewandowski with an incisive pass Applause – and here is thomas mueller. Well, he stumped it out of there without much fuss Applause can he play, as in it’s, been whipped towards the near post what’s, an important piece of defending Music lucas hernandez Applause here and it’s, almost like a case of whatever they’ve touched, has turned to goals while Buying have been great tonight, they really have their imagination, their delivery, their execution creatively and he’s made it a brace for himself. The defender is just unable to stay with him and he’s having a field day.

Well, let’s see the replay and look at the pace at which the counter attack happens and then it’s a good heady finish to be fair keeper. No chance lovely goal well, let’s take another look at that girl shall we Applause and they will make the change now. Well, if there were any lingering doubts about the outcome and surely they now have been removed Applause and they have possession again oh great vision, now the past not finding its targets: Applause lewandowski, Applause, canada, with it playing again, keeping it low and dangerous. Still, when we had a decent reading of that ball in Applause time, for a change, then a chance to whip it in lewandowski, Applause already pressing their opponents, and that is that full time here and the victory goes to bayern munich lee. What did you make of it? Well, it must be a dream as a striker to play in this team. They create for fun and have a lovely attacking style about them. Clinical finishing today as well performance you’ve, got to conclude that he’ll be proud of i’m. Talking, of course, about tomasumula well, he never gave that backline a chance to get a breath. Two goals for the lad today played superbly.

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