Hertha BSC, Bundesliga, FC Bayern Munich vs Bayern Munich (05/02/2021) Bundesliga {Full match}

Of course our action today is from the bundesliga it’s her to berlin against bayern munich yeah thanks martin, looking forward to it. I think we’re going to have an entertaining tussle here. I think we’ll find that out in the first 10 minutes how these teams approach the task. Well, someone that the defenders will keep an eye on will certainly keep an eye on. Is the free scoring robert lewandowski, yeah he’s, the obvious danger man out here to those defenders, and i do fancy him to get the better of them not too many grounds that can talk about having two different world cups as part of their heritage. Here in berlin, the match is played in the 1974 competition, as well as the 2006. yeah and, of course, berliner. A much different city to how it used to be in this uh stadium has just evolved over the years i mean it’s a wonderful arena. It really is santiago ascosiba, and this is the way hertha berlin will play in this game. Luna almonding, yas dean in goal, cedric boyata starts with carrie wreckick as the center backs. Santiago ascaciba plays alongside pair chilean shelbred in midfield, and they just go with the one striker up front by munich’s, lineup and well. Neuer starts in goal. David alaba starts with jerome berting in central defense. Thomas miller starts with serge canavery as the wide options. Well here it is not really tested the goalkeeper, but sometimes it can look a bit too easy.

He made sure he made the save competently yeah. He did and he doesn’t make too many mistakes. This lad they can spread the plane out. It looked on to really go at the opposition, then they wasted the opportunity, a strange kind of shot really plenty of invention about it in terms of thought, but not in the way it turned out. Would you try and place it from that distance it’s going to be in the corner, dedrick boyata here’s wreckick trying to get him behind just a little too eagerly. Then he could give the defender a yard. You know and still get there. Yeah he’s unlucky there wasn’t much in it there chance to get forward from the wing. No nonsense defending it was needed trying so hard to make the opening there nearly lewandowski, davis, joshua kimmich. Now, canada, it’s kimmich thomas mueller, game’s still level, but the pressure might be counting aimed at lewandowski. Well, they’ve got it wide very well the chance to get the cross in, but it’s not turned out to be a very good delivery. Now. Can they move on from this wide area where there is room and the interception is a vital one? They can be quick on the break now thiago we could get across in here now. Can i be well? He wants to run at them with the ball. It’S. Good to see lewandowski, good screening and he’s kept the ball shelbred one or two options now in forward areas for them a real chance to go in front.

The defenders of the keeper back into play onto i still can’t believe that didn’t go in martin. What a save it was! No wonder: he got the thumbs up at the time from his teammates thiago now. Can he take them on run it back with an interception? Well, that is half time and the score is nil. Nil here it’s by munich, getting the second half underway, thomas muller, now benjamin now it goes into the wider areas where they’ve got a winger waiting. He’S cut that out well well, read yeah, look at that virtually even stevens it’s, very difficult to separate these two sides. Both for possession and chances created for quality really tight. Are we going to get a winner, tiago, quick, witted and quick in this movement too, to intercept the and maybe the counter attack is on here and off? He goes with some options, giving it away under no pressure at all davis, thiago lewandowski, kresge joshua kimmich dealt with the danger a chance to whip it in here. Oh, what a touch by the defender. He was so quick to get into position to get his body in the way there saw the pass coming and got there first davis patient play as they try to get the goal that will put them in front the shots on yeah that’s, a statement of intent In this match there he was, and very very coolly taken talk about passing the ball into the net.

Well, there is a prime example: well they want to see this again. This goal they decided to make a change and being behind. You can understand that by munich are ahead now, just a quick check on the clock and there are 20 minutes to go intercepted here. Looking at the bench it’s bayern who are making the move with the substitute referee, doing everything possible to keep this game flowing they’re. Looking good when they attack patient play from bayern munich lewandowski and the interception is a vital one, that’s, a wonderful reaction from the crowd. They see a chance for a light leveler here, taking on the opposition and the responsibility as well, really good defending if he hadn’t touched it. It was a goal now one of the keepers thanking him for that bit of closing down by his defender and on the clock. Eight more minutes, serge gnabry they’ve, become past masters. Really this group and it’s a joy to watch. It is wonderful to watch, but you don’t want to pass for passing sake. Do you ask a siba now they’re looking to get forward from this position? Thiago? Really in the clear now the keeper stops it. Oh that’s such a classy goal it’s getting better and better for them the kind of goal that forwards love actually because it rewards their ability to follow in their anticipation. Yeah ends up being a simple looking goal, but it wasn’t. As you say, it was about anticipation, substitution, coming up just widen the margin here to two nil.

Two more minutes to be played then added time shelby. This could be promising that’s the end of the story, almost some final thoughts on this defeat from you, alan. I thought they were a little unlucky martin.

What do you think?

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